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1 Latest Snowden leak - Microsoft, Skype, others enthusiastically sharing your information with NSA - Catholic Online.pdf 90k 1231.1 days f91cd7094f51cc7e76841089aa246aabce2d578e  
2 'Crimes against humanity'_ Thousands of physicians condemn COVID policymakers - 110k 269.0 days 824514a9c488e81a6ba91904b33688b2af2e3f08  
3 'Dark Wallet' Is About to Make Bitcoin Money Laundering Easier Than Ever _ WIRED.pdf 1.0M 3040.1 days d75c37f9224c5e23b65c84fb0fadfefec4f72f6a  
4 'Died suddenly' posts twist tragedies to push vaccine lies - AP News.pdf 923k 221.2 days 27f03003721dad3dbdf449f33bfb7a59fa439eca  
5 'Disinformation' network blacklisting conservative news hides tax forms over 'harassment' - Washington Examiner.pdf 95k 158.0 days 9b2fd63e79651dcdea757bf7b25e201878b9c345  
6 'QAnon' conspiracy theory creeps into mainstream politics - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf 199k 1219.5 days b81ccc476a8a616bdf1c4d357be4b6251446ea39  
7 'ScareMail' seeks to confuse NSA programs with nonsense — RT USA.pdf 1.2M 3634.6 days 3412ebb612a5d13c191a868ece9ba2ca1fd8aaa8  
8 'Something Else Is Cooking' In Ukraine - Seymour Hersh.pdf 111k 123.2 days a3f6f4e649a750412259ee66c6c557da95b77595  
9 'The_Kennedys'_pulled;_Katie_Holmes'_Jackie_O_put_on_hold_|_Ministry_of_Gossip_|_Los_Angeles_Times.war 53k 4636.7 days 070e3d5aaf8f1de1cf56e8d89c4b808245f3395a  
10 'The_Romantics'_premiere_Katie_Holmes,_Tom_Cruise_take_their_romance_seriously_[photos]_|_Ministry_of_Gossip_|_Los_Angeles_Times.war 43k 4636.7 days 240e2c5710091818852fbbb12eb9d54002298555  
11 'This is a very bad one'_ Trump issues new guidelines to stem coronavirus spread - POLITICO.pdf 5.3M 1285.3 days 651309851695a4438eb256b1a7f37c347442642f  
12 'Time to reform surveillance state'_ Massive 'Stop Watching Us' rally challenges NSA spying — RT USA.pdf 3.2M 3618.2 days 6d99b186640e73c725bc6e0c7b7a5294ccb41c76  
13 'Tragic violation of trust'_ Mt Gox loses over $300 million in bitcoin heist — RT Business.pdf 2.2M 3496.9 days ade9c72f78b15f316934234692cf297cd7b0f95c  
14 'Unbowed' Snowden seeks new havens - CNN.pdf 366k 3734.4 days 1a1b60bc868a29a445f69e088c44ff7a0f5e9cd4  
15 (1) Psychedelic experiences indicating that this planet is either a soul farm, a prison planet, or both (DMT - Magic Mushrooms - LSD - Salvia) _ SaturnStormCube.pdf 62k 207.0 days 9e508147f453198a61473ff0465d17cb80d15118  
16 (Another) Letter to Mr. Snowden.pdf 1.2M 3715.3 days 5cc34a5ae449d3353d6aaf001749f6174398922c  
17 100% of ‘Died Suddenly’ Autopsy Cases Causally Connected to the COVID Vaccine - Vigilant News.pdf 1.7M 31.3 days aa4ff400c40a3dc62c9bd887de10f3bc8e16047e  
18 14-year-old NJ girl takes her own life after four classmates brutally beat her in school hallway - The Post Millennial.pdf 89k 221.2 days f45ce26224d62dbaf1ea9698ed84677582a4ea6e  
19 16th Anniversary of 9_11 Brings New Development - PaulCraigRoberts.pdf 76k 2200.6 days 444c2bfb24c57f1b3d4970fad1b1248c475cfc2a  
20 2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’ - The New York Times.pdf 75k 269.0 days c24537584020d4a810b870ae9f12bd3f6e0eab75  
21 2011 FISA Court Ruling Denounced Its Having Been Lied To by the Bush and Obama Administrations_larouchepac.pdf 228k 3682.5 days a388807f259235a09a7d745323e853a6bbebceee  
22 2017 AI can guess whether you're gay or straight from a photograph - The Guardian.pdf 478k 46.4 days 7f17d67d400a8c2ae84f2136b047f791e1f09592  
23 20170309-whats-at-stake.pdf 162k 2386.8 days 95ce746e65d321fc4e414827eba168ad9c2193e5  
24 23-Year-Old Georgia Police Officer Suddenly Dies During Foot Chase - Gateway Pundit.pdf 302k 221.2 days f1709fddda9b30c0db581a1f49b56855eea73bc3  
25 3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower_ We told you so.pdf 2.6M 3746.3 days eeadd044f1112368ac6688fec7906f346594f505  
26 3 fed agents likely 'blinded' by lasers pointed at them in Portland - New York Post.pdf 269k 1154.6 days 45b4fbbb6a1930944f6908331e578e22e613b5df  
27 39 elderly Texans successfully complete hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19, doctor says _ 2.5M 1236.5 days 79d4b2cbcc8c346194994e07e67db31a09133e91  
28 5 Killed as Tour Bus Overturns in California.html 13k 5259.7 days ab29ce4022c613ea3b260027622c92bc27524779  
29 55% of Voters Support Election Audits - Rasmussen Reports®.pdf 51k 144.5 days 49c7931df8e58af030d4da14c778b5d302618197  
30 56.jpg 130k 3820.8 days ee4df100b784b53c60290ee3b72a48bd1354b209  
31 6 cattle found dead in 3 Texas counties, all with their tongues missing - 861k 144.5 days 8658da92399de77b520bdb1f56d8f329564ff189  
32 600,000 Americans Per Year Are Dying From COVID Shots Says Top Insurance Analyst - The Florida Standard.pdf 2.9M 95.2 days e190c9e1108b4a50aad5c3679575bcd071f00fe0  
33 6095-global-economic-tremors-.html 45k 5417.8 days 510d1c37121d17d14aba595dd41bd4f057061c48  
34 911_molten_metal - @RichardGage_911.pdf 94k 74.4 days 96963e34ba9abbf4a76d116fd8b770c1c9c66586  
35 9_11 Truth – Bedrosian Center.pdf 131k 269.1 days 4c85d8e6e8b805160517b4c0c31e8c6efae4419a  
36 9_11 Was an Israeli Job, by Laurent Guyénot - The Unz Review.pdf 634k 269.1 days dcf045ede9667fa20ed2495314ee664e6fa1b47c  
37 9_11 – Just A Few Young Men In The WTC In 2001 - Sonja van den Ende.pdf 106k 134.6 days 1d4787d134f5033289f2176b81fbe017b580b837  
38 A Bit of ‘I Told You So’ Outside World Bank Talks - 330k 5058.1 days dcf53d9b2eee5cd5632e6de8892db5268d6a6321  
39 A CEO who resisted NSA spying is out of prison. And he feels ‘vindicated’ by Snowden leaks_wapo.html 8k 3643.5 days 8fde51d410f79c5d33ef02e0f4b0d9b3b76e3172  
40 A Fourth Turning - Robert Malone.pdf 268k 165.2 days bc03c290ddf7b1198a32405940260d7a8f9ca281  
41 A Good Catch by a Reader, Regarding the Break from the _Pentagon Papers Principle_ - Matt Taibbi.pdf 25k 134.6 days 521dca540e5630766fa102f4c40abbfd60146b01  
42 A Lab Leak in China Most Likely Origin of Covid Pandemic, Energy Department Says - WSJ.pdf 311k 207.0 days 04a2d671320cf7d2ab994e023cfa1bb8fdacfbe6  
43 A Matryoshka of Psyops: And Why General Armageddon Is Not Going Anywhere - Strategic Culture.pdf 119k 80.3 days a955bc63d99c6440e7870153d6429d170d2a95fd  
44 A Mythical Form of Space Propulsion Finally Gets a Real Test _ WIRED.pdf 105k 1564.0 days 5e5dd44e528ff9b79869d359891a6ca40bedfb3f  
45 A Not-So-Happy Fourth of July - Reason.pdf 78k 3732.6 days 24c658062a2b74052c8e20e84321e293cecec27f  
46 A Shuffle of Aluminum, but to Banks, Pure Gold - NYTimes.pdf 259k 3716.4 days 6af83e6e59999ccd9f582f90c821a746ac905899  
47 A Study from France, 1061 Patients Treated with Hydroxycholorquine – The Muslim Times.pdf 1.0M 1236.7 days c6d23c8dadae22a01ed2c78da68ee74468455c1b  
48 A Weak Agenda on Spying Reform - 12k 3695.3 days 0517e60f89a75402f95210ac16a4e325dacbc530  
49 A big step closer to just being Tom and Kat - 15k 4092.2 days 6113d18e5d682515af007ac7e7d0483f87c8120a  
50 A conservative judge rebukes FBI as he orders it to find and turn over 9_11 documents _ Broward Bulldog.pdf 259k 3400.3 days 87b38beed98409a8064d4d76242df3f725c555f5  
51 A deep-dive into deep-state manipulation, DNC bots, mind control and Twitter - C&C NEWS.pdf 4.4M 80.3 days fb0c9a445176f0e7e7fa286df37eee060b5f1082  
52 A mysterious company’s coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling _ Science _ AAAS.pdf 197k 1177.4 days f43ec1edfb61881d1f2e9aa60ca1a6cb1b30a792  
53 A seismic climate connection - CFACT.pdf 217k 235.1 days b54e6f56e5250a85179632223bbb6ac2f07f764d  
54 A worthy debate on leaks - latimes.pdf 111k 3737.9 days 5f3bfa6945ec61d46fc653df8c555a24e7fb75de  
55 ACUITUS-gates_darpa_tech_training.pdf 730k 1220.4 days 89667c4751da4a5b12b9e3caad17eef388321301  
56 - Did Dr. Fauci Fund the Research That Led to Coronavirus Outbreak_.pdf 212k 1113.6 days 310282309afb931f024b77bf63e7d773eaa0175e  
57 AFP_ Putin explores Baltic Sea shipwreck.pdf 384k 3719.6 days d5a68fbc49a681eaf3f62846827da2d20e323867  
58 AG Barr Opposes Bill Gates Proposal for COVID-19 Vaccine Certificates.pdf 144k 1224.7 days a504aafac49ca2cb805f3fcd412a016987462e23  
59 AMA Quietly Trying To Change Its Position On HCQ – Zone News.pdf 354k 1007.6 days ea8c88444d0163b05964040ed05b7a4dd21a6285  
60 AZ Supreme Court orders hearing on Kari Lake's signature verification issue, denies attorney fees - Just The News.pdf 28k 134.6 days 98e55d5731cdc39747e52c9ce19be9ffec2ff1b8  
61 Ability of detecting and willingness to share fake news - Nature.pdf 1.1M 130.2 days 51d4b61ba5823578af0d67a32a0960496727ae40  
62 Abstract_Raoult_EarlyTrtCovid19_09042020_vD1v.pdf 82k 1245.7 days 404943a9cd7f3aa69952990998ad6c891927d82e  
63 Actor Aziz Ansari Stumbled on This Truth When He Deleted Internet From Phone.pdf 250k 2229.4 days c0606113db54164a9f2aea58410d313d2e0017c8  
64 After 440,000 Americans are Dead - Facebook and American Journal of Medicine Admit Their Stand on HCQ was Wrong - The Gateway Pundit.pdf 238k 966.5 days e788c42a74493038940c0ff821366fcf35ffa67e  
65 After Anonymous Tip, 17 Bodies Found at Nursing Home Hit by Virus - The New York Times.html 424k 1254.6 days e93b7183bdfa384f03e78a0102f0a4bc2c7a1bdf  
66 After Snowden, The NSA Faces Recruitment Challenge _ NPR.pdf 741k 3095.2 days a487e50c6f605ea0a92973145daa6f6dcb6c7225  
67 After saving his own life with a repurposed drug, this professor now leads a review of every one being tried against Covid-19 - CNN.pdf 551k 1182.7 days f8dea6f3909f5a9ed8a6e43bd2c58bb3eceb5bff  
68 Alec_Baldwin_What_Occupy_Wall_Street_Has_Taught_Me.pdf 191k 4328.9 days d5c0a7f19bc9a85b81c56e601a608b9ebed9cfee  
69 Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t. - The New York Times.pdf 1.4M 1946.8 days 18dba36d1e7523c62388174eaaa407860f70698b  
70 Aliens in hiding until mankind is ready_ Ex-Israeli space head - NY Post.pdf 116k 873.3 days 35fe98a947e5cdb8ad8a8acf1cb2b4997af0c60f  
71 Almost NINE MILLION Americans ‘may have had coronavirus in March… but 80 percent never knew it’ – The Sun.pdf 980k 1185.8 days 888313cb3b7ca806cb6330786d3b4bf73875cb49  
72 Amazon.com_ 50 Disposable Face Masks Surgical Medical Dental Industrial Quality 3-Ply New Blue_ Home Improvement.pdf 187k 1215.5 days aa4e161576e0ebd7719f3d9a735ff705c7fab4d6  
73 Amber Alert jolts cellphones across California - 18k 3699.3 days b99f1ef6dff216e4bc3c2296b4ea377069cf4ec5  
74 America This Week Transcript_ Durham, FBI Whistleblowers, and _The Great Loyalty Oath Crusade_(partial) - Matt Taibbi.pdf 3.6M 123.2 days 52cb872211ffd6f25f2ae627326fba577f2c4560  
75 America's Militarized Police - Made in Israel_.pdf 310k 2250.3 days 801de3ba123d23c8d4c061a4bb1425c4ccca1643  
76 America's soul is lost, collapse inevitable - MarketWatch.war 262k 5083.7 days 78b54fe0bccdbe5eaefbe3a4fefb6badad16811b  
77 America, the Single-Opinion Cult - Matt Taibbi.pdf 627k 144.5 days c87ed61ae26175366e157cb964210d0deafefeab  
78 America_slides_deeper_into_depression_as_Wall_Street_revels_-_Telegraph.war 640k 4987.4 days cd14396d38b42e34f583d3807ab383bd5bb97c1e  
79 American Physicians & Surgeons presented more evidence for why hydroxychloroquine should be made available in a new court filing - 70k 1141.7 days 5e6e50138867138d631acc1e741f46fd54ac40ec  
80 American Pravda_ The JFK Assassination, Part I - What Happened_, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review.pdf 521k 269.1 days 1ef03e250f8104eec063362efa743879a659511f  
81 American Pravda_ The JFK Assassination, Part II – Who Did It_, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review.pdf 731k 269.1 days af7874fa08b5095227fc4a3bb869f3009122ffbe  
82 America’s Open Wound - The CIA is not your friend - Edward Snowden - informationclearinghouse.pdf 580k 269.1 days 439932c8748e7653ba5a7afdaeeb1c2dd5bff981  
83 An Eye-Witness’s Shocking Account of What’s Really Happening During the Seattle Riots - LewRockwell.pdf 125k 1192.6 days e54c28dce46674eda119682a306731324b47432e  
84 An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden_ 'A Genius Among Geniuses' - Forbes.pdf 634k 3536.5 days df57648f6b346aa874fd9e7236127903128fbd31  
85 Analysis_ Snowden caught in historic conflict between civil liberties, national security.pdf 105k 3725.4 days b2c7141719d70426382453580a51050a449f96b4  
86 Ancient Apocalypse & Graham Hancock's Dangerous Ideas - ZeroHedge.pdf 126k 269.1 days df31eda4509d389a1f6a245d91166ac46148d7ca  
87 Andrew Cuomo's COVID-19 tall tales - 211k 1162.1 days 0c0b031ad881538581e00af67ee5bdbe5a07b467  
88 Anger as trans inmates revert to males when they leave Scottish prisons - Scottish Daily Express.pdf 111k 249.2 days 754664080952cc18f0b9fe2f9b6b1bcbcf0cf764  
89 Angry Iceland defies the world.pdf 119k 4987.4 days 49278885fa91b2ac98b26c42f3791859ee10515d  
90 Anthony Fauci did in five minutes what Trump has failed to do for weeks - The Washington Post.pdf 93k 1239.5 days a2a1ac697aba0c6dc6d943aa167ca19f9d6f5466  
91 Anthony Fauci doesn't rule out supporting temporary national lockdown to combat coronavirus - CNNPolitics.pdf 124k 1286.7 days ca4bb13acb88261ce0cca8a0e65c5b8fe3358678  
92 Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D_.pdf 126k 1192.6 days b8d13927b07f16dceb14602e224ab6bb3c17339f  
93 Anti-semitism is a conspiracy theory - David Frum.pdf 547k 95.2 days cde7f50e78b2bd46e9126018a910707a8c4debf7  
94 Apophis_The_Asteroid_That_Could_Smash_Into_The_Earth_on_Friday,_April_13th,_2036.war 78k 4650.7 days ea8bc825443f65b6c7c3b9dbf2099a784c2b7d47  
95 Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Responds to Critics of His Positions Regarding COVID Tyranny and Ukraine - 100k 269.1 days 52de525cddc4d8ddc61bf314471f61a9cfd3de0f  
96 Archbishop Viganò - The Great Reset_ The Latest Great Lie - Queen of Angels Catholic Store.pdf 205k 269.1 days ab628979f37de1c0adc63fe78d257363df6aa413  
97 Are 5G Biometric Systems Being Covertly Installed During the Lockdown - Global Research.pdf 320k 1198.6 days 5fc3032d6acd517ab71341397e2e52d899ef4483  
98 Are Bill Gates and the ID2020 Coalition Using COVID-19 To Build Global Surveillance State_.pdf 501k 1224.3 days f58a028eb562652b1cbcacb470017194ffab0308  
99 Are You a Domestic Terrorist? TSA Might Say Yes - UncoverDC.pdf 1.3M 17.2 days 8b25d5737720c1ac7500d18dab0520e338bbdad9  
100 Are You a Domestic Terrorist_ TSA Might Say Yes - UncoverDC.pdf 1.3M 144.5 days b4edc95c4b6e5f4d6fcbf535624bbf0a80799ab7  
101 Are the Marines Faking The Reliability Record of Their $54 Billion Superplane_ _ Killer Apps.pdf 1.4M 3608.0 days db2ecd8950d916049baaeaa88fe26cb46a9b7164  
102 Are we headed for a solar waste crisis_ — Environmental Progress.pdf 622k 1323.6 days faa3bccf706ee518098d38c7fb238dabd5b34d3a  
103 Arizona Election Board Keeping List of Conservatives - American Center for Law and Justice.pdf 559k 144.5 days fde4e30e2202fa1239a284a57c2c073397cec3c3  
104 Arizona Regime Trying To JAIL Kari Lake For Exposing Election Fraud - Gateway Pundit.pdf 3.7M 221.2 days d487014597a1934d154efee24c33cc89702dc85e  
105 Armed civilian groups surge into local politics in the Pacific Northwest - The Washington Post.pdf 17.5M 1130.7 days 4fcbd09f0a52b7aca637687c386cac2ea411b214  
106 Army spied on lockdown critics_ Sceptics, including Peter Hitchens, suspected they were watched - Daily Mail Online.pdf 3.1M 235.1 days 0b8075829c403befd00fccc77644eca2226e8ea8  
107 Article_ UFO Leak of the Century_ Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Leak - mainbody - Richard Dolan Members.pdf 28.0M 1182.3 days 2fe53f0d90db8f33e0a977ee908c77cae5b2ba45  
108 As Annexation Looms, Israeli Experts Warn of Security Risks - The New York Times.pdf 5.2M 1190.5 days b3a9d25bd9dbdd368120d718f9859a183f66878f  
109 As Obama hesitates, Israel worries - 15k 3668.9 days d469f6f5870865552a60a9d3b558cedccc31e3a7  
110 As US embassies shut down, senator calls terrorist threat ‘most serious’ in number of years - The Washington Post.html 22k 3701.7 days 8d87aa144349b1dbc8a641177ee0c6e08577634c  
111 As elites arrive in Davos, conspiracy theories thrive online _ AP News.pdf 538k 249.2 days a8c601f015b941d138e97b6f338f7c6cdec318cc  
112 Assange Verdict_ Vengeance Is Ours, Saith the Agency - 68k 269.1 days b2f7158b5a63b767fec17f457bca52e8ca14f841  
113 Assessing Snowden and what he has wrought - Opinion - The Boston Globe.pdf 583k 3552.4 days ba49a5942ad9083c8251e1c2d1ec7fa7c7804401  
114 Asylum for NSA leaker Edward Snowden a challenge to U.S.-Russia relations - The Washington Post.html 27k 3703.2 days 09b02bb268cd67851f6781658f641e9c86453607  
115 Attorney General Terminated Just Days After Filing a Lawsuit Against JPMorgan Chase for Aiding Epstein - 143k 252.4 days 171109f5daaab8dca1de86a3e4c5da644ddc2073  
116 August Psychodrama - Kunstler.pdf 57k 31.3 days 25fbab50d415e8c746daefecaf61227fef52f038  
117 Australia Becomes First Country to Legalize Therapeutic Use of MDMA and Psilocybin - 544k 221.2 days d2d73bef59ba819c482e5d01de055a06ca9a8efd  
118 Australia reports ‘surge’ in illegal hydroxychloroquine imports as people seek alternative treatments for Covid-19 — RT World News.pdf 237k 1231.2 days 7a55f629bede99d9472819e4a255645883489c37  
119 Australian Beverage Giant Faces Monero Ransom Demand of Nearly $1M - 92k 1191.6 days 454443009d6fa7b6f8f2d01a6d1e1a3a4e5c71f4  
120 Australian leader Kevin Rudd's asylum shift tied to upcoming election - latimes.pdf 243k 3717.5 days ea4b727461c9cb7b5d6d9287a51938d40c215127  
121 Austria's far-right Freedom Party regains national momentum - AP News.pdf 1.0M 221.2 days 0ac8fa650597ce1afc848d310d9281478475c78d  
122 BBC News - Arctic methane 'time bomb' could have huge economic costs.pdf 220k 3712.1 days c206a1f3fc58d868383b7957ae9f9a87c1092e65  
123 BBC News - Edward Snowden re-emerges for Moscow airport meeting.pdf 126k 3724.5 days 9cfa7c93c534196d0964ee0a1bf738fb73c1f7b0  
124 BBC News - Edwards Snowden still stuck in airport.pdf 201k 3712.4 days 9df22eaa5edfe90a7bf23177dde9af2083807711  
125 BBC News - Navy Yard Swat team 'stood down' at mass shooting scene.html 89k 3649.3 days a0619a2b283056a0677a204175296904d7c9d4d8  
126 BBC News - Nuclear plants 'do not raise child cancer risk'.html 78k 3661.2 days 27d47ee0bd96e2c4feec73a4f4ce33dcd205eb88  
127 BBC News - Russian media predict big freeze in US ties.html 78k 3697.6 days 73cd01879b262fc5f1cdb541d54587f67aa58c85  
128 BBC News - Scientists can implant false memories into mice.pdf 190k 3711.3 days 0abf1c53fa1dbc64361560eddcd8561784d70b81  
129 BBC News - Snowden's father says FBI asked him to visit his son.pdf 196k 3706.1 days 327d583f1124213464fe376af7f95e26d1d6fc34  
130 BBC News - Syrian rebel fighters' civil war within a civil war.pdf 144k 3724.2 days 2a33fb30f95b95986cee7401e764bd4d1fff3d21  
131 BBC News - US man 'abandoned' in US jail gets $4m in compensation.pdf 200k 3706.1 days 15f5fd76523e348a13525f199041d50580acd579  
132 BBC News - Uruguay MPs back marijuana legalisation bill.pdf 248k 3704.8 days 361f15f1e61289d0936ef29ee711aab1499b0ea8  
133 BBC News - Valley fever_ An incurable illness in the dust.pdf 1.3M 3719.4 days de95401f99d7409aa3917ce6b5a3c3f56577bc86  
134 BBC News - Voyager probe 'leaves Solar System'.html 88k 3662.3 days 263d6e18c3762f68971df7d92d5882955d3ad5c8  
135 BOMBSHELL_ Leaked conversation of Lancet and NEJM Editors-In-Chief reveals they already know Big Pharma is a “criminal” cartel pushing rigged science for profit – 219k 1162.3 days ff2011a1368935c687622848e472526c6677befb  
136 BREAKING_ Confirmation that President Trump is NOT controlled by Big Pharma and is completely opposed to coercive vaccine mandates – 437k 1217.2 days d39945fc3cc147d8477f06430828724bc9e7a5f1  
137 BREAKING_ Judge Dismisses Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit on Christmas Eve - Lake to Appeal Ruling - Gateway Pundit.pdf 1.2M 269.1 days 5f862195ed5043621bcbddbad47d7e18cb27a4c2  
138 Bad News for Americans_ 98% of 87,000 IRS Agents are Here to Stay After McCarthy Caves in to Democrats - Jim Hoft.pdf 599k 116.2 days 7b33c6a06864a8fd50ffaaf88801667a2fa4aab4  
139 Banana Republic - Robert Malone.pdf 1.1M 165.2 days 9009a2b07b0814ea4875cbf4cb89691dcfccaf23  
140 Banks seek to quash women's lawsuits in Jeffrey Epstein case _ AP News.pdf 318k 252.4 days e2b72c18d492f9db11b93c36e3f207979600bad9  
141 Barack Obama Was Never the Man We Thought He Was - B is for Blog - Medium.pdf 255k 1249.4 days cf879fe1003599be344d9fe5915eb7ab96e556ec  
142 Barney Frank dismisses calls for Glass-Steagall redux_cnbc.pdf 116k 3711.3 days 069ac7cd1c3523cf675885a60f32f439cf3a3d32  
143 Bentley-driving, sword-wielding man killed by police officers in Scientology org _ The Underground Bunker.pdf 343k 1639.0 days 26cd9a6259bc0692d9e4f79190834c56f127f88b  
144 Bering_Strait_Great_Project_on_the_Agenda_This_Year.war 48k 4775.7 days a074c2e23238dbe985c316da2d3900a31a3b19ee  
145 Bernanke Before the House_ the Glow Is Fading, Let the Burn Begin_larouchepac.pdf 224k 3718.2 days 6277c558f682bc69f33d670561e266410ca5d9a5  
146 Biden Family Whistleblower Disappears After Planning to Reveal 'Explosive' Information - 115k 144.5 days 7913ef18c13230b90f2bae01d5f787a7c6dd88ea  
147 Biden campaign pushed spies to write false Hunter laptop letter - Washington Post.pdf 2.8M 144.5 days 580fb95be6d8bd0f1e1cabb035805bf745b3f753  
148 Biden manages tense relations with China as COVID-19 issues reemerge - Washington Examiner.pdf 104k 88.1 days 525b0aa0e19a34c6524e34bfe70385272d1f5959  
149 Biden probe censored expert claims that COVID was likely genetically engineered in a laboratory - Sky News Australia.pdf 83k 25.2 days ebad08cda49ea0ce83989f516d7f101616f202fd  
150 Biden releases most JFK assassination records - NBC.pdf 1.5M 134.6 days e74d203b65b485a849f72eedebefc75d975b535f  
151 Biden’s $10 Million Ukraine Bribery Scheme Merits Impeachment - The Federalist.pdf 179k 46.4 days 90765c431a2265a61e7ff010a4567d06a2419438  
152 Big Brother watching_ Government agencies buying cell phone, internet data to track Americans _ Just The News.pdf 76k 269.1 days f3bf443d0c228535ec477549b22e6a6f278c5192  
153 Big Pharma Whistleblower Suspended By Musk’s Twitter For Exposing US Military’s Involvement In ‘Covid’ Jabs - David Icke.pdf 649k 88.1 days 36f860aa470432823d03ed93f3600622f41592dc  
154 Bill Barr Joins Bill Maher to Trash President Trump and Revive His Reputation with the Left - Gateway Pundit.pdf 447k 242.1 days a1dae2a78df8dde4f603f93ebb9806cac831aaaf  
155 Bill Gates Plandemic 2 Catastrophic Contagion! SEERS 2025 Will Start in Brazil - Before It's News.pdf 78k 31.3 days acdaaccb01eae2a4a114d14a586a0c60d03212f4  
156 Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundation Plan to Digitally Track Americans – Era of Light.pdf 118k 1182.6 days ad394d6ce949a8934fb35cfca9ccd97098e27ae2  
157 Bill Gates denies conspiracy theories that say he wants to use coronavirus vaccines to implant tracking devices - CNBC.pdf 87k 1157.2 days b6402758f2ef453e1d0d335ad3fe3295f1501660  
158 Bill Gates — After Reaping Huge Profits Selling BioNTech Shares — Trashes Effectiveness of COVID Vaccines - Children's Health Defense.pdf 216k 235.1 days 8c2df96e44cdb80d30c1cd280b9556a568297df5  
159 Bill Gates's Microsoft in Bed with NSA_larouchepac.pdf 212k 3723.3 days a0e689381c7c4f167e3f0c420118be13b484e39d  
160 Bill Gates_ The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made - WSJ.pdf 1.0M 1201.1 days d9df0e8ab413e6d9798f1f3c550eb018d2ebf90b  
161 Bin Laden's bookshelf_ How al Qaeda leader had 9_11 conspiracy theories and books by left-wing radical Noam Chomsky _ Daily Mail Online.pdf 2.5M 3047.7 days edd59d4780db7e1f2fbbae5c5bb6d16f46ccc00c  
162 Bin Laden's death puts exclamation point on Al Qaeda's demise - 21k 4525.6 days 50e55fee98a9dcd31fcfeee86612332074b575a0  
163 Bipartisan rail safety bill runs into Republican roadblock - The Hill.pdf 55k 193.1 days cdb09c03ceed131ea8dc709b98b50546b6ef7954  
164 Bitcoin Teen Pleads Guilty Over Providing Support to ISIL.pdf 89k 3025.4 days cc2c78e5bfd92c790f3ae1640c677868e1dc7aa1  
165 Bitcoin Vs.pdf 383k 3076.1 days 6b0a1c1b3b0a05de7390b0597e3b4f8be19dbfbc  
166 Bitcoin supporters clash over ideological, practical issues - SFGate.pdf 96k 3464.4 days 580f7ccbe5c389a72ea1ddd74c344ef424a4bca8  
167 Bitcoin’s “creator” races to patent technology with gambling tycoon.pdf 7.1M 2332.2 days 5eb83196db0449723efd80710a09aef10a0fcc7f  
168 Bjorn Lomborg Don’t blame climate change for extreme weather - The Washington Post.html 24k 3661.2 days 6f181ed60e77a4e2951b044a33e012f9137b2c1e  
169 Black Smoke Rises From Vatican As Pope Tosses Another Bible Into The Fireplace - Babylon Bee.pdf 292k 235.1 days b36e4e6bcaaaecc56d38388ab5e6ccf0f43c885e  
170 Blackrock Owns 15.1% of the Fox Corporation - Robert Malone.pdf 1.4M 144.5 days ac71ca34f29cfa38174c21d3018b65a9eb7ddbc1  
171 Blocked Gov't Report Finds Fluoride Lowers Kids' IQ, Case Heads to Court - UncoverDC.pdf 2.3M 185.2 days b7d8df7915b8183c4749f0e49c7ebd9e28c5bc92  
172 Blood group type may affect susceptibility to COVID-19 respiratory failure - 1.1M 1205.6 days 418dfa0107c838500fb241311e81d204a39f2516  
173 Blood type may play role in which coronavirus patients get sickest - CBS News.pdf 1.2M 1191.6 days bf397a54b8c17969128bbad31293b3a12d7126b5  
174 Blow To Bitcoin As ‘Significant’ U.S. Crypto Crackdown Suddenly Revealed - Forbes.pdf 222k 1279.3 days 9ea1dc9500c84a0db6a438769db546b63f3ccd02  
175 Bob Graham Poses Questions for Obama on Saudis and 9_11.pdf 443k 3720.7 days 3d2e6adcc43cdcfa1c6a53fa980072c21480bad6  
176 Bolivia joins countries offering Snowden asylum.pdf 401k 3730.8 days edc759f3fc95731c60f9e6621694d9cd3750d2b3  
177 Bolivia_ Presidential plane forced to land after Snowden rumors - CNN.pdf 720k 3734.4 days 75eddfbe2450aa5f261d7b3b7785bf9ae2b9e78b  
178 Bolivian president's plane diverted over suspicion Snowden onboard _ Fox News.pdf 101k 3734.4 days 5c17b428cf70a6bb73c199fe17318f959c3c9ae9  
179 Bolivian president’s plane forced to land in Austria in hunt for Snowden - The Washington Post.pdf 301k 3733.3 days 18da59f6942de7b2a0aaa625856e051d6a5af662  
180 Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled - ZeroHedge.pdf 400k 172.3 days b42f3616de0d6c286bf2e8a82505419686d6f0dd  
181 Bombshell filing_ 9_11 hijackers were CIA recruits - The Grayzone.pdf 2.0M 144.5 days d5b1a3ae2ddb095fcbe7e3b59b96369d1e374c4f  
182 Border Patrol: _Brace For F__king Impact_ As End Of Trump Era Immigration Policy Looms - ZeroHedge.pdf 430k 158.0 days 8baae80d8c8b1a63ff6ea2f07522679bb40463bb  
183 Boston Marathon Bombings’ Guilty Verdict Exposed as a Gross Travesty of Justice _ Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization.pdf 424k 3086.6 days bf9e10ace64ebb341d088e50ec8683a5abdb11b0  
184 Bradley Manning comes out as transgender_ ‘I am Chelsea’ _ Nation & World _ The Seattle Times.pdf 177k 3683.3 days ef0f617e1bb0ca0bac542c36a1e92a4958725ef9  
185 Bradley Manning defence rests after calling just 10 witnesses _ World news _ 289k 3726.2 days 8478db768a6bffa57f3494c148e05367cefca9b7  
186 Bradley Manning fallout complicates Edward Snowden saga - POLITICO.html 19k 3702.7 days 68961498db303d848c4c91e5177b26cd3d3bcddb  
187 Bradley Manning verdict brings anger, disappointment – and relief _ World news _ theguardian.pdf 537k 3706.6 days 3f6af8cb0d7c2da8f60157202ad5ad83ea69cb12  
188 Bradley Manning's Sentence Doesn't Mean His Story Is Going Away - NationalJournal.pdf 958k 3684.5 days 5dc5a34be50c6edd99668e0d9a8b25ce3e37f0f5  
189 Bradley Manning's trial nears closing arguments - seattlepi.pdf 123k 3712.0 days 96bd3ce9c1b2c305c4809cb3b0eb3fb8812c76ee  
190 Bragg Gets Terrible News_ Democrat NY Councilman Will Testify Against Him - Conservative Brief.pdf 1.6M 144.5 days e22a638eacd5f712acea8ec626f293d8a78fdd47  
191 Brazil Voices ‘Deep Concern’ Over Gathering of Data by U.S. - NYTimes.pdf 103k 3728.3 days 250a3230b7b7dc659f03f1b3de0c5867d8780233  
192 Brazil demands explanation from US over NSA spying _ World news _ 318k 3728.7 days 15e2fd6f3a884286cd77bc28c629a66815549b7e  
193 Brazil's greatest living scientist is unanimously acquitted by medical councils - MPV Writing.pdf 1.4M 144.5 days b537d9f3dc7427b5e765a67bf8405d3a104b82bb  
194 Brazil: Lula's Prospect - Council on Foreign Relations.pdf 109k 5423.1 days 47a88af1148b3ca55d11fd8d445aca00d715ea65  
195 Breach or Debate - By Bruce Ackerman _ Foreign Policy.pdf 1.2M 3647.6 days 4e2ad2703cefbc6a8d0c61e7ebb88168d4798861  
196 Breaking News _ News from Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Northeast Tarrant County _ Star-Telegram.pdf 125k 3708.2 days 146300cfad62c300c43b80f71cf3356aab9cb63f  
197 Breaking_ Federal Judge Stands Up To Joe Biden, Blocks Biden From Imposing Restrictions To ICE ‘A Great Victory For The Rule Of Law’ – The Raging Patriot.pdf 869k 242.1 days 7da2c812bf20b8d7feb66e893becb32b35c47c57  
198 Britain's_Inter-Alpha_Group_Vampires_Demand_More_Blood.war 73k 4881.1 days 469ec1734a2a5ad6a0525615074f543c982c291a  
199 Britain’s GCHQ shepherding mass surveillance operations throughout Europe — RT News.pdf 1.0M 3611.0 days d1a38bd7c9a50e4a7933e70db952b6b7e424fddc  
200 British Newspaper Has Advantages in Battle With Government Over Secrets - 17k 3685.1 days 23214ea35095a49ecdde728304dc8f34c3df6b1e  
201 Bud Light Suffers _Staggering_ Sales Decline As Boycott Intensifies - ZeroHedge.pdf 258k 144.5 days f494f3a42f3ae068137c47a44b4ea6ef85330501  
202 Bush Angle to Reagan Shooting Still Unresolved as Hinckley Walks - WhoWhatWhy.pdf 716k 242.1 days 77ed2887df93d61d6d07add16fcdc11792671a21  
203 Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News _ Reuters.pdf 81k 3728.5 days f3db2cb8ee946567dfe2a814000ba53054928d1d  
204 Buttigieg Makes No Mention of Chemical Release From Fiery Ohio Train Derailment - Gateway Pundit.pdf 278k 221.2 days d6d334c0c56c71e439a6536629a10fe64be8b9a9  
205 C.I.A. Collects Global Data on Transfers of Money - 19k 3598.4 days a4dcfaee313675ba19907543e21455333fa0c495  
206 CA Amnesia Patient's Sister Found in Louisiana_usatoday.pdf 667k 3720.3 days 9607c18882fc8aa1333a70d588997635b9c3ec71  
207 CA Gov Newsom Authorizes Border Crossers to Police Americans - Breitbart.pdf 148k 242.1 days b9af9458f88a662a96a18abe3f32600482adb3fe  
208 CDC Officials Who Spread Misinformation Apologized to Source of False Data but Not to Public - Epoch Health.pdf 196k 235.1 days ca51c437cf4e45b45a026ca4a6f10e05ff7b11ae  
209 CHP Officer and Family Killed in Crash - NBC San Diego.pdf 11k 4981.4 days ee0101c02912117160254f824e7d7540a07c6260  
210 CIA moderating Wikipedia – former editor - Global Village Space.pdf 244k 46.4 days 72258bbe97a1104c0782bc14623d91b201cdadeb  
211 CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8 - Adam & Eve Story - CIA.pdf 2.3M 207.0 days 79d0e101e27400957048b1e21e761c93a3cecb32  
212 CISA Was Behind the Attempt to Control Your Thoughts, Speech, and Life - Activist Post.pdf 176k 80.3 days 5d7bc3fc0d3373edd2eab621dbbeac7e75171e2e  
213 CJ Hopkins_ New Normal Germany Blues - ZeroHedge.pdf 307k 102.2 days 3011839e26d9a9ca14a231fb52792f1bc109327d  
214 CNBC pulls video of Sen Warren Video Glass-Steagall_americablog.pdf 291k 3717.5 days f73ba566bd57e330989c7e027d841824218e1c78  
215 CNN poll_ Obama numbers plunge into generation gap - CNN.pdf 491k 3734.4 days 686d00faf9eabe945f32581e2ccb223308db1d85  
216 COVID-19 May Fix GE's Long-Term Care Problem - Seeking Alpha.pdf 185k 235.1 days 25dc252ef098db2360dc6ba781f6fbf3046a7acf  
217 COVID-19 Treatment - Analysis of 72 global studies showing high effectiveness for early treatment.pdf 498k 1135.3 days cb386865870d32fce47f29d5cf52fbe7085e167c  
218 COVID-19 and 5G - 646k 269.1 days 11ed28b5df0b780006a4da5039ddbb554b36119d  
219 COVID-19_ A wake-up call for biosafety.pdf 142k 1247.6 days 9bca35a19ca614a55ba0eb685ccefe1ee67b527c  
220 Calif. outage leaves 123,000 without power - Salon.pdf 481k 3718.0 days 36e2e499b9ffed34517422f369c110a3b828187b  
221 California Officials Investigating Loss of 30-Ton Shipment of Explosive Chemicals - KQED.pdf 99k 123.2 days d9cb06443e9ef56a476bec1b8313a18312221364  
222 California coronavirus outlook worse than expected - Los Angeles Times.pdf 613k 1229.7 days 3870d9a79612a5508fb44fe1c32544dd5e68bf3d  
223 California is monitoring at least 8,400 for signs of coronavirus _ Daily Mail Online.pdf 3.9M 1302.6 days 35ab0b9d3fa68923bc3febce77bd46db5571cbc6  
224 California, 13 other states sue to stop Trump's food stamp cuts _ CalMatters.pdf 5.0M 1316.6 days 4650d8dbf850e2756d3cc580ba85899ca704aeae  
225 Calling_Cards_|_David_Lazarus_column_on_pay_phone_calls_made_with_credit_cards_Hung_up_on_sky-high_pay_phone_rates_-_Los_Angeles_Times.war 112k 4391.4 days 387efce43ab90ecd9f6f0afd4da4ac40ad556fbd  
226 Cambridge Analytica, the shady data firm that might be a key Trump-Russia link, explained - Vox.pdf 1.4M 1995.2 days 22dfc9e5cc70e5b840764d454c2e70d99095e4ab  
227 Camp Pendleton Marine, 2 other active-duty Marines charged in Capitol riot - AP.pdf 359k 242.1 days 259244e65f65ca1c9ad5a81921a19b1ea1661bee  
228 Can Australia's digital spooks escape an NSA-level backlash_ _ ZDNet.pdf 245k 3697.1 days 2989be9354acb926c0a7b0f3dd1e52fe47d2d7eb  
229 Can hydroxychloroquine treat coronavirus_ _ Fox Business.pdf 39k 1182.5 days 26147353f824f0c90586eed14b627f1a43fc759d  
230 Carter_ Snowden's leaks 'good for Americans to know'_usatoday.pdf 221k 3469.1 days 216066b3fa5c8d892688c085b888eacde9565642  
231 Carville_Says_Obama_Failed_the_FDR_Test_In_Handling_of_BP.war 73k 4866.4 days a70964b63d2ca94c464266ef9588e23eec41742b  
232 Census_Workers_Feel_Americans'_Anger_at_the_Collapse.war 73k 4841.3 days d2dd36b5e1485e887dfab877809ef1224b4f4a9c  
233 Central Banks to Provide Daily Liquidity In the Event of a WORLD-WIDE BANK COLLAPSE - The Gateway Pundit.pdf 455k 185.2 days c75254371519fa1ef3d4a2d49866216b1e1a1842  
234 Cheng Enfu_ Marx's Capital still shines with the light of truth - Friends of Socialist China.pdf 667k 11.2 days 05ece8eb01dd47a00175093ae83a059a61a82828  
235 Child-trafficking & Sex Scandal Exposes CIA-FBI-DOJ Cover-up of Crime (2nd) - 106k 1175.7 days ae7bfe87fdec554154fea7059371f96d71fe8f67  
236 Children must be protected from the influence of companies profiting from war - The Guardian.pdf 81k 46.4 days f412fb8426f21a1265deb44ca0774d554d732cf1  
237 China Announces New Covid Variant That Could Infect 65 Million People Per Week, Reveals Launch of Two New Vaccines - Becker News.pdf 35k 116.2 days 9a53db28e5d637203c882f114fc6262e41ab5eaf  
238 China Is Now Covering Project Veritas' Investigation Into Pfizer - Gateway Pundit.pdf 39k 235.1 days 1e3e807d2b9af22f2bad015dcae4c2430fb6ad1e  
239 China fuels coronavirus conspiracy theory blaming US army — Quartz.pdf 64k 1289.1 days 86f70e3eea23cc8558b52cc5664bb25088f5e960  
240 China prepares to shoot down UFO – state media - RT.pdf 64k 221.2 days 4fa9e51358b28e9445a33aa8638050b0e53015b8  
241 China reports no new coronavirus cases for first time since pandemic began - Reuters.pdf 46k 1217.6 days 1c545e999676145ef3cce896122805b56bbd8f67  
242 China slams NATO, warns of ‘confrontation and crisis’ — RT World News.pdf 148k 207.0 days 6c797c336cf4a68b2ae39bfd09d4e06a0f0e81cb  
243 China's quest for a new energy source heads to space - Fortune Features.pdf 556k 3538.2 days 1dffca8bf1d20f96299953ee18053cc8ebbbb330  
244 Chinese Spy Balloon Flying Over Montana_ Is It a Threat - PM.pdf 651k 221.2 days 52a7af71ddc0f3e826e73e4f8f2aaa26c151c00e  
245 Chinese media on Snowden_ Washington 'ate the dirt' this time — RT News.pdf 1.6M 3697.6 days 3e779e3cff20b2c547b132884ab27a6e8842787c  
246 Chloroquine witchdoctor Didier Raoult_ barking mad and dangerous – For Better Science.pdf 6.1M 1185.7 days 8b350860ecff17cdc3704ddd849e2afb0b551cc6  
247 Chossudovsky - Chapter VII - There is No Cure - Suppression of HCQ - A Cheap and Effective Drug - Global Research.pdf 1.2M 940.8 days 97b120a1a5e93bb14758c2d1df893d2bd9131694  
248 Chris Hedges_ The Collective Suicide Machine - Mint Press.pdf 471k 269.0 days a7227a654e74ad11a4e9be96b1cd97c97d88382b  
249 Christians, Now Is Probably a Good Time to Stop Watching ‘Game of Thrones’ – TheBlaze.pdf 179k 2465.2 days 7ba9d392542b70cc9a25edbe69b15a6bfa349666  
250 Citizens Commission on Benghazi Interim Report_ How America Switched Sides in the War on Terror_larouchepac.pdf 195k 3435.8 days 4785f2840fc223efc9a11be51cc06fe0a7e77f22  
251 Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty on Warming - NYTimes.pdf 144k 3686.2 days c5ffef471d4f10f86c720dc9f7a9bacf0e282691  
252 Clinton Adviser Says Classified Doc Scandal Will End Biden; _Anyone That Breathes_ Can Beat Him In 2024 - Trending Politics.pdf 104k 235.1 days c6faa6c7303b220b36bd4c0224e60eb84ba8b14c  
253 Co-author of Epstein book calls Ghislaine Maxwell arrest 'biggest story' related to notorious case yet _ Fox News.pdf 16k 1176.4 days 941b97767b6f98c14a382553ce4df2c6e458e46b  
254 Combat Nihilism - Revolutionary Optimism in the Age of U.S. Imperial Decline - Black Agenda Report.pdf 1.0M 269.1 days fdb119e54ee0907db5b19990cc2d2389d71ab8dc  
255 Congress eyes second push for legislation that would rein in NSA World news The Guardian.html 125k 3703.4 days 22154b083ee1ec7d87ecc41e92cd4cd670dcceca  
256 Congress_ Between Two Rocks and a Hard Place on NSA Spying_larouchepac.pdf 390k 3687.0 days 330d120e2c9ffaf7bbf6987945e1453672072032  
257 Congressmen Refute Obama Claim that Congress Was _Informed_ of NSA Spy Program_larouchepac.pdf 208k 3691.6 days 14a1668a2cdeed2b1116a08887fbe8ac9c464d50  
258 Conservatives and Libertarians Should Support the Return of Glass-Steagall _ William K Black.pdf 332k 3715.4 days 8ef1da0c2e09c27de83e5c82eab6f994fe1f9c4e  
259 Cops Say David Miscavige Spent $10K a Week Spying on His Elderly Father.pdf 674k 3084.1 days 228a1ca72f6995db6bda4019e7cfc5c806fc7614  
260 Coronavirus crisis_ Trump says he will suspend immigration, leaving aides racing to make policy - The Washington Post.pdf 88k 1249.6 days ecd76ecf42e9d297de19d201510b70f536a0241a  
261 Coronavirus drug remdesivir will be ‘the standard of care,’ but not a magic bullet, Brigham and Women’s Hospital doctor says - 79k 1187.7 days 492c287a05400ed2ceda1e0e8789345c60d2cc37  
262 Coronavirus is exposing the arbitrary, cruel realities of America's rules_.pdf 144k 1287.3 days 9d86034203c8ab2258cc31fdc32fc8d1b39fedb6  
263 Coronavirus puts the squeeze on reptile and amphibian museum - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf 150k 1211.3 days 38e76865b9c5787f3a2b944616fd14edf11aa02e  
264 Coronavirus surge in Brazil brings coffin shortage, morgue chaos _ News _ Al Jazeera.pdf 128k 1239.3 days 0dd3a4c25331a68c22b3df3776edb959c8d7a3c7  
265 Coronavirus tracked_ the latest figures as countries fight to contain the pandemic _ Free to read _ Financial Times.pdf 3.7M 1231.2 days 7aa5a9dd9501f22b4101d7c309a52f1957788563  
266 Coronavirus_ 'Lives were lost' as US officials refused to ramp up production of N95 masks.pdf 135k 1226.5 days f6f7be45d7a78b916e7706ecc5b96e84da5fa40f  
267 Coronavirus_ Are 'live-saving' ventilators actually dangerous_ _ Daily Mail Online.pdf 641k 1250.6 days e0b66feb6c4145ab47de4fdcd26dfc2a1ce00c34  
268 Coronavirus_ How Turkey took control of Covid-19 emergency - BBC News.pdf 264k 1180.6 days a6f9aa07196d91bdb3bd84e96bdc47ca6cbb06c7  
269 Costa Rica prescribing hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 patients.pdf 156k 1244.2 days 605394561f560f20d1c288cddc2a8d23887ab9f5  
270 Court Documents Show Mueller Involved in 9_11 Cover-up - The New American.pdf 66k 1117.5 days b99060a8264ff3dfdb78aa73b4f0a96f730cbe1b  
271 Covid and Marburg Weapons Systems - Sasha Latypova.pdf 5.4M 116.2 days 589e9971654064b3aaa665ecf92090fd8edb9315  
272 Covid-19 Created In Wuhan Lab Through Classified Bioweapons Program_ US Investigators - ZeroHedge.pdf 764k 102.2 days 0bcdc2d202e3180d4390d555f341c8ed57a216f7  
273 Crash the Economy, Burn the Cities, Infect the People_ The Evil Plan to Remake America, by Mike Whitney - The Unz Review.pdf 136k 1145.7 days 5fc2e88d678c3afec38219613534d1bcc1e88dce  
274 Critic of congressional probe into gain-of-function research helped fund Wuhan gain-of-function study - U.S. Right to Know.pdf 281k 88.1 days 4a574903feabbf9528130fc0af0054546e40961d  
275 Crossing the Valley - Walter Kirn.pdf 171k 80.3 days 57311e8cbb4d120343526683129edc8ae459ba28  
276 DHS Quietly Purges CISA website of references to domestic censorship operation.pdf 898k 193.1 days 70ee93762fce5cd2c714692e6e822a38d3d1fb74  
277 DOJ Offered Witness with 'Smoking Gun' Evidence of Biden Bribery Ring, But She Died Under 'Mysterious Circumstances' - Becker News.pdf 35k 102.2 days 270ed03b33a3a46aa7ac1c470b79b3daa6cf0278  
278 DOJ Prosecutors Seek 120 Days in Prison for Owen Shroyer - The Gateway Pundit.pdf 590k 11.2 days 218050044dcc0fcc6081d4b106e4d96e4f9c1056  
279 DOJ Slapped By Judge In Trump Documents Case - ZeroHedge.pdf 90k 46.4 days 11175cb0509dc5190bf72d7822ebfe6391b9b54e  
280 DOJ formalizes request for encryption back-doors _ AppleInsider.pdf 99k 1069.8 days c420963653a4298d6ece09a71efc40d0271360db  
281 DOJ, FBI targeting Catholics as 'violent extremists' under scrutiny by state AGs_ 'Bigotry' is 'festering' - Fox News.pdf 574k 221.2 days 1fdb175f3a5e2491a962ef6df040efa8efed5c39  
282 DailyTech - Head of Embattled UK Climate Center Steps Down Amid Misconduct Allegations.war 253k 5042.0 days 3f3ab93f3f816b1269676f965b58f7f4fb696ad0  
283 Daniel Ellsberg_ NSA leaker Snowden made the right call - The Washington Post.pdf 280k 3728.3 days 998ee2037cb25f9e22e61038964034837f74ead9  
284 David Miranda_ 'They said I would be put in jail if I didn't co-operate' _ World news _ The Guardian.pdf 705k 3686.1 days ef1fae816b0152712c552c73c7b3a59572d6bd22  
285 Davis-Wilson Meeting Notes.pdf 10.3M 1182.3 days 45b87bffddb47d9dbef6adca49346caad591209c  
286 Davos freezes out Putin and Russian oligarchs - POLITICO.pdf 587k 242.1 days 963e9ca9c8091bfb6025eedd4b5724639e73ea64  
287 Davos organizers_ Musk wasn't invited despite what he says _ AP News.pdf 517k 242.1 days 5caa415650eb7c3eae51236b61b8fd75839fa03e  
288 Deadline Detroit _ Detroit's Ford Hospital Defends hydroxychloroquine study after Trump's Disclosure.pdf 447k 1213.8 days cde014590d48a886d1291ecb3e8f178a59257bfe  
289 Deal done for U.S. to Ship Arms to Syrian Rebels_usatoday.pdf 308k 3713.2 days fb0288908109126dd14214700c20901d375ffb34  
290 Dear Conservatives, I Apologize - Naomi Wolf.pdf 3.4M 193.1 days e26f1592bca453a9d060e496b291012ef99da627  
291 Death in Istanbul_ The untold story behind Syria’s White Helmets - POLITICO.pdf 15.3M 144.5 days b610517a9ae08c082fc84256d42d8ea267a57191  
292 Declassified FBI files detail secret surveillance team — RT USA.pdf 1.4M 3634.6 days 120bcee4c5a9208a096e8807df868b808f353ca5  
293 Deep State DOJ Will Not Comply with Jim Jordan's Request for Biden Classified Documents Due to _Ongoing Investigation - Gateway Pundit.pdf 98k 221.2 days 6a88a42993e96722dd3545039cd680b16b280c62  
294 Delaware health Swine flu fears ebb as cases decline | | The News Journal.war 236k 5042.0 days 323e306e0f746b5725d31a656c14a51b36a30a69  
295 Democrats Call on YouTube To Bring Back Its Election Censorship Rules - Reclaim The 'Net.pdf 913k 88.1 days 3ab91ef83b19ebfde6c1aa10363ac4a50e261c4a  
296 Denmark government temporarily legalizes ‘sex with domestic animals’ during confinement.pdf 98k 1245.7 days 99e04c6e615917a3e15a4c6be56e46695de28a83  
297 Denmark_Parliamentary_Majority_Wants_Angelides-Style_Financial_Crisis_Inquiry_Commission.war 7k 4582.6 days d2ea92f378cb4febb32e2ec19ddf3f76297bd141  
298 Despite Tension Over Snowden, U.S. and Russia Seem Reluctant to Upset Diplomacy _ PBS NewsHour _ Aug 1, 2013.pdf 407k 3703.7 days 8eb4189695c95f32feb9237b74754d3f93065671  
299 Destiny of Civilization, Interview by Ben Norton, by Michael Hudson - The Unz Review.pdf 405k 269.1 days d331b5314541a2050075a4ae99f6bce540a04ee4  
300 Details on NSA-thwarted plots coming, lawmaker says - CNN.pdf 873k 3734.4 days 2a717b2ebe99d8f557f3a5e89fe4600576568d9f  
301 Determination of the Effectiveness of Oral Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19 - Full Text View - 181k 1162.1 days 93674c96c71cf30df8350d4fe1281d11fc7ccc88  
302 Detroit Bankruptcy Likely to Spark a Pension Brawl - 290k 3715.8 days 3a23e9d8579e711964cbd84860c1382a69d49b86  
303 Detroit bankruptcy_ The war shifts to the courts - CSMonitor.pdf 325k 3714.3 days 7fab3250984e1bf3d8df5ac72f832ae6fa106659  
304 Detroit not alone under crushing pension obligations_usatoday.pdf 914k 3715.4 days 19e35ecee2f6dab645168a8b4de1e08a2a4256f4  
305 Detroit_ How the Motor City went bust-usatoday.pdf 1.0M 3718.3 days 62c1cd52656adf23fa0b8a7a1889514f4281082e  
306 DiGenova Blasts Obama's Benghazi Coverup_larouchepac.pdf 229k 3691.6 days 20f59edfe10a028273327c8f54f842665c01d041  
307 Did Israel Kill the Kennedys_ - Veterans Today.pdf 311k 269.0 days da1a249e0506e50adca34e35cfc0936d896694cf  
308 Did President Trump Promote a Killer Drug by Taking Hydroxychloroquine - 199k 1059.7 days 5772a7ef00def3902779de9832635696a88c27c0  
309 Did Ukrainians Almost Take Over Bitcoin - Bloomberg.html 17k 3537.8 days 12115b77ea76f40d0b7f5b5f07875f8d93f3f0f6  
310 Did a Government Intel Asset Plant Key Evidence in Proud Boys Case - American Greatness.pdf 5.2M 207.0 days 2f69850b320af5f2f7782c3b6cba62fad4b04500  
311 Disarm The FBI And Return Authority To Local Law Enforcement - Steve Friend.pdf 1.1M 46.4 days 01835d20af3053b70e0255447604c08e2ec9c9f2  
312 Discovery of testicle-biting fish leads to swim warning for Danish men - CNN.pdf 634k 3693.2 days e07149019c8f869bd70cee537c097b822fbb1843  
313 Disputed Hydroxychloroquine Study Brings Scrutiny to Surgisphere _ The Scientist Magazine®.pdf 403k 1209.9 days d02e208ea6c9a61d468c91d3200843498d25a17a  
314 Do James Webb Telescope Images Disprove The Big Bang Theory_ _ Principia Scientific Intl_.pdf 336k 269.1 days 564c38968d299157789329960d43a7990dec7c18  
315 Doctor Who Tried to Save Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6 Charged With 4 Misdemeanors for Time at the US Capitol - Gateway Pundit.pdf 718k 235.1 days 3e1bd9b2fbb8f7aed6cd9117cff84570d25d5585  
316 Doctor cites Trump's promotion of COVID-19 drug in fighting fraud charge - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf 365k 1209.2 days bf89b526c6f7e17025da6007d757b2f1206f9f26  
317 Documents show NSA can crack most web privacy encryption - Upi.pdf 90k 3668.3 days 70e16c2817f52375c852d823c57d1aacacb3f84c  
318 Does It Matter That the DOD Released Those UFO Videos_ _ WIRED.pdf 422k 1190.6 days 65400715e800147bf2cfa09c981d545840f788ed  
319 Dolphin Deaths Off East Coast Worry Federal Wildlife Officials - 11k 3696.1 days 97248da4f9573e64588c2c3004b31c52528a2cb1  
320 Don't Expect Trump Arraignment Until Next Week - Conservative Brief.pdf 3.3M 185.2 days 48a89d559027cc356fcfa5696c8724e7d00599d7  
321 Donald Trump Told Treasury Secretary to ‘Go After Bitcoin’.pdf 348k 1191.6 days 173d837ae0973537e694a0be22452cedfb681741  
322 Don’t Give Up on Bringing Manufacturing Back to the U.S. - Bloomberg.pdf 277k 1121.5 days 7ed3677c6a215ae7b07d9b474764799ac743f401  
323 Doubt looms over hydroxychloroquine study that halted global trials _ Ars Technica.pdf 242k 1206.7 days 031a918bb4cf3ffa5f8f747cab4881f05c73100c  
324 Doug Casey_ Stupidity, Evil and the Decline of the US – Investment Watch.pdf 67k 269.1 days 6f9068c4be968094da4b9b4c2b0429e6fd51cb9d  
325 Dow Jones Rallies 500 Points Despite Jobs Data, Coronavirus, Ongoing Protests _ Investor's Business Daily.pdf 75k 1206.7 days 317e639612d777fe7ca204bdff6b0527c9c22038  
326 Dow Jones chart 1995-2008 - Financial Insanity - The Greespan Years.jpg 16k 5404.3 days 458ec6a8dfe51549f91364ed731dc62ac0e2fb55  
327 Dow plunges 1,800 as investors turn jittery over new wave of coronavirus cases - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf 215k 1198.6 days f76213009968b35e96e01ec4b45125eb587741ec  
328 Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab with Millions of U.S. Dollars for Risky Coronavirus Research.pdf 267k 1238.4 days 07e43698aec240c9596193970ad7bb3b6be6018d  
329 Dr. Judy Mikovits Says That It's Likely That Most Who Take The Vaccine Will Die...50 Million - 56k 269.0 days 3316d814ab2d64c068cb1e23b7c8f8cffde24602  
330 Durham Casts New Light on FBI_DOJ Obstruction in their Jihad Against Donald Trump - LaRouchePAC.pdf 2.1M 269.1 days 9b3f028b3ff506c315aacf088c8dc9fc3c485e56  
331 Dutch, German ministers condemn child abductions in Ukraine _ AP News.pdf 673k 249.2 days 09447bd806c021138ef2ef5a083a1f2d03aee236  
332 ECB_prepares_legal_grounds_for_euro_rupture_as_Greece_festers.war 8k 4987.2 days 2e573298df913ea358ac7f30d35eabb4570201bb  
333 ECB_prepares_legal_grounds_for_euro_rupture_as_Greece_festers_|_Gold_Anti-Trust_Action_Committee.war 94k 4987.2 days e162ac3bd3e958b71c0cad12121a36ff3fad3246  
334 EIR - The British Adversary - 13-47_4413.pdf 997k 2364.8 days 7b907d7b77391158ccafb0b2717c777b899edd77  
335 ER surgeon at Seth Rich’s hospital says his gun wounds were not fatal _ Fellowship of the Minds.pdf 322k 2317.2 days db3cc7cdea2ce398738d5d073014e832235a1128  
336 EU country hasn't abandoned Russian gas – Moscow — RT Business News.pdf 107k 221.2 days f183dbda90b6ef668967fc4743b0a329e5e33619  
337 EU plans_ Turn Ukraine into a desert and make money on it - THE INTEL DROP.pdf 536k 109.2 days fb2f4db61fc170a1fa9802f376a4d0c2cde08100  
338 EU sanctions blocked Nord Stream repairs – company — RT.pdf 82k 221.2 days 1e327436de4ac8d070c14518d8b73d742bcc833a  
339 EXCLUSIVE Owner of Snowden’s Email Service on Why He Closed Lavabit Rather Than Comply With Gov’t Democracy Now!.html 75k 3692.2 days 496124378094ed9bfd7956e7bdebfe1b565e927b  
340 EXCLUSIVE_ Bombshell in Late Friday FBI Data Dump - MUELLER Claimed Seth Rich Not Involved in Russia Collusion Email Scandal Without Ever Examining Rich's Work Laptop - Gateway Pundit.pdf 138k 242.1 days d0f4588983d5dc8f2b1eb576778d0e9508d77576  
341 EXCLUSIVE_ Edward Snowden Gives Wide-Ranging Interview to Brian Williams - NBC News.pdf 2.0M 3408.7 days 7b681bcc04eff5e2eedabec7254a47697ab441cd  
342 Early Hydroxychloroquine Is Associated with an Increase of Survival in COVID-19 Patients_ An Observational Study[v1] _ Preprints.pdf 66k 1200.6 days 5e87704c0e36a2a0a5afa9c3ff0513a305396cec  
343 Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped up Immediately - kwaa093.pdf 628k 1157.5 days e50146cd09805ade0414da763c4d650ae2fe1171  
344 Early treatment of 1061 COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine - MS.pdf 337k 1185.6 days 568993101a08c593e03021c13e2ac53f6771d222  
345 Early treatment of 1061 COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, Marseille, France.pdf 340k 1185.6 days cdf825904a101b2f7ef63cc5151f8c5ee839a6ab  
346 Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine_ a country-based analysis.pdf 2.1M 1135.3 days 21eea48f1a9a9a9d5cdbcf2165e9b4f66fda9fbb  
347 Earth’s Core Has Stopped and May Be Reversing Direction, Study Says - Vice.pdf 203k 235.1 days 850e94f7b10ad3a8a91baffa5c5ea9ae28c3f530  
348 Editorial_ The Year of Edward Snowden, criminal and_or hero _ Stltoday.pdf 196k 3552.4 days 5c88157fdacef06a2edb513248d9f5c9ec319a93  
349 Edward Snowden Missing, Huge Leak Imminent « InvestmentWatch.pdf 98k 2539.8 days a5f75781447090ec2b20516f2c02938bdd6d8e5a  
350 Edward Snowden Proves A Difficult Catch For US Authorities_ibt.pdf 54k 3385.7 days 9630fec9a6aba3c011ec603151747a7a966e6c0d  
351 Edward Snowden accuses US of illegal, aggressive campaign _ World news _ The Guardian.pdf 481k 3724.5 days 7a727d4c314d4545599708b7d3bd41f77bd6378e  
352 Edward Snowden and Financial Speculation Taxes _ Dean Baker.pdf 230k 3714.1 days aa91c84fa8ca06ed1af421dd9a737f33cadfee3f  
353 Edward Snowden at Web3 Summit 2019 - Robert Malone.pdf 6.9M 46.4 days d7d3dfd987dbd10080b2b74be65a2a706d6e8a35  
354 Edward Snowden cleared to leave Moscow airport -- but not today - latimes.pdf 151k 3712.8 days cb3a511b11caf130d7fb5896d2a7bf42895344ae  
355 Edward Snowden deserves shelter in Germany _ Jürgen Trittin _ Comment is free _ The Guardian.pdf 311k 3731.3 days ad211f2bf1fcbe5d602918b3a4e5a8a9c5f12f9f  
356 Edward Snowden is a whistleblower, not a spy – but do our leaders care_ _ World news _ 619k 3731.3 days ca20ca00a687174c95b9bc96b2b143da05527b0c  
357 Edward Snowden new revelations to feature in book about US whistleblower _ Books _ 491k 3718.3 days 1057b0a9bd7fcf9218d5cfbae1cef1100e1570c0  
358 Edward Snowden rejects German plans for meeting in Moscow _ News _ DW.DE _ 20.06.pdf 710k 3380.2 days 58ddbe394603b5e4e2b520a45a5e0f82ddd93c04  
359 Edward Snowden says judge's ruling vindicates NSA surveillance disclosures World news 116k 3567.1 days 894d7f633d5e612ce084d9e0304d3ec9cefb6ea9  
360 Edward Snowden vindicated as US Court rules that NSA's mass surveillance programme was illegal - 640k 1100.2 days b2835d05fa50d569b629dbc8aa8c4f142bca43e9  
361 Edward Snowden was right to avoid justice system - The Washington Post.pdf 99k 3714.1 days 207e18990926312281106f239c9bc4119416bc7d  
362 Edward Snowden's Email Provider Shuts Down Amid Secret Court Battle _ Wired.pdf 625k 3697.4 days 02c29092a0eb15e6077745bd69d58a7714034bf8  
363 Edward Snowden's father says FBI asked him to fly to Moscow _ World news _ The Guardian.pdf 352k 3705.1 days 278108c5aee46ca5f5b0cc01f75cae48c632ac9b  
364 Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished - The Washington Post.html 51k 3558.1 days 1fdf5db180d22be4a7abbb55abe1e32b917cc721  
365 Edward Snowden_ From 'Geeky' Dropout To NSA Leaker _ NPR.pdf 291k 3443.5 days 7be9f6f959376971fa61e245573d73e058db7d99  
366 Edward Snowden_ Is it illegal for US to block his asylum claim_ - CSMonitor.pdf 356k 3721.6 days 653a3407265ea0c90f8c07c1fdf66dc2b09a7eac  
367 Edward Snowden_ The Biggest Revelations Are Yet to Come_mashable.pdf 1.4M 3475.6 days 1c54d4cd6df231d1ddcee65280c5dc5c9b7c7eaa  
368 Edward Snowden_ the unacknowledged author of an NSA reform bill - Los Angeles Times.pdf 74k 3420.1 days c73de547abae8113b40ac8df3732990589f88f55  
369 Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine as Prophylaxis for Covid-19.pdf 147k 1153.8 days 9b209b3937d43f2457af4c1f96d8e3a36b976123  
370 Egypt Erupts into Violence, Heralds Dark Days Ahead_larouchepac.pdf 215k 3690.7 days ec1659e2f2880f503a83fd718377293c8d404020  
371 Egyptian General Calls for Mass Protests - NYTimes.pdf 140k 3712.4 days fa3b10735dd8c4553a12c991d8c64f06c4241ea3  
372 Egyptian_Transition_Moves_Forward,_But_Economic_Crisis_Deepens.war 6k 4582.6 days c7c0fcd232d0493c75a0fd6d67775b0ce5865f8c  
373 Einstein's Brain Hemispheres Unusually Well-connected, Study reveals - Nature World News.pdf 276k 3639.2 days fde406931c5de98544545a01c89dcaadf423619c  
374 Elon Musk's biggest worry with SpaceX's first human mission is reentry - Business Insider.pdf 1.0M 1198.2 days 9aa477214d018fba7896ab9258a7a238f06e759b  
375 Elon Musk's next drama_ a trial over his tweets about Tesla _ AP News.pdf 508k 249.2 days a3d2c8cf9f57a19a55468b922089fb3626016adc  
376 Email service Lavabit abruptly shut down citing government interference _ theguardian.pdf 467k 3697.4 days ae0dda0d7a1c4bd967348e948c4590a4d9139c3e  
377 Email service Lavabit abruptly shut down citing government interference_theguardian.html 105k 3697.4 days 567c49a5698cbbea827321c7cf8511f93363754c  
378 Embalmers Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots - 289k 269.1 days dfc198814a5fa9a89c42479ee51dc333ca6598bb  
379 Environmental Consulting Company Identifies 5 Employees Killed in Plane Crash on Their Way to Ohio.pdf 341k 207.0 days 64018d8f575b79cf51787c92ec11891dcf39cf2d  
380 Eric Clapton_I can't sleep because of the pain...the vaccine took my immune system and just shook it around - 812k 221.2 days c955d72debc6ef236c1f63643bd18ca59134e6fc  
381 Escondido City Council enacts temporary moratorium on evictions - The Coast News Group.html 263k 1254.6 days fb5684b6faca354108e1a208c32fb605b5d9b0fd  
382 Escondido firefighter tests positive for coronavirus, library and city hall closed until April.png 228k 1284.8 days ed497f101b0f7022244a58b737562897a011763c  
383 Espionage_ Agents, influence and interference - Matthew Knott.pdf 2.3M 144.5 days 81391936ab1051fe61673938de7f373212be17c5  
384 Eugene Robinson Edward Snowden was the person of the year - The Washington Post.html 27k 3558.7 days 1756c378bc8bc50ee6b64cbea9bc3f329886fe1e  
385 Eulogy-for-a-Nation-The Bailout Passes-by-John-Caelan-081003-518.html 63k 5467.0 days 0527c3d58422e98cd16559b998669b04cfb972c6  
386 Europe Wants More Concessions From Google - NYTimes.pdf 136k 3719.6 days a4ce8311d3bc075e0c598b5ea67765adc53d6545  
387 Europe furious, 'shocked' by report of U.S. spying - CNN.pdf 414k 3735.4 days 544d4b3156c142b809ea3cbe6f28a46043241926  
388 Europhysics News - High-rise Building Collaps - epn2016-47-4.pdf 4.1M 2570.3 days 1fcacd8b2ee08b2ce448a18c158fa8e87cc7c152  
389 EurophysicsNews_BuildingCollapse_pp23-28.pdf 5.6M 2570.0 days a016fe035db62c6643b26fa6b9e9f003fae2060f  
390 Everyone Has Missed Real Revelation of the Durham Report_ Obama is the REAL 'Big Guy' - Wayne Allyn Root.pdf 54k 123.2 days 9553c601f8520161d0f3e8b2020e5154894c6604  
391 Everything FBI Ignored To Get Trump In Russian Collusion Hoax - The Federalist.pdf 532k 123.2 days 6f9d46b15c8a3324e3ca7be42d87b90e35692a45  
392 Evidence Shows Top Al Qaeda Operative Who Aided 9_11 Hijackers Was Working For The CIA, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review.pdf 48k 904.3 days bb405427a4f90e5dbbe734ef772da97a091cd042  
393 Evidence of Syrian Rebel Use of Chemical Weapons Continues to Accumulate_larouchepac.pdf 363k 3663.3 days 736af32999786148356f7b0f002c3dfc7901adee  
394 Ex-CIA Boss_ Blinken Incited Letter Defaming Hunter Laptop Story - The Federalist.pdf 265k 144.5 days b95c4e8ceeb25a0e71909a85f5412c9443bf506b  
395 Ex-FBI Agent Suggests Need For New Domestic Terror Laws To Target Critics Of Gender Ideology - The Daily Caller.pdf 114k 102.2 days 2b0a6d444a598552389f7043835c95e779890cd6  
396 Ex-Justice Department Attorney Blasts Obama, says, _We're on the Road to Fascism_larouchepac.pdf 218k 3718.3 days 00895f946575de86b2a6afb725ea47f56b506a97  
397 Ex-convict who abused college women gets 60 years in prison _ AP News.pdf 467k 242.1 days 7da8c139718b0c71e08e993f1c8a76296be3352b  
398 Excess deaths keep rising across EU - The Post.pdf 197k 269.1 days c29314f6b65b94c202d80ef2f9c9c8610378e85a  
399 Exclusive_ Massive spying on users of Google's Chrome shows new security weakness - Reuters.pdf 54k 1190.6 days f2b987b039b703ccac8df9555f9d1421df0aeea2  
400 Exclusive_ Scotiabank to Close Its Metals Business-Sources - The New York Times.pdf 38k 1233.8 days 9df7a7b58046d498ba9515fa6cb6e3a4a3389694  
401 Exlusive: Snowden persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords_reuters.pdf 176k 3598.3 days caf96e40b7add5fc3d5bff16eaa94ef4f2cbdc64  
402 Expert Panel Says Russia Holding Nuke Deal ‘Hostage’ to Deter US Support for Ukraine - Epoch Times.pdf 311k 221.2 days 999949e769983d7672cecb04fc0dcc547cb17083  
403 Exploring The Politics Of 'Defamation' - npr.pdf 655k 17.2 days ca07a50a3b40b5c89ba31d6e42dc3b84ac92e24f  
404 FAA Change to Heart-Test Limit Triggers Worries Over Pilot Health, Public Safety - Epoch Times.pdf 7.8M 235.1 days 8e43d2df4983b491711784d0134a32e42114111b  
405 FAA warns Colorado town that shooting down drones could lead to prosecution — RT USA.pdf 963k 3716.2 days b351e2c939d4870ac52fa2cf370da4a3d7de55e1  
406 FBI Contractor Created Fake Online IDs to Join Chatrooms Run by Groups Organizing Against Vaccine Mandates - Children's Health Defense.pdf 255k 130.2 days 10bb968e63780179cf70a0e992094bab5717bec4  
407 FBI Handing List of Names to Twitter for Censorship ‘Unacceptable’_ Ex-DoD Official.pdf 63k 269.1 days 9217a334cf10f103ccd7bf01a7a09974933c6057  
408 FBI Hiding Thousands of 9_11 Documents in Tampa Office_larouchepac.pdf 484k 3683.2 days 85111bdcf168860f0e7f7fd58b1373f85f77759a  
409 FBI Quietly Dropped Jan. 6 Provocateur From Most Wanted List _ Citizens Journal.pdf 931k 269.0 days 15c7f589782abaaf4d9e373750e2d647770e66f6  
410 FBI Richmond official who oversaw memo targeting Catholics testifies to Congress - Washington Examiner.pdf 667k 25.2 days f8ed8e4128be8318f0e25a696770290a95c3d77d  
411 FBI To Retract Catholic Infiltration Memo, Conduct Internal Review - The Daily Caller.pdf 123k 221.2 days 53ae1307035d2747c48483432e31a794466a28f3  
412 FBI Uses Surveillance Drones Over America_larouchepac.pdf 211k 3709.1 days 4719a1fe96110f640007ead7bcf89aa5a9483c71  
413 FBI Whistleblower_ Deputy Director Threatened Us For J6 Dissent - The Federalist.pdf 364k 88.1 days 179123533d142a9eb598123f8fcf82810e999517  
414 FBI breaks iPhone security to uncover Pensacola shooter & Al Qaeda link [u] _ AppleInsider.pdf 107k 1069.8 days bdb547349df5737cb62d64a33412351107606797  
415 FBI broke rules in scouring foreign intel on Jan. 6 riot, court says - NBC.pdf 300k 123.2 days cfd8261827e8d1d99186eef6f1f43c80970a2761  
416 FBI mistakenly IDs Saudi official probed in 9_11 case - New York Daily News.pdf 138k 1225.3 days 373208c96625dc25e214a8cb42ea7c11343bca4b  
417 FBI says Navy Yard shooter had no specific target_usatoday.pdf 650k 3649.3 days 6e4abda6437ea67212a255f06d0bcd27255db6cb  
418 FDA Wants To Ban NAC Now That It Combats Covid-19 - LewRockwell.pdf 170k 1113.6 days 0262ab44cf84f3f2c35df6e46dea3736ac1dad7e  
419 FDA ends emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus - POLITICO.pdf 91k 1194.7 days 3eb90f7c7c7624eda19d52e3c055d582bb1b120a  
420 FDA obstruction_ Patients die, while Trump gets the blame - Washington Examiner.pdf 34k 1067.4 days 02d5207c419af4b0f3628456f63a06694564b9df  
421 FDA revokes its authorization for emergency use of HCQ, and _our free press_ applauds them for it. - Google Groups.pdf 72k 1193.2 days f098d68f12e16c24d6797a823c45208690b5c3cd  
422 FISA Court _Has Quietly Become Almost A Parallel Supreme Court,_ Issuing Secret Rulings Which Give The NSA Broad Powers.pdf 215k 3728.7 days 69272a6a2744a307e3355ff0cc59912363002efe  
423 FOX News Filing Shows DOMINION had Major Security Issues - The Gateway Pundit.pdf 365k 207.0 days f65774998c7bd3f543a95430002cb5e28a17fa89  
424 FTX' Sam Bankman-Fried Funneled money to Democrats - now he is getting away with it all.. - Whatfinger Daily.pdf 498k 46.4 days 392fcf85783d65182b7cd560c0db576a7befbbbd  
425 Facebook Removes Page of Ecuador's Ex-President Rafael Correa.pdf 533k 1573.2 days 9428c36b8c9c89033c0f7bf8533ef913041e4580  
426 Facebook, Google_YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors' Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference.pdf 455k 1151.6 days b2b17a1c19c1c051522534f13d1e03cc007c7f74  
427 Facebook, Microsoft disclose information on user data requests - CNN.pdf 702k 3734.4 days 2ddf6946ac9ce1df2ea01c176c335f727908901f  
428 Fact check_ CDC estimates COVID-19 death rate of 0.26% - USA Today.pdf 90k 1175.3 days 66a3e45c776495bc1dc671a556448e47acfb117d  
429 Far-Right Activists Raise Millions in Bitcoin, Monero_ AP - Decrypt.pdf 1.2M 269.1 days cb2a5db3c7e10ad0b642ab4299245761673e076d  
430 Far-right laments Tucker Carlson’s ouster - NBC News.pdf 1.5M 144.5 days e299976cd2ac6bf06ed48d4f0c70a0d56599867d  
431 Father of the Web Meets a Robot Edward Snowden, Calls Him a Hero _ Wired Business _ Wired.pdf 499k 3475.4 days 2c3ce1d46bd16a00476d4b811b05a0d653507793  
432 Father proposes deal for Snowden's voluntary return - CNN.pdf 465k 3716.4 days a0db5f4d0244a808d79a071ffc8ea86ff9dad23b  
433 Fauci Versus Frontline Doctors and Science_ Pandemic Malpractice, by Joel S. Hirschhorn - The Unz Review.pdf 182k 1044.6 days 11bddccdd80f6d3b3a6916f3991967d6f792c977  
434 Fauci warns coronavirus vaccine _unlikely_ to provide herd immunity if portion of population refuse it - CBS News.pdf 37k 1180.7 days de60d03fa44129bde232c5eed9b5142993f66884  
435 Fauci, DOD, & CDC Funded Deadly Pathogen Research At Sudanese Biolab Seized By Militants. - Steve Bannon.pdf 3.9M 144.5 days 9b0bce764f8705c56633526a7ef444edc3a2aba5  
436 Fauci’s Red Guards_ Lawsuit Reveals Vast Federal Censorship Army - Michael Senger.pdf 1.7M 130.2 days 65edc5260ac1e6d6599a42bc31eeb4e2ced05f59  
437 Fear and Loathing in the City of Westminster – Consent Factory, Inc - C.J. Hopkins.pdf 550k 80.3 days 71bbd8c18226ad03282a6ca3bb41ad1aa647e947  
438 Feds Serve As ‘Middleman’ In Multi-Billion Dollar Migrant Child Trafficking Operation - The Daily Wire.pdf 1.5M 144.5 days befd161623d54c152556334c4d9654a87dec810a  
439 Feds put heat on Web firms for master encryption keys _ Politics and Law - CNET News.pdf 1.7M 3676.2 days ad03729a9111db711c2c14f3808c542b6ad94d70  
440 Fifth Generation Warfare, Part 2 - Robert Malone.pdf 5.8M 165.2 days 3a259ea676ab4f9328c6d21d365eb75447051f11  
441 Financial_crisis_inquiry_report_is_a_best-seller.war 189k 4598.1 days cc1b2152bb95c496d27f08760801f81345c9a696  
442 Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay _ WIRED.pdf 10.9M 2491.6 days bab4acc9aaf78200a0dccc4070b9c847a9f79028  
443 Fired Atlanta police officer charged in Rayshard Brooks' fatal shooting will spend weekend in jail.pdf 454k 1190.5 days 787662dd4ccbfcd1ad15b51041ba4e478951fee0  
444 First Ever EU Spot Bitcoin ETF Launches On Euronext Amsterdam Exchange - ZeroHedge.pdf 136k 31.3 days 7f81ef90b1a537046d1d91ef3e49aceda6ded8d1  
445 First Hearing on ‘Weaponization’ of Federal Government Is Just Days Away, Here’s What to Expect - Epoch Times.pdf 709k 221.2 days 796da7d993411774db4da4b01b37521dd41f6b8f  
446 First Lavabit, now Silent Circle Another U.S. secure email service closes to protect users — Tech News and Analysis.html 85k 3697.1 days 757ceb6e6e3b7c4e64d5e4d6ab6c25c941a7dcd0  
447 First Responders: Radios Failed During Navy Yard Shooting_prisonplanet.pdf 272k 3649.3 days f8461afd59231726ae5a6f8d424f8641c54791eb  
448 First Take_ Fed preps us for end of its stimulus.pdf 603k 3726.3 days 0712e53902a3988634cf15c56ed6492beeec41a8  
449 Five Facts About the New Glass-Steagall - Bloomberg.pdf 97k 3725.2 days e37516560ce38a5866a98a027794ece9e72a853a  
450 Florida Is First U.S. State To Ban Central Bank Digital Currency - Liberty Counsel.pdf 321k 123.2 days 915f48bae0afcec8838045618db5cd74abd569eb  
451 Florida Man Wakes In California Hotel With Amnesia Speaking Only Swedish_wctv.pdf 515k 3720.3 days 1b088dbde0cd7c88b3d32d52249f07e7e4bc595a  
452 Florida man found in Southern California motel wakes up with amnesia, speaks only Swedish _ StarTribune.pdf 106k 3720.8 days 8c8c616cc4dcd0f59cbd5ae71f2ff10b24d20cc2  
453 Forcing down Evo Morales's plane was an act of air piracy _ John Pilger _ Comment is free _ The Guardian.pdf 503k 3731.3 days 14f214359585142268997322f2a74a606d4a4d3f  
454 Former Arizona AG Attorney Denounces Maricopa County's 'Lackluster' Investigation Dismissing the Printer Issues in the 2022 Election - The Arizona Sun Times.pdf 85k 158.0 days b79016b2a9e00f758dc357a9053a87c185a2fd8f  
455 Former CIA Director John Brennan Allowed 9_11 Hijackers Entry Into U.S - newspunch.pdf 295k 1179.8 days c0ab176f52954739995cc10c02cbf61703c131d2  
456 Former DNI Kash Patel Confirms Jack Teixeira Would Not Have Had Access to Documents He Leaked - RedState.pdf 487k 158.0 days 60b524b9586f55c4875f82dff1e047ddedc40e92  
457 Former U.S. Senator Praises Snowden as "Courageous Whistlblower"_larouchepac.pdf 220k 3718.3 days 3a89d7836bc46abd6b64fe37ce7744b263f6435c  
458 Former ‘CIA Whistleblower’ Says He Has Evidence Obama_Biden MURDERED Seal Team 6 Member To Coverup Bin Laden Scandal And Paid Iran $152B To Keep Quiet – enVolve.pdf 279k 1051.2 days f6378fe5b38b107ff0f3dc8aec4c34c4acbba6ce  
459 Founder And President Of Spanish Pharmaceutical Company Is Caught With A Fake Vaccination Passport - Evie Magazine.pdf 395k 46.4 days 87ac9cfad5b9a834dcd0252f3a77423b925e927a  
460 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the March - 115k 269.1 days 75f8d3b7ef53bad99c9f4d7f2168a37d92e4904e  
461 Free Those Who Expose Government Misdeeds, Jail Those Who Try To Conceal Them - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 2.6M 144.5 days 704eff9531c64fc767ad36f3188dc1faafea6f7a  
462 French Cops Can Now Secretly Activate Phone Cameras, Microphones And GPS To Spy On Citizens - ZeroHedge.pdf 124k 74.4 days 68d3c14c4e67bc99199aaea60f3a259dee23450d  
463 French MP in Hitler slur at travellers (Roma Gypsies) - Telegraph.pdf 516k 3713.8 days cf354288adbb3065484d946f9e235614d23e5383  
464 Friday Funnies_ Move on, Nothing to see here - Robert Malone.pdf 32.5M 179.3 days 788a490ba8f5547ce1cbcaf2e5a33e437b7ead56  
465 From Bail-out to Bail-in to Bailiff_larouchepac.pdf 241k 3461.2 days 9485dc7010b202586d6986a44f462e37aaad2185  
466 Frontiers Pulls Special COVID-19 Issue After Content Dispute - The Scientist.pdf 1.3M 179.3 days d590c2d69607bc2722cd46ff53fd4c6e0756d843  
467 Funeral Director - 95 Percent of Corpses Had Received COVID Vaccination Within 2 Weeks of Death - 487k 269.1 days 8936735064842e95aaa9a2b26c0c574ad92d05a1  
468 Funniest IRS joke you'll hear today... - Revolver News.pdf 59k 31.3 days abfe7e2bab56ab8e36df34d18fbc05cb335c507d  
469 G.O.P. Voters Back QAnon Conspiracy Promoter for U.S. Senate - The New York Times.pdf 91k 1219.5 days c5675ce1b0d7c2db53f21dc3cb377078654c75b2  
470 GCHQ accused of selling its services after revelations of funding by NSA UK news 122k 3703.5 days 78cb1d648f743cfeb9d59afafa202a513c3a9f7c  
471 GCHQ snoops on hotel reservations targeting diplomats – Snowden leaks — RT News.pdf 1.9M 3595.3 days eda356c481ad833170e04b389f9bb46ce37b3b55  
472 GOP tries to keep focus on IRS targeting scandal - CNN.pdf 388k 3734.4 days 9f04dc52864c2b506d1b73b3275513fbf7da27fb  
473 Gabrielle_Giffords_Health_Update_-_ABC_News.war 620k 4639.5 days b2ddc7b81508e17f0b3be2a0cbb9531ea122572b  
474 Gallup CEO Fears He Might “Suddenly Disappear” for Questioning U.S.pdf 294k 3064.7 days 7369a0dd62fd9fbd50c7a1a3e44a20badefcbe16  
475 Gary Webb_ Murdered For Exposing The Truth - Gavin Nascimento.pdf 276k 134.6 days 4c6e1d126c07adf203fcac3550d489b3d1d892ed  
476 Gentlemen Do Read Each Others Mail_ U.S.pdf 356k 3734.4 days b4c7a96b79f981554b8a8e699329e9f3e1a47a9d  
477 Georgetown Law Professor_ The NSA Surveillance Program Is Unconstitutional_larouchepac.pdf 391k 3722.1 days d1d79cf7659498fc29814d77944c401baf62857b  
478 German FM under fire for ‘war with Russia’ comment — RT World News.pdf 90k 235.1 days 138d1bc936a8865f57b2999a43ef609fe014512a  
479 German Government Sends Envoys to Washington to Protest Over NSA Spying_larouchepac.pdf 213k 3617.5 days 2f015f70126eb35c8f8176af9774a173a6a7afc4  
480 German Interview, by Michael Hudson - The Unz Review.pdf 208k 269.1 days 4824f1c733afca37317446f74876de1ea7f8b320  
481 German Prominents Sign Call In Support of Snowden_larouchepac.pdf 211k 3607.2 days 528adb742adaa886bba28a2bed1850ac927c8807  
482 German_Mass_Revolt_Against_Biofuels.war 49k 4582.7 days 5cdfbcd0e4a3aa3a44280fcafd3d233e609095cb  
483 Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz Was Treated for Suicidal Tendencies - WSJ.pdf 2.2M 3098.2 days 43f28a418fedc9eac54ef02e3c73190bb1989373  
484 Germany and France Propose Talks With U.S. to Rein In Spying - 15k 3620.1 days cffe30560de5abf382639bc102f2e55356ff0e7c  
485 Getting vaccinated for covid four or more times results in near-complete collapse of the immune system, bombshell study finds - 378k 109.2 days 70c0baf4b1cd02d487f5af64e465461655654901  
486 Ghislaine Maxwell claims Prince Andrew photo with Virginia Giuffre is 'fake' - CNN.pdf 569k 221.2 days f0cb7e2004422eb9c63513c762ce9933bddef159  
487 Ghislane Maxwell on Jeffrey Epstein’s Death_ ‘I Believe That He Was Murdered’ - Epoch Times.pdf 516k 235.1 days 89a5006026216fb9e0b21e19e429a1239d31346e  
488 Giant Galaxies spotted by NASA's Webb Telescope from shortly after the Big Bang - Informeri.pdf 101k 207.0 days 4e93d486c13be1af1377cbb8cce70d4de84fbcba  
489 Gilead's coronavirus treatment remdesivir to cost $3,120 for U.S. insured patients - 72k 1180.7 days 642594ec4257f0b5ea2776115a115573f8c0dc17  
490 Ginni Thomas says she regrets post-election texts to Meadows _ AP News.pdf 545k 252.4 days 617dc58034946c189e8de084dad9e0a045b6ce3c  
491 Ginni Thomas says she ‘regrets’ ‘emotional texts’ to Mark Meadows after 2020 election - NY Post.pdf 6.2M 252.4 days 8966a52eba6817d1901adcd585d9f5a4e577d9db  
492 Glenn Greenwald Will Write a Book on Snowden and the NSA - Dashiell Bennett - The Atlantic Wire.pdf 629k 3707.1 days 3328c5866e98cedfc3086041fbdae7e9153cf443  
493 Glenn Greenwald_ New NSA Revelations Prove Snowden Was Right.pdf 443k 3707.1 days 05c9e729cfa2098d3bf81ca1b9342359186284be  
494 Glenn Greenwald_ detaining my partner was a failed attempt at intimidation _ Comment is free _ The Guardian.pdf 277k 3686.1 days 5cc172fa026913cc8d4088e62019b4e1e8f6df34  
495 Global Economic Tremors - Atlantic Free Press.pdf 338k 5417.8 days d9d06d5bce9db5693130287f90a1aef2bff62a35  
496 Global Planned Financial Tsunami Has Just Begun - Global Research.pdf 96k 269.1 days b2cbf1664523572a8e2425d86858e22b5b3027b9  
497 Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’_ The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O - NY Times.pdf 191k 2043.7 days 1d48caebb039d59188ceff60e08217249e2df4c5  
498 Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’_ The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program - The New York Times.pdf 4.9M 269.0 days c9362e35b29293ed8f26a38eb367119b1c2f869c  
499 Gold on Earth formed in collision of exotic stars_usatoday.pdf 595k 3719.6 days ceae9bfd180cc6fd1476de6c8cc65236ea053713  
500 Google Glass hacked with malicious QR code to yield its pictures and video _ Technology _ 487k 3719.4 days c502edf2b0c1c227f2cb7c864fcaafce1463902f  
501 Google accused of tracking Incognito mode data, facing class action lawsuit - Android Authority.pdf 3.9M 1206.7 days 1e6fbe737b6f61e0468949af2ec3ecdde8e3594a  
502 Google encrypts data amid backlash against NSA spying - The Washington Post.html 25k 3668.2 days bf7fd0dfa9ff22ecb4de5e9ffe4128d129e52cae  
503 Gov. Cuomo's report on nursing-home deaths ripped by experts.pdf 251k 1162.1 days b0e229fe2d86b5147baa1536f6a46e6b25811754  
504 Governor Hochul Files Appeal in Quarantine Camp Lawsuit - DailyClout.pdf 775k 185.2 days c523a92a6d1f2ebebabe5465341033fcc2c83224  
505 Graham Calls for Release of 28-Pages and Full Investigation of Saudi Role in 9_11_larouchepac.pdf 238k 3566.3 days 2f8193a1e6cbd617555b5135cc0b9855b23e9d6c  
506 Graphene Oxide Particles in Covid mRNA _Vaccines_ Causing Magnetism_ - Global Research.pdf 6.0M 792.7 days d6339af7b74310e4d99227e7d4271552c01181b0  
507 Green Monkey DNA Found in COVID-19 Shots - Epoch Health.pdf 1.3M 95.2 days 07d5665060a901bd527f6b5ea1f68f403f6f0e33  
508 Greenwald quits Guardian for independent news project — RT News.pdf 1.3M 3629.1 days 53b203b417ed3aef0fad784d3d52c0e3eea82da2  
509 Greenwald: New U.S. spying revelations coming from Snowden leaks_reuters.pdf 156k 3699.3 days b3b5f23c24de4172707281f62d1e613976acf62a  
510 Greenwald_ Obama Covering Up FISA Ruling_larouchepac.pdf 399k 3700.4 days 174ee1bc063d1637fa253ce4479e5eba3ea6561e  
511 Grief, and Cries of Outrage, Follow Taser Victim’s Death - 14k 3695.3 days fcb8eb1ecf0606a3f8a0b12903754feab116d711  
512 Groklaw Forced Exposure ~pj.html 13k 3685.4 days ea99b507c1f448c6ca20f35cd46b2bef16e234ff  
513 Guardian Reporter Timm_ In The Wake Of Snowden, Obama Moves To Shut Down Channels Of Honest Reporting_larouchepac.pdf 192k 3434.3 days 925bd7da19a01ae70c1e1d9e6aa1fbaf2ab1bb71  
514 Guardian journalist_ Snowden has documents with 'blueprints' of NSA _ StarTribune.pdf 228k 3722.2 days c525a02611fe820dcb9955c4f776ec6cb82bc61b  
515 Guardian says Britain forced it to destroy Snowden material_reuters.pdf 178k 3686.1 days 4b817154771511a962c2e18dcf882a9b4af312f8  
516 Guest Column from Germany -- America Frightens Us -- by Roman Baudzus - PaulCraigRoberts.orgPaulCraigRoberts.pdf 279k 3309.3 days fad7a414f5da4f08a16fe04643d3c846436b226b  
517 HCQ_links.txt 3k 1190.8 days 4ef534a6c93118ac07dc0200624fde716d7e5ba0  
518 HEAD of the FBI's Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM - Washington's Blog.pdf 494k 3079.6 days bf7e57f2744fdbd2492d3501fef0cbbfb984dbb6  
519 HERE WE GO_ GOP-Led Committees To Subpoena Biden Officials -- And Democrats Can't Stop Them - Gateway Pundit.pdf 310k 235.1 days 560779a83582f081c7e46c6d5c9b434d31ad1505  
520 HIV transmission MYTH totally blown away by new science_ Unprotected sex with HIV-infected partners produces almost ZERO new infections.pdf 80k 2228.3 days 7cddc21decd4388b83e790f42888f47dad0e5122  
521 Hack of Democrats’ Accounts Was Wider Than Believed, Officials Say - The New York Times.pdf 154k 2356.8 days 0ad2d8f40689af7badd8738b8a740d07248db125  
522 Hacker Barnaby Jack dies in San Francisco aged 35 Technology 113k 3709.1 days 45188c63f254677694a1cace65cc4e242c67c301  
523 Half a Pulitzer Prize to the Wall Street Journal, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review.pdf 180k 1124.7 days ce60b40ba3c589e88b6c5d46dc7083f41d457306  
524 Half of Americans anticipate a U.S. civil war soon, survey finds - 15.2M 158.0 days 4bec645d79696c28c90bbb46e2b3ff539f698688  
525 Has Questioning 9_11 become more Acceptable_ _ Global Research.pdf 1.3M 3663.0 days cd88669a97c2613dc027bc34af7a482ca93368be  
526 Has Snowden Become Obama's Osama_larouchepac.pdf 390k 3722.2 days 2ba29d7dd4deefeba922e5ff79964316f28f8542  
527 Has the NSA broken SSL_ TLS_ AES_ _ ZDNet.pdf 856k 3668.9 days f3466f7acb8a8ff9c5d57ec676c61cfa50b38f32  
528 Hatred for Obama Presidency Spreading Institutionally_larouchepac.pdf 196k 3607.2 days 17c075cf01a2f894544d9105299a92dfe999932f  
529 He Was a Science Star. Then He Promoted a Questionable Cure for Covid-19. - The New York Times.pdf 2.6M 1204.7 days ac076cddbafe39d9718ed110290bffb3a48936d6  
530 Healthcare Workers to Test Drug to Prevent COVID19 _ Henry Ford Health System - Detroit, MI.pdf 59k 1213.8 days ea8753aa78ac0f796c4c7cf85d171d8ec2ef1298  
531 1.7M 4658.0 days 2ded152aaf440ed1ede36476601eb4919603055f  
532 Hedge-fund giant Elliott warns looming hyperinflation could lead to 'global societal collapse' - MarketWatch.pdf 115k 269.1 days b12e3568f421a9dc4457b628928c076647af8dc4  
533 Her Majesty's Government Forced 'Guardian' To Destroy Files on NSA-GCHQ, Editor Says_larouchepub.pdf 649k 3684.5 days 549cc18ca7b3de47a5fcb178832ce846220ce670  
534 Here is the FBI’s Contract to Buy Mass Internet Data - Vice.pdf 583k 172.3 days 0e429101886902be846d41e49b4580c1fb0852cd  
535 Here’s How Likely You Really Are To Get Another $1,200 Stimulus Check.pdf 191k 1227.6 days ff8b63d31db112e2620b91614de2e1942df5b48a  
536 Hillary Clinton warns Bitcoin could 'undermine currencies' and destabilize nations _ Washington Examiner.pdf 83k 269.1 days 77dbb85918bef086c8026f486d3af44ed3e692b4  
537 Hobby Club’s Missing Balloon Feared Shot Down By USAF - Aviation Week Network.pdf 200k 207.0 days e54ab808be5095e35b5dcfbcc5f4115b3c0d666d  
538 Holder Tightens Rules for Obtaining Reporters’ Data - NYTimes.pdf 120k 3724.5 days e5e3e80524cb9e5ee06334427e2e544019c58a18  
539 Holder seeks limits on mandatory minimum sentencing_usatoday.pdf 467k 3694.2 days 90c7b71be73a4a1bf5ef369b67214f45b527d2c9  
540 Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav Premiers ‘Never Again Is Now Global’ on CHD.TV • Children's Health Defense.pdf 237k 235.1 days d6a0ead05cbb0e484fd7689bce387c1a6bc40857  
541 Homeland Security Reorganizes, Appearing to Scrap Last Remnants of Ill-Fated _Disinformation Governance Board - Matt Taibbi.pdf 3.9M 179.3 days fa974673108b10da16d233869b24dcf3aced3c82  
542 Homicide rate for youths hits a 30-year low.pdf 429k 3725.3 days cc2b251ce16456b01a178afb673f7a1d6a7838b7  
543 Hope, skepticism for cold fusion.pdf 1.5M 4314.0 days 6c4f4c3e935c118fea2d798c93b0322786c9022d  
544 Hormone Therapy Is More Than Just a Physical Process - Print View - The Daily Beast.html 20k 3680.2 days 0dc8eea4d58093b654df3650e995c6c50bb4b993  
545 Host_George_Noory_brings_talk_of_the_supernatural_back_to_earth_-_Los_Angeles_Times.war 198k 4959.1 days a9cdf68db84aa180fb4b42279de6a9c7e8adbafd  
546 House Defeats Effort to Rein In N.S.A. Data Gathering - NYTimes.pdf 153k 3712.4 days 720d34b3f06d32afd54f5f13993d2956546024af  
547 House Democrats’ Attempt to Pressure TV Carriers Could Trigger Lawsuit_ Dershowitz - The Epoch Times.pdf 252k 927.4 days b916290d75213a0fd8d4b4999e02a9391b59451a  
548 House GOP locates emails, texts showing Pelosi office directly involved in failed Jan. 6 security - Just The News.pdf 144k 109.2 days 3416e4cbd21318b0423255989a4f8b552118c57c  
549 House GOP locates emails, texts showing Pelosi office directly involved in failed Jan. 6 security _ Just The News.pdf 289k 269.1 days 565a56241a02c33e3478beba0a59fcbb57da9244  
550 House Intelligence Committee Rubber Stamps Obama's Spy-on-Everyone Program_larouchepac.pdf 703k 3614.2 days 78798e8edea3bfece38382285517676e490de72e  
551 House passes farm bill; strips out food-stamp program_usatoday.pdf 631k 3725.3 days 28ae6392e89c653495caf2d2e321b541833f0da4  
552 House vote reflects growing revolt over NSA surveillance _ World news _ 438k 3712.5 days 7b2cf1835b0397fba6a4f5523d3aa44cee0babc7  
553 How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline - Seymour Hersh.pdf 8.1M 221.2 days a955367768996f945f038be7ae3dea31d9ab80aa  
554 How DNA-Testing Platforms Like Ancestry, 23andMe Sell Your Data - Business Insider.pdf 3.9M 31.3 days 9eaa13dff53d55b078ec8716058dea52c3cebe7a  
555 How Edward Snowden and Syria Will Change Obama’s Foreign Policy _ Global Research.pdf 192k 3661.2 days 57ed39487deb67ebe8c9b70fa1cf41a2dd9826ad  
556 How George Soros funds 'fact checkers' to silence dissent - NY Post.pdf 39.4M 235.1 days 6317d50ebb7d48843b04ae0a8498cdc9f184ca2d  
557 How Hal Puthoff Let Scientology Destroy a Promising Career _ Top Secret Writers.pdf 823k 1408.4 days 38c934c87849d0b629726c5b14125c297be36df4  
558 How Kamala Harris prosecuted marijuana cases in San Francisco.pdf 1.5M 1133.6 days 7324714ce038850b57550f5ec9e67680fbec5199  
559 How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets - 60k 3692.2 days a6fcb39fe5da89b4521474d6ee2d545dde92f6d4  
560 How Mechanical Ventilation on COVID-19 Patients May Be a Death Sentence - Epoch Times.pdf 384k 221.2 days efd7c761cdd22959954efea15393f0c870a6dc09  
561 How Taiwan Underwrites the US Defense Industrial Complex – The Diplomat.pdf 90k 269.0 days 54d1e3c33587d98e77fb8d4ff01ab79b5070e483  
562 How The FBI Helps Ukrainian Intelligence Hunt ‘Disinformation’ On Social Media - Lee Fang.pdf 2.3M 144.5 days defcc9e0ae3bb9b40171938993825ef836422d7c  
563 How Twitter Rigged the Covid Debate - The Free Press.pdf 25.7M 269.1 days c25f99b02ab7fd68067df0291181ee0ffa8369ea  
564 How a False Hydroxychloroquine Narrative Was Created - Alliance for Human Research Protection.pdf 639k 1178.5 days 688782078bf6c73e71dbd4a2841836629bb2d4a6  
565 How bitcoin is moving money in Africa_usatoday.pdf 725k 3436.6 days f77a90e48e7ee1be34c8f8128cf621bd8740a1e8  
566 How the CIA used Crypto AG encryption devices to spy on countries for decades - Washington Post.pdf 4.5M 1304.7 days a639ce36e65da753a6de6741b665ac447227a596  
567 How the Flu 'disappeared' during Covid - Jordan Schachtel.pdf 1.0M 80.3 days aff5de3f55613dab063b9294cb0c56146bbe5030  
568 How the President's Message on NSA Spying Has Evolved - 28k 3696.1 days 93040ef7da8850483459fe9bea91ad489cebea82  
569 How the QAnon conspiracy theory is making its way to Congress - Los Angeles Times.pdf 335k 1154.7 days 6bd59a5a46f38ddc36571f3b4d89a0015127e745  
570 How the Tech Behind Bitcoin Could Stop the Next Snowden _ WIRED.pdf 547k 3032.4 days 5b9809b7a4c6b4bed775add362fa637c1d223019  
571 How to file your crypto taxes in the US - Decrypt.pdf 529k 1279.3 days 4a6651e68ea87651761524ed22ecc5f6d8d983e4  
572 How video games prepared Edward Snowden to leak NSA secrets The Switch.html 7k 3418.2 days 31c16eb4e8a7823ead8e14c095bd1108f87dc9de  
573 Hundreds Gather to Remember John F. Kennedy on 45th Anniversary of Assassination.pdf 69k 5417.1 days 414535a0ba0d2793658d486acf952f369cbbae10  
574 Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers ‘Isolating Deadly Pathogens’ Using Funds From Obama's Defense Department - Natonal Pulse.pdf 848k 221.2 days 637f6676147d357d949a00ea00e4526fbc584c2d  
575 Hunter Biden laptop letter recruitment email wanted to give Joe Biden a debate ‘talking point’ - Washington Examiner.pdf 126k 134.6 days 0c8dbf94c46a7fd0276955183649fcd0e10201ba  
576 Hunter-Biden-Report - scribd.pdf 3.1M 46.4 days 12866aa992a8e110e551063da8827cfebd9cf371  
577 Hunter’s collapsing world_ Why a criminal plea could now be the best option for the Bidens - The Hill.pdf 64k 144.5 days 054545908a9b2fd9087e5a1b0f3ea8613cb8128d  
578 Hydroxychloroquine Has about 90 Percent Chance of Helping COVID-19 Patients - AAPS _ Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.pdf 54k 1177.4 days 3585b83c152365d4c3222a864a82b6a8388860fc  
579 Hydroxychloroquine Update, May 4 _ In the Pipeline.pdf 50k 1235.4 days b18f7916dd9917e916604b36591ad406db1c2ae6  
580 Hydroxychloroquine drug promoted by Trump as coronavirus ‘game changer’ increasingly linked to deaths - The Washington Post.pdf 96k 1224.7 days f085e3baa238ddf56052dec821f3438e030f8274  
581 Hydroxychloroquine is a Cheap and Effective Remedy for COVID-19_ Anthony Fauci's _Big Lie_ - Global Research.pdf 260k 1086.7 days a0cfa4675aa0986d68fa7698e83cbddf35e75a14  
582 Hydroxychloroquine not effective as early treatment for mild covid-19 among nonhospitalized patients, says first randomized study of the group - The Washington Post.pdf 73k 1162.3 days 11330e1e55a4c64878f74ad9b111eb9172d1e70f  
583 Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19_ a multinational registry analysis - The Lancet.pdf 2.5M 1218.6 days cf7674acad903ee355dc4ffa03d0a0033e51aab1  
584 I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle - The Free Press.pdf 8.4M 221.2 days 69234a07fe4cfa4bb064065dafad30daca8e10c5  
585 Ideas For A Dystopian Novel - by Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 1.9M 144.5 days c804fce678adfb0451211e999a5b5d0969198166  
586 If A New Glass-Steagall Act Can Protect Us, Why Is There Opposition_ - Money Morning.pdf 93k 3711.3 days 8002a73ca71221029cfb83286e65c299740f2474  
587 If Not Stopped, PRISM Spying _May Lead to the End of the Rule of Law_larouchepac.pdf 209k 3724.3 days 99ccc7f3355a4e2c7d0eca32b0f6f137b5a5da6f  
588 If Our Senior Leaders in the Military will not Fight Against Unlawful Mandates, Who Will_ - Robert Malone.pdf 1.9M 158.0 days 93d46f1a673add3bb84c8e652b55a743ac3e3719  
589 If the Buffalo Bills want to know if any of their players are vaccine injured, it's easy to do so - Steve Kirsch.pdf 160k 249.2 days ff338fd7e8100edf1e76b690cb6aec42204f6f55  
590 If the Government Has UFO Crash Materials, It’s Time to Reveal Them - POLITICO.pdf 193k 102.2 days a4e8c198c0034545d3aa3339f1ef52e117bafa67  
591 If the Missile Fits, Beware! – Ray McGovern.pdf 946k 134.6 days d7a39e2ea595371bb9ff81b95d869b1f5a9b146e  
592 In A World Ruled By Propaganda - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 760k 25.2 days e9cd22b9b34e6504bce2668ebbd5e767ae69e785  
593 In Advance of Possible Trial, Kari Lake’s Attorney Tells Judge During Hearing That Election Was 'Rigged' with 'Clear Misconduct and Intent' - The Arizona Sun Times.pdf 88k 130.2 days 86baaa5e879ee05c8d786a18b5fb7c1f8b321ecd  
594 In our opinion A year defined by Ed Snowden_deseretnews.html 18k 3552.4 days 34f24640fe652370a7240351e4203e362efebdc4  
595 India backs hydroxychloroquine for virus prevention.pdf 76k 1211.2 days 7b944d63ddbf2b184c8bd4d788286609d066a2e7  
596 India_Has_No_Option_for_Electricity,_Except_Nuclear_Power.war 49k 4567.9 days 6973496bb15f4d6008b0c60329c08be14db286f9  
597 Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin _ Columnists _ 1.9M 269.0 days 6f71e4e4255956b0803d4d6dbffd0766c346015b  
598 Information Wars - SARS-CoV-2 Origin - Robert Malone.pdf 2.3M 185.2 days 74eaf363b9c6b898062df06efc7845e20978d5d7  
599 Infowars » Navy Yard Shooting_ SWAT Team Ordered to ‘Stand Down’ » Print.pdf 240k 3649.3 days 15204839872aa45b653651e92c531232a30cbb50  
600 Infowars » SWAT Team Told to ‘Stand Down’ During Navy Shooting Stonewalled by Authorities » Print.pdf 512k 3649.3 days f86d655db775b3c5e82f01805002f8c8fb1ff52b  
601 Inside Edward Snowden’s Life as a Robot _ Threat Level _ WIRED.pdf 2.0M 3389.1 days db3acd4b99a6f72e5469092c8865203ec53d168d  
602 Inside the NSA’s Secret Tool for Mapping Your Social Network _ WIRED.pdf 3.1M 1212.9 days 926d7d78a84224ec06d03edbe5479b39d15ba975  
603 Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin - The Debrief.pdf 5.9M 102.2 days 5fab29567216eb0089d4e3412d426aa7ad351744  
604 Intelligence Suggests Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines, U.S. Officials Say - The New York Times.pdf 7.1M 193.1 days 28594ce43bce7d102c1c16bb91a3c2efb1361184  
605 Interview Most Foul – OffGuardian.pdf 5.8M 1192.7 days 0d95ed060405d26be6ba2465977057846937f1b2  
606 Interview With Andrea Rossi, LENR Energy Pioneer - Huffington Post.pdf 186k 2891.1 days fccd6a57ec559c5b6cf27bf6a94e3c6acac04683  
607 Interview: Kirn: Take This Internet and Shove It - Matt Taibbi.pdf 121k 134.6 days 5abc1b482605ff0df9b2d6e94fd4fe654a9979b5  
608 Iran Says 'Tall, White' Space Aliens Control America - Forbes.pdf 241k 3536.5 days ba2b49c9e955df05b0a7264e85a765c91f2d97de  
609 Iran turns to bitcoin to fund imports - Asia Times.pdf 345k 995.7 days d174704cee173714d541ffabc49cf4523402235b  
610 Is 5G Going to Kill Us All_ _ The New Republic.pdf 196k 1231.1 days 35c6ceb01f055c3d2ae7aa144f3a53194bd82291  
611 Is A New Gold Standard Possible - ZeroHedge.pdf 235k 165.2 days c552af5a55b4d1594b866c522d884587b66c67bc  
612 Is Bing too belligerent_ Microsoft looks to tame AI chatbot - AP.pdf 423k 207.0 days cae2fca8ca324bf470cb36d475ee996acadb3d8d  
613 Is Chicago Next_larouchepac.pdf 135k 3708.6 days b7d757c2d3e5c521662f29d9e1fe1d71384624e8  
614 Is Craig Wright the multimillionaire genius behind bitcoin_.pdf 447k 2557.2 days 480a656ea7dbb4f15458b18f9d6f32be4859dc45  
615 Is Fusion Really Close To Reality_ Yes, Thanks To Machine Learning - Forbes.pdf 268k 1243.6 days e5bbf8eac1188ef827762f779f370e74331b85c6  
616 Is James _Liar_ Clapper About to Go_larouchepac.pdf 220k 3646.4 days 63d6d942d45b9ae01d911ef9cd40ea0941880114  
617 Is Snowden's Latest Leak About Aliens Controlling the USA_ - Texas UFO Sightings.pdf 985k 3536.5 days 6ac0d1937a9b165028f1c716a40a1530b5d5596b  
618 Is US public rallying around Edward Snowden_ - CSMonitor.pdf 245k 3725.6 days 32acff384cbe5c2b63f56e4e1bb159528a526379  
619 Is the President the President .html 6k 4094.1 days 9e1a7fbe728709b7d465f55502bba4a486eb1106  
620 Is the US or the World Coming to an End -- Paul Craig Roberts - 13k 3451.8 days 023c2355e81e7b50b6d4f3e1f281d8033c0186fa  
621 Israel Airstrike Targeted Advanced Missiles That Russia Sold to Syria, U.S. Says - NYTimes.pdf 143k 3723.3 days 6b12f707fd06194b82380c0f5da67f70a15cbdf6  
622 Israel is behind serial assassinations of Kennedy brothers_ Laurent Guyenot - Tehran Times.pdf 128k 269.0 days 8a1eec415f9d0db6abc59eb70a43aa3ba7ff6e09  
623 Israel threatens to shut down new TV channel for preaching 'gospel of Jesus'.pdf 142k 1222.5 days 65c395cba3d6775718dc3f66646f7e0b240601d4  
624 Israelis Trained the Minnesota Cop How to Kill - 30k 1206.3 days fcc4c39a3f3d718503b3688e327e0fd4cd748e90  
625 It Was Never About Ukraine - Original.pdf 59k 221.2 days 145278e039cd1746364f5fdc5e10250ef676d126  
626 It's Immoral To Serve In An Immoral Military - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 1.3M 172.3 days 22e1f39930e21eac72eec36beb3662f5d6d02f8a  
627 It's Time to Get Real About the Al-Qaeda Benghazi Connection_larouchepac.pdf 259k 3541.5 days 0f71e543ac91896278abab6bc05e14f4ea051739  
628 Italy hit by protests as PM unveils economic plan.pdf 86k 4327.5 days 95ae1dc8263e9b2f264b51714c50a17b7a984d2c  
629 It’s Gonna Blow, by Fred Reed - The Unz Review.pdf 142k 1146.5 days 7603fd23156dd8b73d0f9639973d6166ceeff5b2  
630 It’s Time To Stop Pretending Twitter Is A Neutral Platform.pdf 35k 1212.2 days a0a6b889718a1f38d667b1e0ec1f41a5538a30ce  
631 Ivermectin for COVID-19_ real-time analysis of all 195 studies - 964k 221.2 days a990e1ce2c578d33c2435c5556295b8a64746368  
632 I’ve lost all trust in medical research – the financial muscle of Big Pharma has been busy distorting science during the pandemic — RT Op-ed.pdf 250k 1168.5 days 03bd1d28b4ddf019986827f75b4bec33e28cd5bd  
633 Jack Ruby_ Israel's Smoking Gun, by Laurent Guyénot - The Unz Review.pdf 4.1M 269.0 days 5b6297324cc892f8e1bfd41d1b84ac1ddc845764  
634 Jan. 6 pipe bombs at RNC, DNC were inoperable, says ex-agent who contradicts FBI's official story - Washington Times.pdf 180k 130.2 days d177bc329bb2d5fb38cabf54936a2f2b947ca365  
635 Jay Battacharia: The Government Censored Me and Other Scientists. We Fought Back—and Won - The Free Press.pdf 609k 11.2 days c62b18eedef3e079490cebc64c98c0dce0c34645  
636 Jimmy Carter Supports Snowden Disclosures; Says _America Has No Functioning Democracy_larouchepac.pdf 217k 3716.4 days 53d148c73de67d2776ab51d0a3fe46671d2c3bd3  
637 Jimmy Carter_ Zimmerman jury made 'right decision'_usatoday.pdf 412k 3719.6 days 29ed81ddd460407eaffab30ec23fd9f91a5818cc  
638 Jimmy Kimmel Attempted to Humiliate Mike Lindell by Putting Him in an Arcade Machine - It Didn't Quite Work Out - Western Journal.pdf 90k 221.2 days c9f4592541e847cec48f191f46d328fccde129d9  
639 Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign had 'surreptitious involvement,' report reveals - Miranda Devine.pdf 110M 185.2 days de839e7d48c19f80042bd37b47c6f44e763eaa4c  
640 Johnson seeks IG probe of wiped Mueller team phones - POLITICO.pdf 95k 1104.5 days a3fced08227a24d6955b3a522d9cd334cdd7c383  
641 Joint Chiefs head outlines risks of Syria options - latimes.pdf 139k 3714.2 days 84c590ab54a642ae757b2f27a42c726065e5b1c8  
642 Journal Publisher Concerned over Hydroxychloroquine Study _ The Scientist Magazine®.pdf 215k 1185.7 days 87e7ad16cff33bc4b9f7744c6274224734d31079  
643 Journal of Medicine Says HCQ and Zinc Reduces COVID Deaths - 126k 946.5 days 37d8bf373b1a282281264a3a1917ca9eb08326de  
644 Journalist Says DOJ Targeting Him for His Aggressive Post-Jan. 6 Commentary - Epoch Times.pdf 884k 172.3 days b5cb0b2cb7af7ef9c50e44ec0018187293935e8b  
645 Journalists Are Asking Ukrainian Soldiers To Hide Their Nazi Patches, NYT Admits - ZeroHedge.pdf 501k 102.2 days 571a1a4ed6869e2ad9cd949f7d08a6bed84895aa  
646 Judge Issues _Preliminary Injunction_ Against NSA Program_larouchepac.pdf 212k 3566.3 days 52be309379e86a6910b9ca801759a8d56677080a  
647 Judge Orders Fauci, Other Top Officials to Produce Records for Big Tech–Government Censorship Lawsuit - 211k 269.1 days 4949cbc4d1043152de70a776cf32756254597bf9  
648 Judge in SBF Case Recuses Herself Over Husband’s Firm’s Past Work for FTX - Decrypt.pdf 1.8M 269.1 days 55472fdb08fd6a594ef63bf2866fadfb4d284970  
649 Julian Assange, on Eve of Verdict_ 'Bradley Manning Is a Hero' - NationalJournal.pdf 638k 3706.7 days d30efd9ba985b834ef71ed3261a3f1c092519fa3  
650 Justice Neil Gorsuch Speaks Out Against Lockdowns and Mandates - Brownstone Institute.pdf 622k 123.2 days a9e3a31d9c30f3ced8d650b47c8416bf3b273d89  
651 Justice for Bradley Manning - 13k 3684.5 days 8ea51b52a7b91b0ed0ee24769256e5fbaae86053  
652 Kari Lake's Second Election Contest Trial Concludes, No Experts Dispute 274,000 Ballot Signatures Were ‘Verified’ at a Rate of 3 Seconds Each - The Arizona Sun Times.pdf 75k 123.2 days fcec1eb1028ad6abb827cbf9b6f4afc8cc29fafd  
653 Kari Lake's election fraud case WILL go to trial as she tries to overturn Arizona election result  _ Daily Mail Online.pdf 3.4M 269.1 days acfd456b7b781f6f8f04bcb8cdfad1eb55fcd2bd  
654 Katie Hobbs Asks Court to Toss Kari Lake’s Election Challenge as She Previews ‘Shocking’ Evidence - Epoch Times.pdf 268k 242.1 days 65e93bae233f7da012f93be536b2e233b64e4542  
655 Kerry vows to put the screws to Venezuela over Snowden – report — RT News.pdf 2.0M 3715.4 days 3fe0b421f523ea7832e5932e0c4944e66191d5a5  
656 Kevin McCarthy Introduces “Fair Tax” Which Would Abolish Federal Income Tax - Trending Political News.pdf 640k 242.1 days 793592ad0a4f281e3cdfe517c7797423612ceb05  
657 King Canute Obama Apopleptic about Snowden Asylum in Russia.html 6k 3702.7 days e4189a836ac059835cf2bd74873fc6face2fbfe2  
658 Krugman: Euro crisis is not due to failure of welfare state.pdf 56k 4333.2 days 0e8f0f9d39a0772bdf79425bda91009cc908d531  
659 Kurt Russell Was the Pilot Who Reported the Phoenix Lights _ IndieWire.pdf 311k 269.1 days 21a68cd9816a6150bce09476b70c908624088763  
660 LA Teenager Is Murdered After Serving Light Sentence For Running Over A Mom And Baby (VIDEO) - Gateway Pundit.pdf 177k 242.1 days 8db8c5e43c25dd8274957113260a1ced5ff90306  
661 LAPD Rules Shelly Miscavige Missing Persons Report 'Unfounded'_hollywoodreporter.pdf 535k 3697.3 days 205add28b80792ef4ae9d6c3423095d7cd13fc74  
662 LPAC--A_Tactical_Victory_for_Hillary—and_Ivanov.war 74k 4908.7 days 596952e165ce21ed0f4b1d29ea670dbe39753e6a  
663 LPAC-Netanyahu_Must_Be_Brought_Down_Immediately.war 73k 4899.3 days b6b3a413df83ecd9b424510d4b2ba2c4cb07ce4f  
664 LaRouche Warns_ Israeli Actions In Syria Threaten World War_larouchepac.pdf 370k 3701.4 days 5ab9eeb7b9156d87cfc60059b7b1f6fe9e8829db  
665 LaRouche Was Right_ More Snowdens Are Now Coming Forward_larouchepac.pdf 228k 3598.4 days 2a3eb700c91c59fc24ec753097317a4c8ea9960b  
666 LaRouche_ Snowden Scares the Hell Out of Them_larouchepac.pdf 214k 3611.6 days 6b636fc4c6c90918cc9117bb34c5f20c1b00c660  
667 Labor Day_ During FDR’s New Deal, America debated between a 30-hour and 40-hour workweek - The Washington Post.pdf 185k 88.1 days de878b416ca3e017013201733544387ecd8b764b  
668 Lake Attorney's Closing Argument_ At Least 70K Votes Not Verified, Election Must Be Set Aside - Western Journal.pdf 102k 123.2 days 3f3a48cebe5af8e0607efa7563649ea7ac5e154a  
669 LancetGate_ _Scientific Corona Lies_ and Big Pharma Corruption. Hydroxychloroquine versus Gilead's Remdesivir - Global Research.pdf 1.4M 1120.6 days 8e641e7d8eb3138c347dac218e79cb95d53248bc  
670 Las Vegas Judge Commits Suicide After Facing Ethics Probe For Demanding An Investigation Into Alleged Sex Trafficking Ring - Gateway Pundit.pdf 34k 235.1 days 1ff61ec5c8abd663b5bd7d24052b336e23a6031e  
671 Las Vegas Judge, Who Was Working To Expose Pedophile Ring, Found Dead - News Punch.pdf 2.8M 242.1 days a2ca0e5eab49c7790dff42eff7ecbf78cd7d8aa5  
672 owner: 'I could be arrested' for resisting surveillance order.pdf 111k 3676.2 days 33f1a24687613fea8bcfd214177b67b640ba4208  
673 Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act would require encryption backdoors - 2.5M 1182.5 days 1845eae8ecf6059199f0cc96d51f12f7f435339c  
674 Lawsuit_ San Diego woman alleges doctor artificially inseminated her with his own sperm - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf 28k 1096.4 days 33e629ab8aa53cf276eb6653f291707ec0bf3b31  
675 Lawsuit_ Yellen should ignore 'unconstitutional' debt limit - AP.pdf 801k 130.2 days 37cfd7b303f17f139ca9649d8da9d65f50ed8a2a  
676 Leahy_ NSA Is the Greatest Threat_larouchepac.pdf 193k 3607.2 days 363d421635ac7985315c3efcba74ae5a669d2f11  
677 Leak Reveals Secret Democrat Plan For A Game-Changing U.S. Crypto Crackdown That Could Hit The Price Of Bitcoin And Ethereum - Forbes.pdf 1.4M 130.2 days 3653cdc8348e7277b434707f21bbd2f488166f4d  
678 Leaked Pakistan report details bin Laden's secret life.pdf 1.0M 3728.4 days ccb76b7dc10438f700c1945d7dd8408e64818d45  
679 Leaked Pentagon Documents_ The Secrets and Suspected Source - Intelligencer.pdf 991k 158.0 days 55b59426f14311916740f4127ec97121bdc46c6d  
680 Leaked documents reveal Reuters helped overthrow Egyptian democracy - The Grayzone.pdf 1.5M 74.4 days d13bb0c028e804382f907fc914d615e16c439f9d  
681 Leaks Spelling the End for Ukraine - 3.3M 144.5 days 0a5b773bbb957e9ae8683e54354ab3e52743f1f3  
682 Ledger X is the first regulated crytocurrency exchange in the US - betanews.pdf 142k 2179.1 days afb45a93e178af74fb25293d640871b49b62f623  
683 Legal battle brews over Detroit bankruptcy filing_usatoday.pdf 835k 3716.4 days 9e34c3b158bc7ef5be28094ee685e753d305b04a  
684 Legislation Seeks to Bar N.S.A. Tactic in Encryption - 19k 3668.2 days 6f24c1c6d242f83d01d13e2e78e0ac07d70f8259  
685 Let’s Nuke The World Over Who Governs Crimea_ Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 227k 102.2 days 6f03d9f09d87a6632ac716ed4ec5e6e48c857aba  
686 Leviathan Must Be Stopped - Epoch Times.pdf 256k 221.2 days 19a5af6c7ab52f9515b77b1686ab7ea393a25070  
687 Life in a Failed State — Part 1, by Larry Romanoff - The Unz Review.pdf 870k 269.1 days 6add07f650807c4a54168fd6282dff6258487d5b  
688 Life in a Failed State — Part 2, by Larry Romanoff - The Unz Review.pdf 755k 269.1 days f3aab133184cd1a1b00dd8af64058ac3435f898d  
689 Local Man Wouldn't Have Believed There Was Election Fraud Except Media, Big Tech Keep Insisting That There Wasn't _ The Babylon Bee.pdf 167k 1040.3 days c18122740f2d6ffd3303aaa6d3423a8746d6c605  
690 Look With Both Eyes - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 901k 134.6 days 0c85a6bdf97119c6dd9fd4e960a1a5f543352c12  
691 Looking back on the coverage of Trump (Ed Note) - Columbia Journalism Review.pdf 80k 221.2 days 89711fbc61c2bbc4f8d702d42c8eb44ab7a01ae9  
692 Louis Grenzer, MD Speaks out about HydroxyChloroquine.pdf 68k 1222.5 days fa2dcfa89b0fed8f9a209438c4da6a88d75d7a57  
693 Lukashevich Notes Internet Reports that Videos of Alleged Syrian Gas Victims Were Posted Before Attack Took Place_larouchepac.pdf 212k 3680.7 days 1150959e06163c8aedc9f6e2106408c47419dc98  
694 Lyndon LaRouche_ The Conspiracist Who Earned a Following - POLITICO.pdf 3.8M 269.1 days b6e46984f386c72cf2488612fe7c8e46881f681a  
695 MI Attorney General Will Defend the State Constitution_larouchepac.pdf 215k 3707.1 days f8e65a66e783f86c8cb059cbeb957481c67dca19  
696 MORE EVIDENCE_ FOIA Requests Reveal There Were No DOJ Investigations on Election Fraud After 2020 Election as Bill Barr Claimed - Gateway Pundit.pdf 171k 242.1 days 83c5a67d882bc418b44e99fc2bbb20579b34efe7  
697 MORE FROM KARI LAKE'S LAWSUIT_ 25,000 Ballots Added To Maricopa County's Vote Totals AFTER Election Day - 757k 269.1 days 3a0f40ec1518138fbeb2d93424a266a13da240ef  
698 MSNBC Sucks - Matt Taibbi.pdf 76k 165.2 days 3c44b4f152a8dc49ea2c74ff0f343ae48a3c59d4  
699 Major Covid report suggests virus could have leaked from a US lab - 1.5M 269.1 days a20e2fb6c894e1d7e3b963a1d50220a9fd41269d  
700 Man Declared Dead Comes Back to Life_abc.html 6k 3683.1 days ecc5d78b9ba8f215c2ba14fcd6b82a6decb96a0a  
701 Manning Is Acquitted of ‘Aiding the Enemy’ - 11k 3706.7 days 91fb8ccc398b23fd06fd411d1ca0e76c2dada8c2  
702 Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy in WikiLeaks case_usatoday.pdf 370k 3706.6 days 518e707ef6fab63fb7552bf68b161203e0df982b  
703 Manning deserves Nobel Peace Prize_ Opposing view_usatoday.pdf 652k 3706.3 days eb8b5ce06cd43a8aa4b365c2c88508f3555acd80  
704 Manning leaks horrified State Department, U.S. diplomat says - latimes.pdf 112k 3704.8 days bc53d84562026500cb942937fe92d0e013a1bef5  
705 Manning verdict strikes balance for leakers_ Our view_usatoday.pdf 473k 3706.3 days 1054b26468758adbdfa8569dba989da3e2651f35  
706 Manning, Facing Prison for Leaks, Apologizes at Court-Martial Trial - 16k 3691.2 days f86279b6c48013566f23076fd6499f13943c6d90  
707 Marc Andreessen In 20 years, we’ll talk about Bitcoin like we talk about the Internet today The Switch.html 16k 3408.6 days d5d72d472f1f87532bd337d7a3308483769a231c  
708 Maricopa County Pays $175,000 To Avoid Likely Scathing Court Ruling About Press Policy – Arizona Daily Independent.pdf 79k 158.0 days e7f37a82d6f4fd3dc34ff1204189e7ef3e606773  
709 Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Jewish Space Lasers of Trying to Shoot Down Santa - The New Yorker.pdf 68k 80.3 days aff5fa5bb9c76d58f5079eff8a1f6f86dd515a6b  
710 Markets make best case for Glass-Steagall - FT.pdf 194k 3721.2 days 40c556546107f9a8776cc1fa064c9cce5137cda4  
711 Mass_Strike_Rattles_Incumbents.war 74k 4881.1 days 7e9d71d0bfb71e55e3e9cc8cc393fdb8d1c6d3f8  
712 Mastodon bones place humans in America 130,000 years ago - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf 225k 1495.6 days ae9c3f9db9a05f914d1fe227398feeb168f264c8  
713 McEnany_ Media Mocks Trump For Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Doesn't Criticize Chris Cuomo For Taking _Less Safe Version_ _ Video _ RealClearPolitics.pdf 736k 1214.1 days 2b789b2a88a696ad5f83534644deb710ffb5de16  
714 Medical News Today News Article - Printer Friendly_medicalnewstoday.pdf 158k 3717.5 days 6d46d219eb35cb8e5844159ecd5b637c4f59296e  
715 Meet The Father Of Neoconservatism: Leon Trotsky - Reverb Press.pdf 139k 46.4 days 203e5ccf594e0adebacf26cb25fc4bcace4e9a3d  
716 Melburnian Felix Metrikas has a message for Australians tempted to join the fight - don’t - The Age.pdf 3.6M 193.1 days 88934156696ba27f822f3714582ca626be7a08d5  
717 Members of Congress denied access to basic information about NSA _ Glenn Greenwald _ theguardian.pdf 544k 3698.2 days 6d37e6cc916af8b36898f8c755b2bd57731eb425  
718 Memphis on Edge After Police Release Bodycam Footage from Brutal Assault on Tyre Nichols.pdf 190k 235.1 days 30f5d255c3e4ae4c6f1aa6506662a5a6dfd48fa0  
719 Merck Touts Expensive New COVID Drug While Dismissing Cheap Ivermectin - Citizens Journal.pdf 169k 269.0 days 42ce80e59df48c902fb09ee9dd5fb3833a3412f2  
720 Miami Herald Joins FOIA Lawsuit on Saudi Ties to 9_11_larouchepac.pdf 205k 3644.2 days 79118b43571cd1a7875e46802a4e98c13b579cf8  
721 Michigan doctors split on using hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus.pdf 825k 1213.8 days 051265cfe659e7c40d1d12d68d22fdb5af8056d4  
722 Microsoft Hints Skype Calls May Be Fair Game for NSA_mashable.pdf 6.4M 3720.3 days 0ab31757c79ec94c0c306ec1b654c08256bb79c0  
723 Microsoft a 'team sport' to NSA in sharing information on customers_ report - NY Daily News.pdf 2.5M 3724.8 days 6f10c9c001a290bed9b25553f80af025eb5cdc81  
724 Microsoft denies helping NSA to spy - computerweekly.pdf 94k 3723.4 days 377c31b6a403871262d86ed0490b0b63ca6f2c19  
725 Microsoft gives NSA backdoor, complains about exploits.pdf 799k 2322.2 days 9a003b42010ccf399ad3ee0aeef4b97788415f86  
726 Microsoft prods government on sharing request data_usatoday.pdf 519k 3720.4 days 994c047d681f954aa289a00dd42129b5bb249867  
727 Microsoft stock plummets 11%_usatoday.pdf 295k 3716.4 days 9091b74be9fff9d880b49b44577d0130c3410f31  
728 Middle East instability causes higher gas prices - abc7news.war 624k 4582.6 days 570bfa4b4c0cd515418526a1d6b0f4441e68d130  
729 Military whistleblower claims US has UFO retrieval program - News Nation.pdf 48k 102.2 days 8793d6590434ad665a15416060b965e04ea150cb  
730 Millie Weaver Update_ 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know _ 5.4M 1131.8 days ce25b3ed98ab3b47c4c6b199ce3bde6a4884fd18  
731 Millie Weaver_ 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know _ 145k 1132.4 days cc35ceb51f260d30f09a0fabe212882b657dc373  
732 Missouri v. Biden Injunction - Robert Malone.pdf 2.1M 46.4 days 3cfab8f6fc1ae65e1dbcc71793bcee4950c7c697  
733 Mistakes Were NOT Made_ An Anthem for Justice - Margaret Anne Alice.pdf 3.0M 95.2 days fd7016d12e6a1b5ae946376c78681d12c9c008f4  
734 Mis“LEED”ing_ Fact Versus Fiction for Green Buildings - Nick Deiuliis.pdf 400k 252.4 days 8bd7bee2500bfe82bae2746f4d73eda6fe090035  
735 Mood shifting, Congress may move to limit NSA spying - 07_19_2013 _ MiamiHerald.pdf 105k 3717.5 days 67f511446f7f4727fadab7056006ca6e8b8cc0ba  
736 Morales: U.S. Hacked Bolivian Leaders' Emails_larouchepac.pdf 202k 3721.2 days ca64a4a3e9093e46b1806bb776168f4e72cee6b5  
737 More Obama Adminstration Lies About NSA Oversight_larouchepac.pdf 207k 3472.8 days 7e28ce14e4c5d2055eae83b62741f992b4ca2572  
738 More Spy Revelations About Targeting of Traveling Diplomats_larouchepac.pdf 211k 3595.3 days 6d73dfb2d48fe5fa283d14a5553bd9261cf48d23  
739 More classified documents found at Biden's home by lawyers _ AP News.pdf 907k 249.2 days ee86036a91ee41390b29ed3a74eb487909e63b52  
740 More on Hydroxychloroquine_Azithromycin. And On Dr. Raoult. _ In the Pipeline.pdf 3.0M 1185.7 days 0bba2806b783288a19a0d2df0c87332b6f36eb62  
741 Moscow Times_ Putin Says Snowden in Airport, Shrugs Off 'Nonsense' U.S.pdf 985k 3740.9 days c0f9ddfcc809c64d41d8e98cfa5c7e42e95f68b1  
742 Moscow Wants UN To Expose the British-Saudi-Qatari Gun-Running through Libya-larouchepac.pdf 215k 3730.8 days 56abbe4108b69bff07a928cbd19026c8eba66d39  
743 Moscow provides more evidence of US biolabs in Ukraine - RT .pdf 90k 221.2 days 04f8750f7d495b5b4f38adf7d6019774cac61e35  
744 Most in U.S. want public health option poll | 42k 5042.0 days 3f69e66594a1d184b513b7a77dce3a00462dae6b  
745 Mr. MAGA and the end of Western Civilization, by The Saker - The Unz Review.pdf 1.6M 269.0 days 4cf47ddbf04fbed09342b5e69e68ae755104442e  
746 Musk warns against ‘relentless escalation’ in Ukraine - RT.pdf 85k 242.1 days e375413b819ee00dc45c4a6712eb92a3bb30f1f6  
747 My Review and Short Summary of Hersh’s New Article On Nord Stream Pipline - FINDING FOREVER - 3.8M 221.2 days 675c5e772b360b40c100b8528359b5a7f8c5ec83  
748 Mystery object spotted by LIGO–Virgo gravitational-wave detectors – Physics World.pdf 45k 1185.8 days 105ba83f5645bb6cd6336f3f8109651bf5e912d8  
749 N.S.A. Foils Much Internet Encryption - 31k 3669.3 days 5d75dbe4409f0fde8030988e1bd0b30830958197  
750 N.S.A. Leaks Make Plan for Cyberdefense Unlikely - 18k 3690.3 days e3f7950ab14e333c7c40b54f250c6dfb1ab2ae01  
751 NASA Confirms Tom Cruise Is Set to Film Aboard the International Space Station _ 155k 1233.2 days 0480b21045cde39689f1706363563736c55a41d2  
752 NASA Spacecraft Embarks on Historic Journey Into Interstellar Space - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.pdf 296k 3662.3 days b781b6707dff2153e717b1319f9d2399ee669ffb  
753 NASA says puzzling new space drive can generate thrust without propellant.pdf 1.6M 2682.4 days 7eb91cbb30a045d946360da3070c6e70dc2d2131  
754 NASA's Peer-Reviewed EM Drive Paper Has Finally Been Published - 89k 2202.2 days 71a33a65e78f493ab4b6270f1d10f48b8173a55c  
755 NATO’s big gamble in Ukraine has failed - Money Control.pdf 821k 109.2 days 80015c256ddc6ea29f5edc9fe3fbbcadf9269acc  
756 NH hospital says patient likely died of rare brain disease, remote chance others were exposed - The Washington Post.html 20k 3669.9 days 17a7372816065430a036b8fad02718d9e7b2bbfc  
757 NHL agrees to send players to Olympics_usatoday.pdf 617k 3717.5 days 572478b11604a07c012e663be7d158719e190594  
758 NPR - CIA, Cheney, Congress and Torture.pdf 109k 5182.7 days cb996eb1451ce6fca3832018de98bd195f817a7b  
759 NSA Accused of Spying on EU - WSJ.pdf 1.1M 3737.0 days 4795b27182e80f99a48e2897ddbd584ce9e82428  
760 NSA Broke U.N. Encryption Code and Illegally Spied on U.N. Teleconferences_larouchepac.pdf 408k 3679.5 days 1cc815ba7bf8a105e33d6aa52ee0c75341fa4cbc  
761 NSA Collects 'Word for Word' Every Domestic Communication, Says Former Analyst _ PBS NewsHour _ Aug 1, 2013.pdf 685k 3703.4 days 60bde62cdfaada0fd31543ceea687e8e99666602  
762 NSA Considered Ending Phone Spying Before the Edward Snowden Leaks.pdf 586k 3098.2 days 57c75e9ab7e865acc52fe16e7e7872fd568e7629  
763 NSA Denies Spying on Congress, but...; Sanders Cites Nixon Precedent_larouchepac.pdf 183k 3536.4 days 35102d7c214f60834012d1336728626cc399e39e  
764 NSA Does Harvest E-Mail Content_larouchepac.pdf 872k 3696.3 days bc08f28226163be2989d511d54acb8f7f0f2d4a5  
765 NSA Feeds Raw Intelligence Data to Israel Global Research.html 9k 3661.2 days 245708c65d30f82a09fe529c634fb34afa32ac86  
766 NSA Had Huge Spying Operation Against Brazil.pdf 213k 3727.3 days f2ce403ab1da85b7267938a6ebd514dc0d2640f3  
767 NSA Illegally Collected Thousands of Phone Records of Americans_larouchepac.pdf 213k 3662.7 days d039f2955c103ddc6296c97b4bfabed85111ff80  
768 NSA Paid Millions to Tech Companies To Cover PRISM Compliance Costs, Guardian in Deal With NYT to protect Snowden Documents_larouchepac.pdf 220k 3680.3 days c92e3c03976e98d6da035810534798a312a1c1de  
769 NSA Program for Tracking Cellphone Locations Revealed; 5 Billion Billion Site-Points Recorded Each Day_larouchepac.pdf 235k 3577.8 days feec54041c168cacf9ac0c7b3ff4b7b7ca4548ed  
770 NSA Spying Uproar Expands; Sen. Feinstein Suddenly Sees the LIght_larouchepac.pdf 198k 3615.4 days b874b096974b17cf753c27dd21be556affc70a21  
771 NSA Spying on Foreign Leaders_ Of Course Obama Knew_larouchepac.pdf 234k 3613.4 days ee3b99ac2eabbcf6f490d5bf3fbd2accf26f89c3  
772 NSA able to access data on all major smartphones_AP.pdf 568k 3666.7 days 3d4756d542de8343fbd4654266822dcd9740b63b  
773 NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds - The Washington Post.html 30k 3688.4 days 6885f83cdde2dfecf58a401e83cc2c11a8a457d1  
774 NSA chief Alexander must clarify _all the rules_ to ease Congressional anxiety - CBS News.pdf 108k 3712.5 days 47a961d7db6e0ee2db8cd3c031f83d8522167a9a  
775 NSA gathered thousands of Americans’ e-mails before court struck down program - The Washington Post.html 20k 3684.5 days e39bfbac263bbd6312503cde01b3f2c6786a2bfb  
776 NSA hacked over 50,000 computer networks worldwide - report — RT News.pdf 1.1M 3589.1 days f99a0892fb4713fbe294936c785d82984f5d1512  
777 NSA head says agency working to reduce leaks by replacing people with machines _ Fox News.pdf 170k 3697.3 days c9654094b65af5b67e28932de770ae17ce8408ad  
778 NSA intimidation expanding surveillance state_ Column_usatoday.pdf 606k 3676.2 days 6b0d030781cef099f0189e12e900bb129296d6bc  
779 NSA recruitment drive goes horribly wrong _ World news _ 455k 3730.5 days c699995ad8afd7382e39fb565b30d501cdf9fc39  
780 NSA revelations of privacy breaches 'the tip of the iceberg' – Senate duo World news 117k 3686.1 days 072acd087d469246634d50334750b40011640067  
781 NSA revelations_ A timeline of what's come out since Snowden leaks began - CSMonitor.pdf 2.5M 3528.3 days 654b2799fa75d6ec1c2859a64d56d34891eceb66  
782 NSA spying flap extends to contents of U.S.pdf 2.1M 3728.6 days b981588e9f4415668b4e1f11f1897ab90361d20d  
783 NSA uses supercomputers to crack Web encryption, files show_usatoday.pdf 923k 3669.3 days 8caaa42f2f277d7fe5708374179d54799fcc7796  
784 NSA's Alexander defends PRISM, deflects hecklers_usatoday.pdf 518k 3705.5 days f939a5eab2da9057e01f4c056c6106718d876814  
785 NSA's Keith Alexander Calls Emergency Private Briefing To Lobby Against Justin Amash Amendment Curtailing Its Power_huffpost.pdf 263k 3712.1 days 78b3507364feac38a4e4c1c38fef88081b3cc0a7  
786 NSA_GCHQ Spying on 2009 G-20 Conference, Linked to Financial Collapse.pdf 413k 3746.3 days c4781362f6ee2e6a5e9d0e6e22048662db0c8f90  
787 NSA’s Snowden case review focuses on possible access to China espionage files, officials say - The Washington Post.pdf 142k 3725.6 days 09b14ed4d96b3c5f8caa848dfb7df96df81621a7  
788 NSA’s vast new Utah data hub suffering from ‘meltdowns’ - report — RT USA.pdf 1.5M 3637.2 days ebe230ec62c8fc59a54977145857e1393fdc53f1  
789 NY Governor Cuomo orders nursing homes to accept infected patients.pdf 61k 1154.3 days 11daffd78f8a7d055e464d202b35a5de99adfce8  
790 NY Times Confirms_ Obama's NSA Collecting and Analyzing Social Connections, as Poindexter's TIA Planned_larouchepac.pdf 236k 3644.2 days 5ccc683b3cf8b337c9d4acbc4d3ba730802cdeb8  
791 NY judge to rule if WTC developer can seek damages from airlines_reuters.pdf 97k 3721.3 days 3f8f2321b25b691b590eb7e39cecc1b5795fbcca  
792 NY's Hochul quietly scraps $64M Excelsior COVID vax app due to $200K monthly costs and low usage - NY Post.pdf 808k 80.3 days 94366fe13d6901fbe5189f4e90857bd54a7a59d9  
793 NYPD police prepare to leave force, saying top brass abandoned them - Washington Examiner.pdf 30k 1197.7 days 39c3860abde20cf836e6fdadedb26f8b15410db7  
794 Nakamoto Hires Lawyer in Newsweek Bitcoin Fight - ABC News.pdf 1.4M 3476.7 days fa1ea5d9b9b1d48f34f7f5384e2605d335bbbefe  
795 Narcissism_Expert_Sam_Vaknin_Plumbs_Obama's_Psyche_and_the_Apocalypse_He_Will_Produce_if_He_Remains_President.war 6k 4650.2 days 4cbf63071f4e3a3515e1aed2a3ebda3f066bc64d  
796 Natural gas cars_ A look under the hood _ ExxonMobil's Perspectives Blog.pdf 260k 3714.3 days ed89f6412454e571c810e2dc8b3d2c7afb6e1549  
797 Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis left note blaming low-frequency attack - 13k 3649.3 days b57a8aa080994d45a492da310b9670aa2d7ee8e2  
798 Navy upholds firing of carrier captain who warned of coronavirus - POLITICO.pdf 113k 1190.6 days dc71bc5a485da9e838b4abb39ab7ebe6621f4a0f  
799 Nevada vote-counting center cameras go blank - 2.9M 179.3 days 59b3945ebc31aa9800d6cbdf0f6c8618e55f3353  
800 New Docs Link CIA to Medical Torture of Indigenous Children and Black Prisoners - Truthout.pdf 228k 80.3 days 2415d305a1f831f5657f538c98af50820a53bdee  
801 New Edward Snowden Documents Reveal NSA Access to Microsoft Outlook, Skype_ Report - ABC News.pdf 780k 3725.3 days 7d863a1cb6d862b6f2ce6690e57bb35b1e7e0fd9  
802 New Election Held in Germany After Previous 'Chaotic' One Declared Void - Western Journal.pdf 492k 172.3 days 184a0569cb7fbbb6728e6863244a9ede408fa59c  
803 New Glass-Steagall would help to keep lenders in line - FT.pdf 207k 3702.3 days e8e8c935c1a0d25f9c5dcb7bdb729ee8407ed043  
804 New Testimony Confirms Ballot Tampering in Maricopa's 2022 Election - UncoverDC.pdf 4.5M 172.3 days a5e41697b5d994d05029e444e1520bdd931f6bba  
805 New Zealand's 2022 Data is out... - PharmaFiles by Aussie17.pdf 1.0M 207.0 days f8d773bf645534f96cc34c748083831cbd8c132f  
806 New bill in GOP-controlled House would ban feds from working with Big Tech to censor Americans _ Just The News.pdf 94k 242.1 days 65c24dfc1ed3a84560ebc538164912fd5c7b33fd  
807 New diagnosis codes for COVID-19 immunization status - Robert Malone.pdf 2.1M 235.1 days a0857ce5ea483ab223f1620503027f3f58d4bf6d  
808 New documentary exposes West German and ex-Nazi role in Indonesian genocide - Morning Star.pdf 319k 221.2 days b620f107a7f9ae788f90e09a37329388f6acf28e  
809 New emails show Fauci commissioned paper to disprove Wuhan lab leak theory - NY Post.pdf 41.7M 193.1 days fbe92508ea8fd67de3f8a853ddb0e69dd715b2a1  
810 New peer-reviewed study finds ivermectin reduces covid deaths by 92% - TheBlaze.pdf 665k 269.1 days 03f5629437cfcb61e2372219737b4caa9309302d  
811 New peer-reviewed study: 217,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines in just the first year alone! - Steve Kirsch.pdf 3.1M 235.1 days 386e96eddc3b85a355cfde2c47f2c85bbe02ec39  
812 New_Snowden_leak_NSA_program_taps_all_you_do_online.pdf 107k 3705.3 days 8ca62f8f35938c9a896f7f81ac962bb48bf8dec8  
813 Nikola Tesla's Surprising Connection to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton - Big Think.pdf 3.5M 1157.7 days 3123f0f4f68126b0ba367b79f1ff0ed801037cda  
814 No Badjacketing - The Anarchist Library.pdf 139k 235.1 days 97339395c98337dd03f2c31506d674d358f5ed55  
815 No Human Coders in 5 Years - Peter Diamandas.pdf 1.3M 144.5 days 6fba086a276045e29f3c054fe4f8d699d6d42e73  
816 No collusion_ How Americans were fed a false tale about Donald Trump's 2016 516k 269.0 days 29e1172343484d6b5ef999739408e4d17e1ee4ae  
817 No...Putin's Largest Fish Was Caught in The White House_forbes.pdf 406k 3701.2 days fd12af8777e5d1ba60855402050300ba3d3bb29e  
818 Nobody Needs Ukraine - Dmitry Medvedev.pdf 23k 165.2 days b9b33672b6917cb9324a2da3530f5cec1b48b7e5  
819 Norway lifts lockdown with schools opening on Monday _ Daily Mail Online.pdf 756k 1231.2 days ed8b59cb9ad540167ec0ba080da6a95e3dff27aa  
820 Not just RFK: Big Tech bears down on news aggregator that challenges mainstream narratives - Just The News.pdf 338k 46.4 days eeb55eb77b74593713203317b656e914ffe7cac8  
821 Notes on a Friday Night - TK News by Matt Taibbi.pdf 589k 252.4 days 28fcab265b7984226b8d8b154ba1a765a2940b98  
822 Nouriel_Roubini_-_Wikipedia,_the_free_encyclopedia.war 172k 4812.2 days 0761982d741bba332b2a6cdd2ab66b8c030e664a  
823 Novartis Plans Phase III Trial of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19.pdf 182k 1250.4 days fd6fe9a3aa27282cdfa19a66b791f73d6cc1cf7d  
824 Novartis steps up to study hydroxychloroquine in Covid-19 - STAT.pdf 152k 1250.7 days b2a7e673017759079e445a1324364d6380d4c50b  
825 Nuclear Energy's Moment Has Come - Oppenheimer.pdf 759k 130.2 days 1c684f545aced3acf2a843714f0f0ed87bb5106e  
826 Nurses push back on pressure to work without right equipment.html 3.2M 1252.3 days a55fa856d1d97ff9b521f0d255d5295a6382fc69  
827 Obama Administration's Worldwide Threat Assessment Centers on...Snowden_larouchepac.pdf 191k 3521.3 days 62efcc3ee354d10a4ae3dc0f779fd35ab8591c24  
828 Obama Caught Lying to the American People_ NSA 'Overstepped' Its Authority, Lies to FISA Court_larouchepac.pdf 227k 3688.4 days 78578c73d0a9a93f5b2f13e1309a4ccebca0173a  
829 Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons - POLITICO.pdf 444k 2540.5 days 9f0688c8228bd7fec4d25ac11f0697f0170f3f32  
830 Obama May Cancel Moscow Trip as Tensions Build Over Leaker - NYTimes.pdf 162k 3718.3 days 054e4f7f48d9c66931fc66ba82e16a07baa09f2b  
831 Obama NSA Surveillance Disclosures Keep on Coming_larouchepac.pdf 208k 3620.4 days b872c072a58f738043cee04de2a50eb7ba3fff5a  
832 Obama Reversed Bush-era Limitation on NSA Collection on U.S_larouchepac.pdf 215k 3664.0 days a6ae4c3647806455380cbfaa3b8247f9d4d29ff4  
833 Obama Tells Chinese He’s Disappointed Over Snowden Case - Bloomberg.pdf 106k 3725.3 days d7483d86caaa957269d5cfecabbd1a98569ab8f9  
834 Obama Tells Leno Closure of Embassies Is No Overreaction - 12k 3699.3 days 2cea5d1edf8c69c861be705ebd837f616171754d  
835 Obama Terror Hype_larouchepac.pdf 200k 3698.4 days 88e50239535d7fe75642edf1022e97319f587c5d  
836 Obama Wants To Jail New York Times Reporter James Risen_larouchepac.pdf 365k 3713.4 days 8e9bb78cd0c42f18108244008855e582b96cf779  
837 Obama Worse Than Bush_larouchepac.pdf 205k 3722.1 days 6779bf59c9e1dfde447ddb33b5a143367547b2dd  
838 Obama aides defend ambitious Afghan scale-up | 44k 5042.0 days c781db605d59d8cec07f9786779f2ba8435ee20d  
839 Obama and Congress square off over NSA authority amendment in defense bill _ Fox News.pdf 187k 3713.2 days 02d75bc2f6aa4363d4b343da3f281353854c85e6  
840 Obama and Putin Spoke by Phone Over Obama's Obsession, Edward Snowden_larouchepac.pdf 318k 3722.2 days 0b5b88a69add5a07d56eaa00b771c13d30279286  
841 Obama bristles at suggestion he's shifted on snooping - CNN.pdf 472k 3734.4 days 7fc236a7140e9c5189dfa4fec56362b59e8b1f44  
842 Obama cancels summit meeting with Putin - The Washington Post.html 25k 3698.5 days 3271dedbeff780b4b3f8020d8952dca816d850a7  
843 Obama outlines proposals for reining in NSA surveillance - 19k 3696.1 days 8c9be76e982e45d85d3e2768349b6e26192de427  
844 Obama says ‘backward’ thinking and anti-American rhetoric are affecting US-Russia relations - The Washington Post.html 23k 3696.1 days 1628bcb5d47a9af0c1eea16a96dee62a8f857e30  
845 Obama speaks with Putin on Snowden, but no sign of movement - Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News _ Reuters.pdf 163k 3724.2 days f8484ef2785ac41f186fcde73ddcd7d58d2bd167  
846 Obama takes on banks with new Glass-Steagall act _ Business _ theguardian.pdf 284k 3416.1 days 546b214f91ed7a0eb179c6716423958a1b4acd6c  
847 Obama's Popularity Drops Among Young People, over NSA Spying_larouchepac.pdf 215k 3683.2 days 3c04ee0fd02d3766fddf4bb362876ca30c1223d0  
848 Obama's Russian Summit Snowden Fit Can't Stop New Revelations To Come_larouchepac.pdf 216k 3696.3 days 2c688f4c8b6c56890529f7455eddb8bfcb3fd8af  
849 Obama's TPP Will Outlaw Glass-Steagall_larouchepac.pdf 231k 3679.5 days 5f9f8e5f31da02d5918378f5c541f08cc8e27f36  
850 Obama's _Missing 90 Minutes_larouchepac.pdf 333k 3685.8 days e1403a757eff2f0651734d78359c6b9646bb7bfa  
851 Obama's _Stasi-like_ Program for Federal Workers is Based on Quack Profiling Techniques_larouchepac.pdf 221k 3724.3 days 5ee6ed77391c19c10823a18a01aba6e5884ae886  
852 Obama_Basking_in_Osama_Demise.war 49k 4524.3 days d4005ab829fe8593ffb6e2cccdb64704e8aa47ec  
853 Obama_Emphasizes_That_He_Is_the_Teachers'_Real_Enemy.war 49k 4582.7 days 6ad44e61c7e677740a3becadb1e8f267dc791233  
854 Obama_Out_to_Kill_Glass_Steagall,_While_Pushing_Weimar_Hyperinflation.war 75k 4882.5 days 8e1d5b42e2081a031cbfdde89e5d66715049aa83  
855 Obama_White_House_Icy_Silence_on_FCIC_Report.war 49k 4609.3 days c72e8b96ab74989bec344e14be9d2d82f86efcf8  
856 Of COURSE Greta Met With Zelensky - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 10.0M 80.3 days 88c6c4d6a3116321123b24881a1eaa5efdd375c1  
857 Ofcom Censures London Live Over David Icke Interview – Deadline.pdf 523k 1250.5 days 3adbe9733a1ffae25677991f4ca24d26540c6c9d  
858 Official Swiss Study: Heart Defects From COVID Jabs Is 3,000 Times Higher Than Thought - The People's Voice.pdf 597k 31.3 days 6de9c83c82c5ca5d70e9272fb11c3a38b9021153  
859 Officials alert foreign services that Snowden has documents on their cooperation with U.S. - The Washington Post.html 25k 3620.1 days bfd18ac8cb84333c01bc465e5b7391957bc84552  
860 Ohio couple married 70 years die 15 hours apart_usatoday.pdf 1.3M 3443.5 days 8f5195717029065f80c2b1601e27ad61f87abfea  
861 Ohio likely has 100,000 coronavirus cases, top health official says _ Fox News.pdf 311k 1288.1 days 088b3cf51db7d8fbe6335618706795bcce703c33  
862 Ohio pharmacy board backtracks, withdraws rule barring use of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus - TheHill.pdf 49k 1147.1 days bcad09ecbd6d489b0574a5abc3fd03db0d097b92  
863 Oligarchs Will Crash System to Boot Trump – Paul Craig Roberts _ Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog.pdf 247k 1222.7 days 30d63999557e881f684898244727855a1e3d1721  
864 Oliver Stone Snowden movie to be part-based on fictionalised account _ World news _ theguardian.pdf 367k 3026.1 days 540beba1d739b3741b807e02248ac37cbea81d3a  
865 Oliver Stone defends Edward Snowden over NSA revelations _ Film _ 636k 3727.1 days 8a475c36177d376c751526ced4f6de1487ca12a5  
866 On MSNBC and _Authoritarianism_ - TK News by Matt Taibbi.pdf 2.4M 252.4 days 33ae2e9b9ed395cd8fded7b97a547db3cb754bf4  
867 Open Letter Against The Witch Hunt of Jordan Peterson - 2.2M 221.2 days 5417862dc4e7edf508e9baf8955c7d6711ce3421  
868 Opinion _ Biden can’t blame Trump for the anarchy in Democrat-run cities - The Washington Post.pdf 66k 1113.6 days 9f6184cab47e5814142b95ea19fcf05ae32815c7  
869 Opinion _ Does the U.S. Government Want You to Believe in U.F.O.s? - The New York Times.pdf 144k 102.2 days 9ced499ba42eaa71c82a05bcacd4190436fa7de9  
870 Opinion _ On Ukraine, Biden Outshines Macron, Scholz — and DeSantis - The New York Times.pdf 136k 193.1 days a0871ecee0d35b93d480a6368fd9975fea4d58f4  
871 Opinion_ Bigger threat, Edward Snowden or NSA_ - CNN.pdf 112k 3734.4 days af5ae6efe22bfdce36c0e1bf2bba7aeee9b4243b  
872 Opinion_ Bradley Manning should be free - CNN.pdf 389k 3684.2 days bd08a358863161b9c073d7088bb6f84fff0fe128  
873 Opinion_ Did NSA snooping stop 'dozens' of terrorist attacks_ - CNN.pdf 515k 3734.4 days 89ae42d545d90fe2c8412dfd40f50f4910a3df83  
874 Opinion_ Unfair verdict on Manning - CNN.pdf 426k 3706.6 days 3d0d2f4e1cd9c501292e91d3bdd2245027cba856  
875 Opponents of the NSA's Domestic Spying Programs To Hold Their Own Hearing_larouchepac.pdf 215k 3709.1 days ff4baa7123b32b9b11a5ed1ebe0af8344e72278a  
876 Oregon man on meth fights off cops while masturbating in bar police - NY Daily News.html 78k 3558.1 days b755989fb3d9171068c71f2bd5b2361ab91967b2  
877 Osama_bin_Laden_enters_global_warming_debate_-_Telegraph.war 501k 4984.7 days f8c461a3bba7dd61580af189c11cb4a850d09943  
878 Our Entire Civilization Is Fake And Stupid - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 1.5M 193.1 days e95fc496a46e63467f4fa26c27d0f042b754a927  
879 Out of Russia_ Snowden's options - CNN.pdf 2.2M 3725.5 days a631b3ca5034fa26fea0b9dbd960057a3616a9f6  
880 Over 100 People Have Died in U.S. While Taking Hydoxychloroquine for COVID-19_ Report - Newsweek.pdf 307k 1141.4 days 128c66e8bace85bc536dea1f04093cc0472fdb2f  
881 Over 200 Reps Defy Obama and GOP Leadership, Vote to Stop NSA Dragnet Surveillance_larouchepac.pdf 222k 3711.5 days 72718f9f1d3b1a3b700d16569321db195fcf1e39  
882 Overwhelmed Secondary Hospital in Central China Lacks Drugs, Beds, and Staff - Epoch Times.pdf 214k 235.1 days 31e5945a332c30101e6c479954c4331cd8dfb110  
883 Page 2_ Hezbollah, Syrian Rebels in Worst Clash in Lebanon - ABC News.pdf 108k 3764.6 days 8e3d5f7631223f1b04df145f8c07270bc6ed5715  
884 Palantir Demos AI to Fight Wars But Says It Will Totally Be Ethical - Vice.pdf 121k 144.5 days 3eef605947aa835feb42645197b74013cdda392b  
885 Panic in Davos: The Coming Ukraine Disaster Can Sink the Whole Utopian Project - LaRouchePAC.pdf 335k 235.1 days d74b790b7683c996314e2b06ec025d5c35d8367c  
886 Partial Release of JFK Assassination Documents - 2.1M 2156.7 days d18242e54ab44f530ef041fbb3e7e36a0a565370  
887 Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection - The American Journal of Medicine.pdf 419k 1054.7 days 60555d138f62bd2037b3b78639bb0dcf94207776  
888 Patients left lying in NYC hospital hallways and urine soaked floors - Daily Mail Online.pdf 8.3M 185.2 days 55c1296f042cededfdc4fcf6cb568135e0d10848  
889 Paul Craig Roberts Warns of U.S. Plans For Nuclear Armageddon.pdf 220k 3709.1 days d3e1335caea7febbf46d025d471715aaae48c7e7  
890 Pediatrician’s Contract Terminated by WSU after Reporting to Senate Roundtable on COVID Shot Harms - Informed Choice Washington.pdf 626k 46.4 days aa0e546b0f43148e361d56d969ae2c76c9037189  
891 Pentagon Paid for Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos - The Daily Beast.pdf 232k 46.4 days 278e98cccbee4c493548ba3c195183ea089e9972  
892 Pentagon Papers Author Daniel Ellsberg Says Government May Have Carried Out 9_11 - Looking Glass News.pdf 136k 95.2 days 852bd56f33e2981ac4262f222825ded2cfeba8d9  
893 Pentagon finally admits recovering wreckage from UFO crashes - Medium.pdf 154k 242.1 days 64592dee3536c1376889406f5ad877851cdcafc9  
894 Pentagon_ Chinese spy balloon spotted over Western US - AP.pdf 123k 221.2 days e17319fef966fa3d6349a91479e4ecff07f88516  
895 People who skipped their COVID vaccine are at higher risk of traffic accidents, according to a new study - Yahoo News.pdf 52k 269.1 days 317f723ab6064d22b9c3fcf2f6949e4b87cc30d3  
896 Perfect Forward Secrecy can block the NSA from secure web pages, but no one uses it_computerworld.pdf 714k 3649.7 days b5d6a920ee0c09dc28b8199459ceb09b551a46e8  
897 Peter Salk is eager for a COVID-19 vaccine - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf 621k 1212.1 days 5aa5a554a059ded44ed465c3641aaf20dd9ce92c  
898 Peter Salk, whose father conquered polio, says coronavirus fight is far from over - Detroit News.pdf 283k 1206.3 days 94e6f4777f499539849b55eb9a94cac66afa6623  
899 Pfizer Caught Funnelling $12 Million to Anderson Cooper To Promote mRNA Jabs to Americans - The People's Voice.pdf 929k 102.2 days 1485702e724886a1c4e543deb02195fb304faeed  
900 Pfizer Data Drips From its Pregnancy Trial - Brownstone Institute.pdf 1.3M 25.2 days 7418c1f152adcdabb140979e076583024e3d705a  
901 Pfizer admits it ‘engineered’ new Covid mutations — RT World News.pdf 76k 235.1 days be841e4e35b0f06df12c62654efcf0a8d9ae81b0  
902 Philippines says China ship used laser against coast guard - AP News.pdf 349k 221.2 days 5e6fb9ec53ddaf41b8df0e37043abebdd0fca22b  
903 Piercing the confusion around NSA’s phone surveillance program - The Washington Post.html 25k 3697.3 days 2c721ee62ec48a442bb06fa149156b69290e8166  
904 Plane crash pilot's rage was well hidden, friends say - 678k 4963.7 days 1a27b3f63a8689799576531cacb5e3c6c4711288  
905 Poland receives Zelensky and prepares direct intervention in Ukraine war - World Socialist Web Site.pdf 155k 158.0 days c3743bc3c257495b60c50106ae0dc13f5e0bc875  
906 Police chief_ “Paying the Bitcoin ransom was the last resort” _ Ars Technica.pdf 770k 3089.6 days 76c93d1213249f5e967e18ee67dadc8c7f2c5e89  
907 Political pressure from local leaders, charities kept shelters open - San Francisco Chronicle.pdf 313k 2294.4 days c8f3eb61288f099394a9b7d9438d6bea0f43085d  
908 Politicized Science_ Lancet, NEJM retract studies on HCQ - UncoverDC.pdf 689k 1201.6 days 1541e9c2ab3f1868445fb846d415092cdda70699  
909 Pope Francis Calls for Ending Tyranny of An Economy Which _Kills_larouchepac.pdf 399k 3586.1 days 61ba3246c52b2c2059bbd75056a9f753d9e33d5c  
910 Popular Mechanics' article 'Debunking 9_11 Myths' As Flawed as the 9_11 _Truth_ Conspiracy Theories it Attacks.pdf 315k 1536.7 days 3c4cda833a37e807381555f823fd7a2ea00369fc  
911 Potentially lethal doses of HCQ used in WHO and Recovery clinical trials, according to WHO consultant.docx 161k 1192.6 days 9e651d72d5708ff598749108466f9d83df4fba07  
912 Power Up_ Here's why Trump keeps pushing hydroxychloroquine's false hope - The Washington Post.pdf 116k 1149.9 days f5b3be8e22352e71b67deafdbf94507507c695b2  
913 Pre-fascist America_ We’re losing the Republic - Jesselyn Radack_vor.pdf 543k 3718.3 days 29b1afcc4246282e8916380918529a4147067f1f  
914 Prehistoric snakes had hindlimbs, study shows -.pdf 614k 3048.1 days 45521200edeff3f84d5a43c326199a7798c9b5cb  
915 Prescriptions Surged as Trump Praised Drugs in Coronavirus Fight - The New York Times.pdf 164k 1140.7 days ee841ac136a97770058bd2cb6769cc707baeb7f7  
916 Pressure Builds on House GOP Leadership To Allow Vote On NSA Spying Bill_larouchepac.pdf 212k 3582.5 days 3e3c2567a0120ee113f5da609e15f8f80a003efc  
917 Print Edition _ Lawyer Says Snowden Will Keep Pledge _ News _ The Moscow Times.pdf 152k 3715.3 days 05244d1572574a3035f11ed426bf262667956f92  
918 Prison Planet.pdf 272k 3649.3 days 94b0c5aecaf001cab6c90ac07b729beec4599010  
919 Privacy Scandal_ NSA Can Spy on Smart Phone Data - SPIEGEL ONLINE.pdf 122k 3666.7 days 01f850dce4d131cfabd9558b3e3c5da4822f57ee  
920 Probiotics the key to CURING nut allergies for life.pdf 85k 2223.4 days f3c93e6c169b3be69f812d86827357e4ebe7bd36  
921 Productivity Slump Threatens Economy’s Long-Term Growth - WSJ.pdf 299k 2543.5 days 12cf68e9e0ccd40ea2831e99502cf3b1d48c965a  
922 Professor Didier Raoult Releases the Results of a New Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Study on 1061 Patients - 107k 1257.4 days c07da9304c81c0d87c780ad11962ac7c4e247159  
923 Progressive professors_ the root of all evil – Why Evolution Is True.pdf 391k 269.1 days e7e3cdb47bd2f73e15094f8e2ab8ab02bc9ff453  
924 Project Titan Approved By San Marino_ UFOs Set To Be Discussed At United Nations For First Time Since 1978 — Liberation Times _ Reimagining Old News.pdf 431k 242.1 days c41113e0462bcc6fe13bc550167aa7bb7ecf52a2  
925 Project Veritas Loses Hundreds of Thousands of Followers Following James O’Keefe’s Exit - Gateway Pundit.pdf 196k 207.0 days b53ceb5aae56cfd727a3c58bed44686f05dc9d41  
926 PropOrNot - The List.pdf 152k 2490.5 days c8f7ac95f682bdc628245f9783c56ff82fe58bb3  
927 Protests ‘like the world’s never seen.’ What comes next in Seattle_ _ Crosscut.pdf 4.4M 1197.4 days b44dde2f67bf25f08210189c56f755ebd85c670f  
928 Provisional Ballot Analysis May Reverse Outcome Of Attorney General Race - AZ Free News.pdf 600k 158.0 days 391fdfe22e2f60f0364d30838727aa35f3e22d25  
929 Psychologist Group Raises Concerns about APA Ethics Decision_oen.pdf 202k 3522.6 days 6c68684cc84fe14b8c1ea659f14fb097324d2219  
930 Psychologists greenlit CIA, DOD torture, says report. Does torture work_ - CSMonitor.pdf 296k 2995.6 days e021cd7c577433d6d8791cdbff4032137b7db517  
931 Punch The Empire In The Fucking Face - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 864k 46.4 days e33e9558eabafdb4e355f3bced0b1d840146d9dc  
932 Putin Calls Elon Musk a “Trojan Horse” - Real Raw News.pdf 72k 130.2 days 89a97fb93968486f63b4cd6eaf28f543223dc988  
933 Putin Challenges Obama Responsibly Global Research.html 18k 3661.2 days 8fa63c3c5548ed0e8bcd769bddf01eb139cf86cf  
934 Putin Critic Gets 5-Year Jail Term, Setting Off Protests - NYTimes.pdf 1.5M 3718.1 days 79a48ae63fe54a81d5787c46f4c21320eb4119ff  
935 Putin Dresses Down The Group of Eight - PaulCraigRoberts.pdf 113k 3719.2 days ade94cd89df91428f0e918ca81ad4d1664e5b6cb  
936 Putin Offers Snowden Asylum, With Condition.pdf 212k 3734.4 days 8db64533561a20ca5db2f86fdfc055295476fc06  
937 Putin Orders Snap Drills In Russia's Eastern Military District.pdf 206k 3722.1 days c0041225621f08673943db5f5ebe4ba8358f9946  
938 Putin Says U.S. Has Effectively Trapped Snowden - NYTimes.pdf 129k 3721.6 days cabff044e4b58f8d0d98724bb1606322d2445f64  
939 Putin Says U.S. Trapped Snowden in Russia - NYTimes.pdf 125k 3721.3 days a9e7aba4654d8c46f1de16165c74b79f0187d95e  
940 Putin Urges Snowden to Leave Russia - WSJ.pdf 338k 3720.8 days 24fec9c2cb1e30f02e0bc947001ff8040281f41c  
941 Putin hopes Snowden will leave Russia soon_usatoday.pdf 706k 3721.6 days 174a48f51509f32cf5c2a77a95152c5b7532c692  
942 Putin is receiving chemo for cancer according to leaked US documents - Daily Mail.pdf 5.8M 158.0 days 0605182cf5043d411887f40c83e56865c5f09453  
943 Putin says Comey is welcome to claim asylum in Russia like Edward Snowden - 51k 2185.2 days bfdb5681ac999004b19813b4d5e9dad22dd7cdbc  
944 Putin slaps down Obama, again _ Right Turn.pdf 79k 3734.4 days 17d5d14ebf36e933696dbdf0fba4618c51ed6711  
945 Putin warns Snowden not to hurt U.S_usatoday.pdf 552k 3719.8 days ccb95828c75ace3ca7e87ac6a36bc8f45a9cff74  
946 Putin_ All US Presidents Are Puppets - ‘Dark Men In Suits Rule America’ - 351k 1123.5 days d8890502d886796984763a5378aef7656783fef7  
947 Putin_Save_Russian_Industry_and_Workforce.war 48k 4750.9 days e6ef3d675b09faa9cc9b98936c7cb5633b1aa6d6  
948 Quantum computers put blockchain security at risk - Nature.pdf 393k 1768.6 days 2a611548112817aef9be01fd30ea11cbbd54f684  
949 QuarkCoin_ Noble Intentions, Wrong Approach _ Bitcoin Magazine.pdf 215k 2536.1 days 4e40fa90290d9739f6641d6ec0484f43cf1cfa08  
950 RFK’s False-Flag Assassination, and the forgotten Palestinian patsy, by Laurent Guyénot - The Unz Review.pdf 1.8M 834.4 days ae60c51d2ba07d9756ce5a6e8ffdd4a96154525c  
951 Rand Paul asks Victoria Nuland whether guns were being run to Syria from the CIA Annex in Benghazi_larouchepac.pdf 237k 3723.3 days 4ad5bc080a5b593d62bd7b2f36ab47a5aa9ed44b  
952 Rate on 30-year mortgage hits 2-year high.pdf 637k 3725.3 days cebe54ea84a78f1fa61abae15dacf84bf2ca036b  
953 Ray Epps Blasts 'Conspiracy Theory' That He is Actually a 'Fed' in New Interview with 60 Minutes - Trending Politics.pdf 3.3M 144.5 days 518d3c056b078a167612957c1d08f3ff82f8ecf5  
954 Real Change Is Impossible While Our World Is Shrouded In Secrecy - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 403k 46.4 days feff1fb5926a91458cbed51578c0c1b833d7f87b  
955 Rebekah Jones blasted FL state for 'kidnapping' son - Yahoo News.pdf 2.5M 165.2 days 443f189ba866eab2ec16d507aae51609cd01b7a9  
956 Reichstag_Fire.war 99k 4426.2 days f8873a30b79e79fd3afa2d9e035074a2c310dfb0  
957 Religious family abandons US, gets lost at sea _ The Asbury Park Press NJ _ app.pdf 90k 3695.3 days 2c1f20658168e6b5a6977b1e28da6489c0e6844f  
958 Renowned European scientist_ COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’ _ Blogs _ Lifesitenews.pdf 120k 1136.6 days 1c4d2cf0d446a25adbc919a3f2ff1a23f661da4f  
959 Renowned Virologist Warns of ‘Collapse of Our Health System’ Due to Complications from COVID Vaccines - Global Research.pdf 161k 269.1 days a38b896a71282bbcb866f9819ce0a833ac729ff9  
960 Rep. Amash To Reintroduce Amendment Against NSA Spying_larouchepac.pdf 436k 3686.3 days 84d3189c7cd2b8d352fac35c57e67b5afb2d5ab2  
961 Rep. Frank Wolf Takes the House Floor to Demand a Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi_larouchepac.pdf 230k 3716.4 days 929e71a8cae604e9b94ab1e099d5d40bd87174dc  
962 Rep. Waltz Says DOD Told Him China Spy Balloons Crossed US During Trump Years But Gen. Mattis DID NOT TELL TRUMP - Gateway Pundit.pdf 248k 221.2 days fa4d9b26ea04be622122246ccb34ac23424413e1  
963 Report NSA spying violated privacy rules or exceeded authority thousands of times since 2008 - The Washington Post.html 20k 3690.3 days 6dff78bb136dd1f86f5300bf098b471dcd74b529  
964 Report Reveals Ronald Reagan Called Joe Biden A “Demagogue” After Biden Threatened To Leak Private Information – The Raging Patriot.pdf 807k 235.1 days 953ea9772eb32c28458938952a43af6005b1faae  
965 Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex_ The Top 50 Organizations to Know - Matt Taibbi.pdf 33.7M 130.2 days 45e272e9509c9c743dbbbe2ba95172af91008a5d  
966 Republican Councilwoman Fatally Shot Outside New Jersey Home in Apparent ‘Targeted’ Attack - Epoch Times.pdf 190k 221.2 days cfb91370342483d7f655405af6957d28b29807ab  
967 Research Suggests White Slavery Was Much More Common.pdf 89k 1187.7 days eb8156400a2279d54ccab9fe3dc19a89c532d130  
968 Research contracted by Pentagon describes UFO encounters at nuclear ICBM silos _ Daily Mail Online.pdf 894k 1162.1 days 4143aaf9fa9bbacb241dbf5f28946a31e92c52cd  
969 Researchers look beyond hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19.pdf 85k 1201.8 days 246bcdb7cfb373c491ed8a68d05fb3e954d3beb6  
970 Restore Honor and Pardon Edward Snowden _ The Nation.pdf 728k 3692.2 days 7bd752dcb5429be812a3dd30a231ef7a4e12d9c5  
971 Retraction_ _Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19_ a multinational registry analysis_.pdf 308k 1205.6 days caebb6199aa01d8f5224f100e680815395e7ac2e  
972 Reuters - Obama Captures Historic White House Win.pdf 181k 5435.3 days 00fed00683c8c2b31cfb3d0c09e564058e83d925  
973 Revealed_ How US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security _ World news _ The Guardian.pdf 1.2M 3668.9 days e1952db1563f3615639067c8ae1df8e438fd88f0  
974 Revealed_ how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages _ with reader comments _ World news _ The Guardian.pdf 418k 3725.4 days 79552fa98d0c5f71a09491b9b74550b501097d32  
975 Revelations About NSA Spying on Germany and EU Rock Europe.pdf 390k 3734.4 days 9049e761647baa82e3608f93886adbc362127ed9  
976 Review & Outlook_ A Whistleblower in Moscow - WSJ.pdf 1.2M 3723.6 days 4bfef6443e749fdbe69d7023bd87e4e294b5b1bb  
977 Revisiting John Pilger's 2016 Warnings About US Warmongering Against Russia And China - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 885k 11.2 days 8048b8e96aad026f7495c5758aa074e090d65933  
978 Richard Cohen Edward Snowden is no traitor - The Washington Post.html 23k 3620.6 days f62c48879f7e7d5c44947fbf68c2b9acda00ef11  
979 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Battle for Liberty - Stone Zone.pdf 1.8M 102.2 days 15c43071bbde407c3c92e2762f4857ebadcbf6ab  
980 Robert_Teitelman_On_the_Report_of_the_Angelides_Commission.war 1.6M 4598.1 days 0c97b4a4c01859fc3b29f57fca9422865812eb0c  
981 Robert_Teitelman_On_the_Report_of_the_Angelides_Commission1.war 216k 4598.1 days b138f025301499681b172cac7d82dbdbe6e0be07  
982 Ron Paul Manning ‘should be released’ - Print View.html 7k 3683.1 days 6c9876e8959c3785d8bc79a3f0efb3664a7c62a6  
983 Ron Paul - Why Won’t They Tell Us the Truth About NSA Spying.html 7k 3700.2 days 74c2f53c6cfc4dcbb02222c090cb55b2c8c598fb  
984 Ron_Paul_Stubbornly_Fails_To_Understand_Principles_of_Economics.war 73k 4882.5 days eefdfbc013a750888b8ff1a5637e5ccef9e58f0e  
985 Rule By Decree_ The Emergency State's Plot To Override The Constitution - ZeroHedge.pdf 138k 102.2 days b9876907e1a148c28792270661cd0812c62d3e41  
986 Rumor of gravitational wave discovery is just that, source says _ Science _ AAAS.pdf 136k 2810.3 days a60b860c9baac17acaa4f08ae336368e5736249a  
987 Russia Amasses Hundreds of Thousands of Troops on Ukraine Border for 'Revenge' Strike - Gerald Celente.pdf 1.8M 221.2 days f01f398c5a0f84e5d1e175492b1f34f9905a0bdd  
988 Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses, Calling It an Extremist Group - The New York Times.pdf 125k 2344.2 days 1eacf3da180da1776017f74ad0cdf38791aa072e  
989 Russia Controls $12.4 Trillion of Ukraine's Energy and Metal Deposits - Business Insider.pdf 201k 102.2 days df8d00f4265925a124a722675f67b101567d4ddc  
990 Russia Cuts Off Ukraine Gas Supply To 6 European Countries.pdf 886k 3173.2 days 483305d5406cc23a8e6301385d83a011b5b6c7b5  
991 Russia Says Study Suggests Syria Rebels Used Sarin - NYTimes.pdf 111k 3727.1 days b3547d849eae851fa3392ab10a99079e43ae4451  
992 Russia Shores up Ukraine against EU Blitzkreig_larouchepac.pdf 214k 3566.3 days 647ebde5dec5d4a9f0399ae4c33561a7c713c20a  
993 Russia and Bolivia to trade in national currencies – envoy - RT.pdf 76k 207.0 days 73cb6b8845551244fb8d2f5f60206d49c58537c7  
994 Russia and India Disturbed Over Acceptance of Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan.pdf 99k 4980.5 days e435c762afd7a43cca70fd387c61e8df90d79528  
995 Russia official_ Venezuela last chance for Snowden-usatoday.pdf 365k 3727.3 days 7b8d11d7b75b3d406dd7878c273fe32ad1d5f38a  
996 Russia says it has not received asylum application from Snowden.pdf 550k 3723.7 days 14dc250a0b4c167ee3d668bf97e436a971179ead  
997 Russia signs treaty to annex Ukraine's Crimea region - latimes.pdf 98k 3475.2 days 7d6ac51a126169ac234fc9a489db86107a6d0713  
998 Russia to Build ‘Migrant Village’ for Conservative American Expats - The Moscow Times.pdf 1.3M 130.2 days 6467afdd29581c28d3bb613fa1386f9fc3391b6c  
999 Russia's top spy offers view on why Ukraine crisis remains deadlocked — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union.pdf 88k 242.1 days 922b9874ffde698952f92c58dd17c836bda66fea  
1000 Russia, Turkey, and China Protest British Spying at 2009 G-20 Summit.pdf 92k 3680.3 days 502c2fa8077d9e16d1d019bc4718c3d82cb8eec7  
1001 Russia_Celebrates_65th_Anniversary_of_Victory_Over_Fascism.war 72k 4882.5 days 8bc8f500a0e4bf78535d1593cb885b220dbf1252  
1002 Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19! DNC Globalists Created Covid! - Bioclandestine.pdf 3.4M 235.1 days ea2dcce2cb792d1875095fb766aa804f66cea865  
1003 Russian Mars Probe Crash Sets Off Confusion, Conspiracy Theories _ Russia Phobos-Grunt Mission & Mars Missions _ Space Conspiracy Theories _ Space.pdf 1.7M 3734.4 days da6e1e92b630fef919fdba8d746a559a209391c0  
1004 Russian Officials Say They Didn’t Receive an Asylum Request From Snowden - NYTimes.pdf 118k 3723.6 days 5ab746fae05e2498dab0e1727b6be43372334edd  
1005 Russian Siberian Military Drills Largest Since the End of the Cold War.pdf 303k 3720.7 days 768619d0dd963394e4395f42380e5713ab3b8b34  
1006 Russians signal openness to Venezuela’s offer to shelter Snowden - The Washington Post.pdf 210k 3730.8 days 4572ef6b549081b200454983a080b37a06d3ad0d  
1007 Russia’s Putin lectures African leaders seeking to mediate in Ukraine - The Straits Times.pdf 862k 95.2 days 9bbd5252766b91cd9d3a64883cdd3a4dc6404c67  
1008 SCOTUS to reconsider hearing case alleging Biden, Harris, lawmakers ignored 2020 fraud, broke oaths - Just The News.pdf 1.7M 207.0 days 352ed1a91e45218605334069453b1e38a6dcdb29  
1009 SSL_Intercepted_today,_decrypted_tomorrow_|_Netcraft.war 738k 3654.2 days c8e8352a004ba69fba9e5249195278dc72d85874  
1010 STUNNING PROOF That HCQ Could Have Saved Tens of Thousands of Lives in the US from Coronavirus -- Jail Fauci.pdf 213k 1102.3 days 172a9fae0e16923b1dbe2e484049a0262cf57ca0  
1011 Sad Reality_ The Ukraine War Is Now Going Russia's Way - 19FortyFive.pdf 109k 116.2 days 2046057932048f3a1e9623188062e3a829144467  
1012 Sally Yates learned of Flynn targeting from Obama as Comey kept her in the dark, declassified documents show.pdf 61k 1157.7 days 3307677937edf6aca20beee58991c693debe1035  
1013 San Diego mayor accuser comes forward - Houston Chronicle.pdf 539k 3714.3 days eab755104533c9903e3e99789482f87e11f0a16f  
1014 368k 4658.0 days 003e7433c7a0143fe2bfb800f72d9bf419ab57ca  
1015 Scheduled to Die_ The Rise of Canada’s Assisted Suicide Program - The Free Press.pdf 3.5M 207.0 days b947b972cc355a66128d2d6a2d919c7b21da67b9  
1016 Scientists Have Detected a ‘Completely Unprecedented’ Burst of Energy in Space - 217k 269.1 days e1e1be9a3753d8955545df944747a6c76a327b3e  
1017 Scientology head's father was spied on, police report says - LA Times.pdf 1.2M 3084.1 days 13aa0a709365d14ad58e8291c1e1db254b055ed0  
1018 Scott Adams announces switch to Rumble for live streams after YouTube demonetization - 1.4M 269.1 days af3582d4960c10cc3068b55b3929134df66051b7  
1019 Scott Ritter: Requiem for NATO’s Nightmare - Consortium News.pdf 3.4M 46.4 days bbb20d87849b2a60e78f1461a372a152a97f8313  
1020 Scott Ritter_ A comprehensive Ukrainian defeat is the only possible outcome of its conflict with Russia - RT .pdf 340k 11.2 days 9ffee4f3d348390b7faf846e098b796d47b3a8cd  
1021 Screenshot_20200701_190556.png 394k 1178.4 days 91ee3b8b849ae38f3b699e010f02acf264a83e1e  
1022 Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs to be deposed over debunked reports on Seth Rich conspiracies _ The Independent.pdf 1.1M 1101.7 days b8822ecc7749ecbef37f19442b54b4561a3d34a8  
1023 Secret European deals to hand over private data to America _ The Top Information Post.pdf 622k 3734.8 days 396c12d2f3a561bc0b2b591e53df40f826f21048  
1024 Secret NSA documents show campaign against Tor encrypted network - The Washington Post.html 28k 3639.2 days 314d84ca1da63b8b1f83353dd87e15b972e9e8cc  
1025 Secret documents on NSA surveillance released_ Is there anything new_ (+video) - CSMonitor.pdf 332k 3705.3 days 7f976a6658862ce3ef3612fd47f2c708837eaf85  
1026 See Edward Snowden, Oliver Stone in live talk at movie theater near you - Mercury News.pdf 93k 2572.2 days 3a5f97dd59bec66b461a59c1ee7d8000ad613a4e  
1027 Seeing Edward Snowden Everywhere, Crazed Obama Causes Diplomatic Incident Over Bolivian President's Plane.pdf 222k 3731.8 days 8fbb2360b364fa745c09cab32123e00f08349689  
1028 Seized North Korean ship sailed in wake of another_usatoday.pdf 439k 3718.3 days 4477af62bf998eae7b55aad2a6688e7bdf41d085  
1029 Sen. David Richards_ Those Who Are Going After Jordan Peterson Are in Fact After Us - Epoch Times.pdf 176k 242.1 days 4069243eac52e5c398f49c2d6c5fcd8a57d0d45e  
1030 Sen. Fetterman's Wife Ripped For 'Abandoning' Her Hospitalized Husband to Go On Vacation - Conservative Brief.pdf 1.0M 207.0 days d2e69869c36b763debd238978ae801e6f27bf691  
1031 Sen. Ron Wyden_ NSA 'repeatedly deceived the American people' _ Glenn Greenwald _ theguardian.pdf 576k 3647.5 days b0545767b7225c4b1e1d400bfb638e69315dcf21  
1032 Senate Faces Limited Options Ahead of Patriot Act Expiration - US News.pdf 819k 3037.3 days 9db6bacdd62e1b392f09d9f40b285cd0a2c56eea  
1033 Senate Intelligence bill gives holders of _non-earth origin or exotic UAP material_ six months to make it available to AARO - Douglas Johnson.pdf 8.9M 88.1 days 9b5237ceba65752c82cb82fb5afd166efa592016  
1034 Senate Panel Presses N.S.A. on Phone Logs - NYTimes.pdf 146k 3705.3 days 8c969fe179be37d53189dddd65e9ce6dd9cf63f4  
1035 Senator Corker Wants Obama To Order Full Briefing on NSA by September 13_larouchepac.html 5k 3682.4 days 49b9aa453e30bef03ddcf27e5c3bf2fec23547e3  
1036 Senator Corker Wants Obama To Order Full Briefing on NSA by September 13_larouchepac.pdf 527k 3682.5 days 1094da2f2e0efaf36bf740a4caf6c05e4592f112  
1037 Senator Schumer Pushes Measure to Declassify UFO Records - The New York Times.pdf 113k 46.4 days 9a1b886f5adbd19d69730adfcc4d86c7687a2694  
1038 Senators Sensenbrenner and Leahy Introduce first Bill to Rein in Surveillance_larouchepac.pdf 213k 3614.2 days 2d4219d7c68244db834531f3b9de7b2b5bb8b2ce  
1039 Senators Wyden and Udall Issue Statement in Response to NSA Disclosures; Leahy Announces Hearings_larouchepac.pdf 212k 3688.4 days ee3020464807d2b386967806a39d9946ec6cf3c2  
1040 Senior Democrats Call for Immediate Hearings to Stop NSA Sweeps_larouchepac.pdf 644k 3680.7 days 90d4423f7edd379325b70891e81cf300e438ba07  
1041 Shots Fired as ‘Not Fucking Around Coalition’ and ‘Three Percenter’ Militia Converge on Louisville, Kentucky - The Daily Beast.pdf 685k 1154.4 days 23797ac76f11e395e9762f9dcd691a9386ad63fd  
1042 Signature verification software used by Maricopa County says 10% is 'high-confidence' match - Just The News.pdf 121k 172.3 days c21f3867c0b301bfd756818b52081c3fcbe270e4  
1043 Silk Describes How Her Sister Diamond 'Died Suddenly' in Her Kitchen (VIDEO) - Gateway Pundit.pdf 259k 242.1 days 19d841b35d778121f1353060c87d403ec73b3f2c  
1044 Simulator delivered for China's HTR-PM.pdf 165k 2811.6 days 8ef97b7ed79e71e18fe4403471a5aaa06e08ef51  
1045 Site down for maintenance_localbitcoins.html 2k 3429.0 days 199cc3b8d5f58da894ef3fc421b2ea9ca3da44c1  
1046 Smashed Edward Snowden laptop in exhibition _ Digital Culture _ DW.DE _ 02.04.pdf 395k 3095.2 days 648ad60f08f3a65e067a9b266e4d6c0c888b0812  
1047 Smashing the Overton window - Katherine Watt.pdf 783k 179.3 days b16ef1adc55cce202847c40f900c00265d19c2a5  
1048 Snowden 'exhausted,' misses American girlfriend_usatoday.pdf 718k 3703.8 days a603121ea47191820f309dd7e6c62e3cc2693f50  
1049 Snowden Affair Blows Up Even U.S_larouchepac.pdf 216k 3723.3 days 1ffccd3acb52eb4041c5442ae6955bef6a449d21  
1050 Snowden Case Illustrates Decline In U.S_Russia Relations_npr.pdf 1.9M 3701.2 days 1bb92b90f30f78a24f1532e4ccaedeb6d362b24a  
1051 Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stuns Russia_whatdoesitmean.pdf 2.0M 3536.5 days ec3e575a17f980296d1f32ad4a97823201da422a  
1052 Snowden Documents Show GCHQ and NSA Spy on Angela Merkel and German Companies_larouchepac.pdf 193k 3463.3 days 04a003fafd7d8edb557b2977c37b3fb20f98d837  
1053 Snowden Live _ Fathom Events.pdf 130k 2572.2 days 8f9d3bb55ac5373383650089055c718a0ebf8daf  
1054 Snowden May Testify Before German Investigation Committee_larouchepac.pdf 205k 3612.1 days 0baeaddf8ea43816cfa9a8cb262aec71ecb2b0d2  
1055 Snowden Rally Suggests Giving Obama the Nixon Treatment_larouchepac.pdf 224k 3619.1 days 116d8ded5830479faa2a59104b0ceaf7ccfe976e  
1056 Snowden Requests Asylum in Russia – Lawyer _ Russia _ RIA Novosti.pdf 141k 3720.8 days c29234fa1a02d128b76d6b91d5b11e75282a8669  
1057 Snowden Testifies In Writing Before The European Parliment_larouchepac.pdf 201k 3483.7 days 1ba78d842e96210c73c26953cb4e3640bf78675e  
1058 Snowden affair highlights gap between media and public - 07_21_2013 _ MiamiHerald.pdf 286k 3715.4 days 9da2643709774f956932201f115b23cdb7ec518c  
1059 Snowden applies for asylum in Russia - The Washington Post.html 24k 3735.4 days 63211849ce7d65a7a098c491ea50f7b2a153d9b6  
1060 Snowden claims online Obama expanded 'abusive' security programs - CNN.pdf 998k 3734.4 days 6f3d5d8529d36096ea22cffa6b2136e7ae63c273  
1061 Snowden did not access 'crown jewels' of NSA intel, official says - CNN.pdf 839k 3714.1 days 289cffc20ee626198b5cd10e50015ab78437a941  
1062 Snowden docs detail collaboration between NSA and Microsoft » Print - Salon.pdf 519k 3724.2 days 248ea494bc888bb29449fdaae58ca1f523244fc9  
1063 Snowden drops Russia asylum request.pdf 723k 3734.8 days 4c1884867a54236159c94239e12b6dc2a8c8c231  
1064 Snowden effect_ NSA struggles with 888% increase in FOIA requests — RT USA.pdf 1.2M 3589.0 days 1bfa4b7bc78d4679895e6f25dda3d4fb342e715e  
1065 Snowden gets German Fritz Bauer award for exposing US intelligence — RT News.pdf 1.8M 3378.4 days 7dde8f5f97a08bf82cadbabdfe96d6279a40d8de  
1066 Snowden gets asylum in Russia, has 'no plans' to leave_usatoday.pdf 915k 3704.8 days 161706f2881701c4ede67ed94b5de054b05888fb  
1067 Snowden growing accustomed to Russian life, waiting for father’s August arrival — RT News.pdf 1.8M 3697.3 days a8a5ca937c11ed62d5a9488597c7f7d1957f9df1  
1068 Snowden has 'no regrets,' seeks asylum in Russia.pdf 877k 3724.8 days 9b27be913b3e9b5634bf7aeb55da1212148be4d8  
1069 Snowden leak_ Microsoft added Outlook_The Register.pdf 524k 3724.2 days b1b8e5fc7251257beb8725914c6d03288ac0b160  
1070 Snowden may be granted entry to Russia Wednesday — RT News.pdf 884k 3713.2 days 3f3dbc01dfc3130967e2c82010b11025a8dbe249  
1071 Snowden revelations_ What more does he have_ (+video) - CSMonitor.pdf 240k 3721.6 days 4f535e5558b78b6563d5b8d39da39d18b9e47264  
1072 Snowden seeks temporary asylum in Russia_usatoday.pdf 876k 3724.8 days aec8653da51cc81d3e9cb05295ef2af3e16acec2  
1073 Snowden thanked everyone for support, but will stay in tranzit zone for now - Kucherena.pdf 510k 3712.8 days b1be44eecac146579b53f370edabb4a52e4888a3  
1074 Snowden ‘may meet whoever he wants’ over Merkel phone hack – Kremlin — RT News.pdf 932k 3611.0 days 2b2f1ef12fd88e64d51be9b0b138eb311b417674  
1075 Snowden_ NSA targeted journalists critical of government after 9_11 - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room.pdf 303k 3692.2 days 73522e49448636d55a26b53e4b6a545d824fd961  
1076 Snowden’s five dubious options for getting to Venezuela.pdf 839k 3727.3 days f97a4f40c7d6ba5864013f6f2c997d2271677715  
1077 Solid Gold In A Broken World - ZeroHedge.pdf 196k 88.1 days 885565bed2f9df77aafb1c8ec91e82752a5f7c2b  
1078 Some Questions for Kamala Harris About Eligibility _ Opinion.pdf 268k 1128.4 days 8ef9d23e8891f0467227e94653ace9db3561bc15  
1079 Sony buys movie rights for Glenn Greenwald’s Edward Snowden book The Reliable Source.html 3k 3418.2 days 12f3516908fe0f0c1df1903a6276d2dc4e38037f  
1080 Speaking for the Dead - Robert W Malone.pdf 8.6M 235.1 days c68ec712d841ad923d60fdfc5bad282e88a8ad6e  
1081 Spike Lee’s 9_11 doc still has the building blocks he was laying for his controlled demolition exposé.pdf 1.9M 249.2 days dd42720461090f8b34c60108916c0a428d524bc7  
1082 Spying by N.S.A. Ally Entangled U.S. Law Firm - NYTimes.pdf 143k 3506.3 days cf35adf0bfe71eb2263846ac3e0b47a530abfb97  
1083 Spying on allied leaders carries big risks_ Our view_usatoday.pdf 536k 3620.1 days a3df6097daedb89916754c077364bc8d1c7db41b  
1084 Staff Sgt. Robert Bales apologizes for deadly rampage in Afghanistan - 15k 3683.3 days 4ccea3cafc740688515ef0265d17b4c9a94c94ee  
1085 42k 4934.2 days af9182aa3f80dcb8e85bc3b68aa3389cff3c6c92  
1086 Stalin: "Communism incompatible with equity - @la_bufera (Druzhinik).pdf 3.1M 46.4 days f08103c09d2340ae3d5be040e45ae9af58d2113d  
1087 State Department Pleads Fifth When Asked About American Detained in Ukraine - ZeroHedge.pdf 188k 116.2 days 6e58ef0192e17fc0f8b066d40874145a91d2dbcc  
1088 Statement by the President on Syria _ The White House.pdf 379k 3674.2 days 51b94942e163eeb439e14ec438266f776bdf0cc2  
1089 Statement from Edward Snowden in Moscow.pdf 117k 3734.2 days 6f31d33447046b3f8959f1a60fefd2d6c513113e  
1090 Steep Descent_ 40% of All U.S.pdf 224k 3727.3 days c6e252df3e0565dab1d810cce819fe93ee68fb0f  
1091 Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules - 18k 3693.5 days 7444a6f9279b7ba23bbd5ad8a778469882e09089  
1092 Study finds that chlorine dioxide destroys gender-bender herbicide atrazine in water - 135k 80.3 days 8e8a4700d65fbe4eb578e19a6bc1f0cdf7fd182b  
1093 Study_ People living in highly polluted areas have a higher chance of dying from coronavirus – 297k 1041.7 days 9020cc9be83164e9e9346092f850d0a7cd6e56a2  
1094 Study_ US has spent nearly $6T on war since 9_11 _ TheHill.pdf 171k 1768.3 days ad47e3e6a3301f64eae2ee7a3ebb095c9c97db01  
1095 317k 4639.5 days 06611ce8f9c0ee03cbb09ffb9f89d73d2614c750  
1096 Success! Mystery star to be monitored _ Space _ EarthSky.pdf 168k 2653.1 days aca5e3eb13dc0f4f6eb114a6e60c092182bc98eb  
1097 Sunday Strip_ Hollywoke - Robert Malone.pdf 9.6M 179.3 days 044f2dae6af08b68d0a2019d707030d3065764be  
1098 Supreme Court Reconsiders [Brunson] Case to Reinstate Trump - Newsweek.pdf 343k 207.0 days ceffd0b795544047b716f24cb86201b4d7a2b021  
1099 Supreme Court Rejects Case Seeking to Overturn 2020 Election - 116k 249.2 days ca7764746fc2b19e6defec66b886f7cef6bea6a4  
1100 Supreme Court Rejects Request to Hear Case Seeking to Overturn 2020 Election - Epoch Times.pdf 186k 207.0 days 7d20eba35f1088751b7b15a8e9d2e8c95db6f58d  
1101 Supreme Court Rules for Insurers in $12 Billion Obamacare Case - The New York Times.pdf 114k 1243.6 days b86928e95b23961e78e3b8614e37e968e7fb21e4  
1102 Supreme Court_ Brunson v. Alma S. Adams; et al., Case Summary and Timeline - 2.1M 269.1 days 1ba48efc6d111867f9d3a3bfd8da02b6f90b54a4  
1103 Supreme Court_ California must continue prisoner release_usatoday.pdf 650k 3703.5 days 8a53da08d01f70410589f1e3b566d2dc74981906  
1104 Surviving the great COVID-19 deception - One News Now.pdf 111k 1162.2 days 483500148d7f404f5fdd3577b799181cb6e09af1  
1105 Susan Rice Goes Full Conspiracy Rant on CNN_ 'Russians Behind Race Protest Mayhem!' - Global Research.pdf 513k 1206.3 days 8ce8e456ca3c1e9336eeeb7b9b9028696c08b0f8  
1106 Suspected Russia-trained spy whale reappears off Sweden’s coast - The Guardian.pdf 82k 116.2 days d8fb176721b54f266b1936a3be4c4e8f98c7f05b  
1107 Suspicion of manhunt follows Snowden case - The Washington Post.pdf 139k 3733.3 days 36b00f908c60045886bd5fe3d2506a28c4b63fa8  
1108 Swift Ends Cryptocurrency Access to Global Marketplace - Armstrong Economics.pdf 213k 242.1 days 20daec136a8bd1b8a488bc61f288acdb8bd580c0  
1109 Synarchy - The Hidden Hand Behind the European Union – New Dawn.pdf 119k 269.1 days fed8004e555a3df246cd7badefb7a47548f19f62  
1110 Syria accidentally shoots down Russian plane while fending off Israeli missile strike_ report - Business Insider.pdf 64k 1830.3 days 5ceb5069fd2f949b9aad10c076ac73a9e72ff3bf  
1111 Syria crisis_ Could chemical weapons claims prompt Libya-style intervention_ - CSMonitor.pdf 506k 3683.3 days 772a79a3f394fe87296708835d55861329624a10  
1112 Syriza's Final Charade - OpEdNews.pdf 240k 3005.0 days 88db3f9187b4a2fa1b45933831e7f89616901149  
1113 T-Mobile for Business BrandVoice_ Digital Mining To Remote Surgeries_ Enterprise 5G Opportunities Start Now.pdf 216k 1306.5 days ace1d5da8665c9d12b6d7f6f22e5d4799e92d547  
1114 THE COVER-UP - Seymour Hersh.pdf 1.6M 165.2 days 9f2f0c397bdac029b5cf04da818ac29b3e5e610d  
1115 TV station, NTSB apologize for fake Asiana pilot names.pdf 430k 3723.2 days e789dd369a26d9f619ae772e134429af17a2d1a8  
1116 Tamerlan Tsarnaev_ 21st century conspiracist - Salon.pdf 1.1M 3699.3 days ebe111e66485620c5327e3a8e1b69b80532fe151  
1117 Targeting Glenn Greenwald's Partner Is an Attack on Every One of Us_huffpost.pdf 157k 3686.1 days 9e936fa66dde62978adab76e70e2d9b990fe58f9  
1118 Tavistock resignations cite gender dysphoria 'over-diagnoses' - The Telegraph.pdf 392k 134.6 days 228f43e3d5a62cf9854eac9859e04b94411eda81  
1119 Team Biden slings bank BS -- but you can't spin this debacle - NY Post.pdf 11.2M 185.2 days 1003e2855ea5184529fcb90454fae5d86fba9cc5  
1120 Terminating Dissent_ FBI Merges Insider Threat Training with Whistleblower Training - UncoverDC.pdf 10.8M 221.2 days cc319a3c7f73f89602e42765e638427fbc7a81ef  
1121 Terrorist threat followed 'pre-9 11 levels' of 'chatter', say NSA defenders World news The Guardian.html 123k 3701.2 days 834a0fec2702d589fdce9fc1b931116f1db6efbc  
1122 Texas AG Ken Paxton's COVID vaccine investigation could stick it to Big Pharma execs - Miranda Devine.pdf 58.0M 116.2 days 48eedc27f924f927804f3cbc922ccbd96411859f  
1123 Texas_Dems_Grapple_With_Their_Own_Alvin_Greene_--_Printout_--_TIME.war 63k 4841.3 days 5799dfb6fba34f988073e27fe0fb87e9600a4967  
1124 Thane Eugene Cesar_ RFK Jr. Calls Him Possible Assassin _ 1.0M 1229.2 days f51518790a923452c2df48f696837993564536ab  
1125 Thank God for the whistleblowers exposing the FBI's blatant political bias - Miranda Devine (NYP).pdf 75.3M 193.1 days 478a5446f870a275d54dc128b291b5105bc2c47f  
1126 The $2,000 Second Stimulus Check_ What Americans Say About It.pdf 267k 1228.8 days ca1c4603bc0c76f99b947d106bde190b8741241e  
1127 The 'debate of the century': what happened when Jordan Peterson debated Slavoj Žižek - The Guardian.pdf 315k 46.4 days 9a77effe18e17bc1d8820ff610c9aa14275d99be  
1128 The 2020 Election Wasn't Stolen, It Was Bought By Mark Zuckerberg - The Federalist.pdf 216k 130.2 days 33bbde0d7b1718a55a0cb1d3cc06aeb5d055915d  
1129 The 3 Most Exciting Words in Science Right Now_ 'The Pitch Dropped' - Technology - The Atlantic.pdf 874k 3717.5 days 09424800cb1c167aaa6708babe0dc9d15712fa8c  
1130 The Atheists Get Cross-Eyed - Taki's Magazine - Taki's Magazine.pdf 85k 1658.1 days 75c9f6d989da940bf2094f62ad5b7f5ab7211e04  
1131 The Best Speech I Never Gave - Scott Ritter Extra.pdf 1.3M 221.2 days d5e8aeebec40745e2c6d06e9e4a267c55719a689  
1132 The Biggest Obstacle To Real Freedom Is The Belief That We Already Have It - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 238k 144.5 days 442967875713e970eef69b841deac4d92c8ef496  
1133 The Birth of the Baby Twins_ Russia’s Strategic Swing Drives NATOstan Nuts — Strategic Culture.pdf 98k 269.1 days 5ac8f27a98936f65d7f1266f7c9c6e5975798dec  
1134 The Birth of the Baby Twins_ Russia’s Strategic Swing Drives NATOstan Nuts, by Pepe Escobar - The Unz Review.pdf 160k 269.1 days 94fad396949e15dd32748f0021e4e9e430768dec  
1135 The Coronavirus Has the U.S. Economy in Uncharted Waters - Bloomberg.pdf 212k 1288.6 days 517bc882373e880cae4c63352f707bba8b254763  
1136 The Corruption of Science. The Hydroxychloroquine Lancet Study Scandal. Who Was Behind It_ Anthony Fauci's Intent To Block HCQ on Behalf of Big Pharma - Global Research.pdf 658k 1187.7 days d8062c02c49de4e8400d8897914547a5824d3a76  
1137 The Crackdown Cometh - Matt Taibbi.pdf 1.8M 158.0 days dd5fa82b7f87d3c6d0e4d28a991e6aa5bb7b44f9  
1138 The Creation of the 25-Year-Old Child - Brownstone Institute.pdf 9.5M 46.4 days 7e3dd1c8255482d89ed26116f0be94d8daec43e9  
1139 The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It’s About Germany – Europe Renaissance.pdf 1.9M 102.2 days ad1d99fd4de3cf74c0307dc414c6793502c96876  
1140 The Daily Caller » Going Galt_ Why men are boycotting marriage, fatherhood and the American Dream » Print.pdf 88k 3726.5 days dd3287197737688479b5d9e618b3779f857ccc5f  
1141 The Daily Caller » The new face of SNAP Food stamps buy lobster for surfer and his buddies [VIDEO].html 7k 3693.1 days a0eea75903a2abb5c650f5e143ef9524460b9537  
1142 The Daily Caller » The silent war on noncollege-educated white men » Print.pdf 100k 3726.5 days 30262dd8a24e379d8779518b22e23289c09dc196  
1143 The Data Demon _ Freedom Magazine.pdf 538k 2340.0 days 4e16811187754f8ed1b36ec2523995a345df9d18  
1144 The Davos party returns, with the shakes _ Reuters.pdf 441k 249.2 days cad5837707441791ddc6444ea13587028ce0510b  
1145 The Death of Culture_ How Lies Killed Books - Naomi Wolf.pdf 93k 185.2 days 4c825d9d116c98d0aa6bb6bc70bca4d871bbe237  
1146 The Deep State’s Attempt To Suppress India’s Gold Demand _ Investment Research Dynamics.pdf 139k 2488.3 days da1ce333c3ebd6104cea273141109a3cfd2847df  
1147 The Democrats' Disastrous Miscalculation on Civil Liberties - Matt Taibbi.pdf 1.4M 185.2 days 5c4c74bfffe4f7cfb3372998c3fc84c8dcd41b77  
1148 The Empire Gives People The Illusion Of Fighting The Power Without Ever Endangering Real Power - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 587k 193.1 days 96cca3fba2fc0b9019b4fe67ca837cb6740329f1  
1149 The Equifax hack and how to protect yourself - freecodecamp.pdf 3.4M 2184.1 days 68f31bce6769ca5fb675076c4f8ef4548afca313  
1150 The Exciting-but-Depressing Obama-Tumblr Student-Loan Summit - The Daily Beast.pdf 685k 3390.2 days 4437014a41c6b28034772294292aff09698c36d5  
1151 The FBI Doubles Down on Christians and White Supremacy in 2023 - Kyle Seraphin.pdf 7.1M 31.3 days 143539f0721d417e235bb53d59e19d9504edebb1  
1152 The Fact-Check Racket Finally Unravels - ZeroHedge.pdf 404k 46.4 days fc9f6dde0a67a4d08094e37ca3f28deb82ba87dd  
1153 The Fed Is About to Reveal Which Wall Street Banks Needed $4.5 Trillion in Repo Loans in Q4 2019 - wallstreetonparade.pdf 117k 269.1 days 58d301124816117fdeea5cacf50204fdf0bbb72a  
1154 The Fed May Not Be Able to Pivot Even If It so Desires - Coindesk.pdf 277k 269.1 days fb18717d5365589c1b56c09cdc48b447d70b60f2  
1155 The Fifth Estate - by Mike Solana - Pirate Wires.pdf 1.4M 269.1 days 16c3721b94b5914b35864bd935aa6c2a9ee7a6a8  
1156 The Fifth Wave_ Twittermania - Discourse.pdf 3.0M 242.1 days 3c5b208d2f6ece61d312e288377edda59bb19b8a  
1157 The Foundry_ Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation Snowden “on a Leash”_ The High-Stakes Game in Russia » The Foundry_ Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation.pdf 454k 3714.1 days da9dfd9a92b1341b323a9e785a530bb797f4a814  
1158 The Future Is Here_ Dystopian Movies Fit for a Dystopian World- 606k 269.1 days 2834c309359353f9f5cb780d17c12f7d0b3e208c  
1159 The Global South Owes America Some Thanks - Bloomberg.pdf 843k 144.5 days 71d77d1dd78d16ebf075b1df266c7f2df0653aa9  
1160 The Good News About Vaccine Hesitancy - NewsBreak.pdf 128k 221.2 days c3b0b45d78ee92016b14c608329e81fac1611318  
1161 The Great Covid Laundering Scheme - Brownstone Institute.pdf 501k 46.4 days 1f22212040564fa284d706b2444eb97daf77978d  
1162 The Great Covid-19 Deception and What You Need to Know to Survive - The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.pdf 57k 1164.8 days ab2978549844d6cfc7689f6ae3eff1a354688c62  
1163 The Guardian_ Downing St. involved in 'Snowden materials' destruction order.pdf 1.2M 3685.5 days d0ffca6677579f8bdce148cf0bab4adb6f269ba4  
1164 The Ideological Bullying of Students Must Stop - Brownstone Institute.pdf 448k 46.4 days 83e65060b8b3b36d442f5018b590a7d949847da2  
1165 The Illusory Truth Effect And The "Unprovoked" Invasion Of Ukraine - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 1.8M 31.3 days 24a5880804186d298cc4c3196008f7b4afa1a04d  
1166 The Japanese Alternative to Hydroxychloroquine_ Zinc + Hinokitiol - MarketWatch.pdf 51k 1185.7 days bc77fcd62d943dce33a81155be31eaa4405b0d77  
1167 The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It - Opinion Newsweek.pdf 296k 1153.8 days 14b6509611039f7c3ff564e2d973bc97c4e5da99  
1168 The Konnech Election Systems Bombshell - Rasmussen Reports 5.7M 144.5 days c10ca6ee00671c3845d2d0457248f68e83b07273  
1169 The Lancet Published a Fraudulent Covid-19 Study_ Editor Calls It “Department of Error” - Global Research.pdf 198k 1203.8 days 678d691b0bf6dae4b74e153e828d99250a63c3c1  
1170 The Lancet hit on HCQ is coming under a cloud - 41k 1206.3 days 9b34ea65568733d13a81f4ee33f5a0eb7b6454df  
1171 The Latest Hydroxychloroquine Data, As of April 11(Renaoult, 1061) - main body with comments - In the Pipeline.pdf 1.1M 1185.6 days dd99bb1401db23aa2e8f8feed2b89a27e7cf4b54  
1172 The Mass Media Used To Publish Perspectives On Ukraine That They Would Never Publish Today - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 970k 235.1 days d3a6890c0c6ac41d2a9dc9013fb5564925b449ac  
1173 The NSA Already Collects All Email and Phone Call Content_larouchepac.pdf 420k 3731.2 days 541757b47e8bb55737fce0e8b2328f5fa7a25927  
1174 The NSA's Secret Campaign to Crack, Undermine Internet Encryption - ProPublica.pdf 998k 3669.3 days 94a2d459b84981d8f375970816b4ac4b2d886ebd  
1175 The NSA_ The Global Vacuum Cleaner that Sucks up Everything_larouchepac.pdf 237k 3608.4 days 331391e88b1b09c31b20f3f10a1aa3274169883e  
1176 The NSA_Prism firestorm_ Will personal privacy become a thing of the past_ _ ITProPortal.pdf 2.5M 3724.2 days 7944dd915dc7f1ad669f44996c29526abc2956eb  
1177 The Neocons are pushing the USA and the rest of the world towards a dangerous crisis _ The Vineyard of the Saker.pdf 207k 2223.1 days fddb35a5d9d783e0391d6730d7ee0f9bea30619a  
1178 The Next Nuclear Plants Will Be Small, Svelte, and Safer _ WIRED.pdf 2.6M 1192.3 days 7b82c4e5a8123cc6a3d46abff12f91cd29e50c29  
1179 The Nord Stream Ghost Ship - Seymour Hersch.pdf 544k 165.2 days 3d3fabc74c46b07f939ea3d8509bc620dcb5663a  
1180 The Party’s Over, The Gloves Are Off – OpEd - Eurasia Review.pdf 625k 130.2 days 2babc70900494d8c5911b104ccc778101c07182f  
1181 The Pentagon Wants to Know Who Leaked Secret Ukraine Docs - Intelligencer.pdf 724k 158.0 days 7e6e95b04150f3fd5520338c46bb7d92a15a93ef  
1182 The Puppeteer_ Who is the Real “President” of the United States_ - Larry Alex Taunton.pdf 8.4M 158.0 days 242aab0b0ae9528e0a55d824602b24faade37e91  
1183 The Secret Government Effort To Regulate Your Mind - Michael Shellenberger.pdf 1.8M 80.3 days 75868bf599c0ad0190968bad1e0e1e5677713ca0  
1184 The Shifting Sands of Obama’s Bergdahl Defense_foreignpolicy.pdf 113k 3397.7 days 4c4e293179daea0020c5b07ec46451293e471510  
1185 The Snowden video sequel and Brazil fallout _ Glenn Greenwald _ Comment is free _ 365k 3728.3 days 9c1ce58ada60bb88aa27e5a76b727706ca248231  
1186 The Squad nowhere to be seen as Ukraine package sails through - The Post.pdf 961k 221.2 days 8ccf42b33f247f313fc2fcafda2978c56cec0ec6  
1187 The Start of the Unraveling of the Trump Mar A Lago Raid - 366k 269.1 days e283e072ba9fa97d929196e91c1d091527857518  
1188 The Suspendables - Praying Mantis.pdf 1.9M 193.1 days cdbfd00436b4e77a1af4ab31b328f61ebae65a25  
1189 The Totalitarian Dystopia Is Already Here_ Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 352k 158.0 days cdc215305859a57b18871a33be7bfa46b8fbbbb7  
1190 The Truth About Hydroxychloroquine - The Captains Journal.pdf 105k 1198.6 days 3434f35e44ea3025014ff6635793be2d829fce48  
1191 The Truth About U.S. Inequality - Explaining Capitalism.pdf 2.5M 158.0 days 45619e3d561b5f16ed4cbcd093e93af324d2833a  
1192 The U.S. Just Destroyed A Potential Dollar Rival—Is Bitcoin Next_.pdf 60k 1222.5 days 22e339b1bf632b9debee6985d464d919426aa6ab  
1193 The UFO briefings on Capitol Hill have begun. Lawmakers aren’t impressed. - POLITICO.pdf 568k 269.1 days 77cb588d827ff910db9f11e199c673adc19f0186  
1194 The UN's New Rules for Ruling the World - Robert Malone.pdf 2.8M 185.2 days e725d4b493b05792676eb1d31aa8d75238a531e6  
1195 The US Press, Spooks & the Church Committee - Patrick Lawrence.pdf 1.4M 46.4 days ef80baf5b2038482eb273f354635bb5ea708aa17  
1196 The USA’s Soviet-Style President - Patrick Lawrence.pdf 1.8M 123.2 days e90555d82cab163cf1413b91dfb0768fb41b13a3  
1197 The Unforgivable Ivermectin Swindle - ZeroHedge.pdf 636k 31.3 days bedf8724df8e1c276297dc3e20f94007a117fb03  
1198 The West is Becoming Irrelevant, The World is Laughing.pdf 142k 2371.0 days 69f0014aee031c0fd73bab865ddb9b6a3b5b75a2  
1199 The Western Media Is Whitewashing the Azov Battalion - The Nation.pdf 1.8M 95.2 days fadb7bf8a5ff46db604af974cb6f75086a870771  
1200 The Worst Literal Hitler Ever, by C.J. Hopkins - The Unz Review.pdf 133k 1197.3 days 7f9ac093446c349516bc5e5ecd9810c29383aa96  
1201 The _Admiral Wilson Leak_ - _Core Secrets_ Document - An Analysis - The Black Vault Case Files.pdf 1.3M 1182.3 days ae95e71394118b5ca8ac86c60582a3074dad3d33  
1202 The coronavirus is airborne_ what that means_.pdf 613k 1147.8 days 2696a4efca9dfdc2eb402089cd1009acab6c1b0c  
1203 The man with no memory_ Navy vet wakes up, speaks only Swedish - CNN.pdf 119k 3720.8 days 4519cf04a887a8581ff5b7bb95fccb67763f5742  
1204 The many mysteries of Snowden's transit zone - CNN.pdf 700k 3725.6 days 061e56ac5ac9972a15fb6ed1946e627ca512ec6f  
1205 The media ignore Democrats in Congress stepping on freedom of speech - NY Post.pdf 167M 193.1 days ca9334cba94cb813b363ac1342dbf5184e8ca809  
1206 The new Russian government_ a much needed evolution but not a revolution _ The Vineyard of the Saker.pdf 317k 1318.5 days 30fc28ba0b8b5f388b59a135d3ce6fd3cbbce757  
1207 The ninth anniversary of the Ukraine war - Pearls and Irritations.pdf 1.1M 193.1 days 5e4882c4bb19b6058ff045749fef91e98e90210f  
1208 The plumbing of the capital markets is clogged. The Fed is still working to fix it - CNN.pdf 188k 1461.1 days 05cf12b32df5ea192bbc52f4bc35eea5ded8a619  
1209 The power of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden - The Washington Post.pdf 101k 3702.7 days 1323353342af9a966a7b59794671d50986071306  
1210 The press versus the president, part four - Columbia Journalism Review.pdf 204k 221.2 days 06ec4c6309d7a5d5e44d340f3878c65b3e74d626  
1211 The press versus the president, part one - Columbia Journalism Review.pdf 169k 221.2 days eabb07fab9686e6002b86a8a5cb9c1d8352f17e5  
1212 The press versus the president, part three - Columbia Journalism Review.pdf 151k 221.2 days e506a31d93c39ea7142e3d7cf82cc97c86d73e94  
1213 The press versus the president, part two - Columbia Journalism Review.pdf 171k 221.2 days 6650c5381a70d8b404c70e25141e2ccd331566f5  
1214 The psychological war waged by the Five Eyes against the very civilians they claim to defend - David Icke.pdf 162k 46.4 days 98c2cf61de8a8797835a91df93d87d1a5672a54b  
1215 The tremendous ethical and methodological flaws in the Raoult clinical trial_ analysis, by Olivier Berruyer.pdf 5.5M 1185.7 days 0bfd4ebb81c05882aae8b8b82e6206be7cd3d437  
1216 The war on Hydroxychloroquine can be traced back to Gilead, the drug maker looking to profit big from Remdesivir - ClearNewsWire.pdf 128k 1104.5 days 1a7ba6a3872b21da82d134281d5aa3507b83d500  
1217 The world must hear from Edward Snowden again _ Mark Weisbrot _ Comment is free _ 425k 3728.3 days f43cd30e0e156d249c3f1ebd6ee327dda17034fe  
1218 The ‘Global Order’ Myth _ The American Conservative.pdf 240k 2288.6 days d9f528f85af8dd3d34f28aa1783863a1d15b4175  
1219 The_Real_Authors_of_9-11_Are_Still_At_Large.war 52k 4524.3 days 19f9ca288d5b54cbdce102b83b9537a065d6e26f  
1220 The_stunning_decline_of_Barack_Obama_10_key_reasons_why_the_Obama_presidency_is_in_meltdown_–_Telegraph_Blogs.war 141k 4784.5 days 6efb7d951200d213b5546677cf108c4f12191675  
1221 There’s Something Seriously Weird About The Latest Kennedy Deaths – Def-Con News.pdf 26k 269.1 days 6dd02a5c1351d7d6f8c3a6262b99829f5b7ebab9  
1222 They knew_ why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us_ - IQfy.pdf 499k 123.2 days aac3abc169f0e8b60b469a279cc0ec7d9eb79a02  
1223 They're Not Worried About "Russian Influence", They're Worried About Dissent - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 861k 221.2 days ea887a1127aa1043e4e795720f68e09c15e3ef35  
1224 Third World America Incapable of Providing Nurses and Doctors Treating Covid-19 Patients with Protective Masks - 570k 1252.6 days faa89688f089d2a853507d2ea03649ad505fd6f0  
1225 This Is What Annihilation Looks Like: Biden Export Controls 'Wreaking Havoc' On China's Chip Industry - ZeroHedge.pdf 128k 269.1 days a267d1cbef95b96efa3fbc0bcd3cbbaf69adf434  
1226 This Study Could Be 'Scientific Nail in the Coffin' for Masks - 55k 221.2 days 8b96a33147ab998cae593ff920951651c5345c8c  
1227 This is disturbing_ Andre Russell on picture of cops pointing rubber-bullet gun at a child during US protests _ Sports News.pdf 575k 1207.4 days 2e57ebe815539693ce90ec181fbf2cac752d8f93  
1228 Those slamming Trump over chloroquine should remember AIDS medication wars.pdf 198k 1230.6 days 5ce801ba969356360c0f91383d30a30372977174  
1229 Thoughts on The New York Times Advertisement Plaintively Advocating Peace Talks for Ukraine - Matt Bivens.pdf 3.5M 123.2 days 48789ea51c0bc5fe0f618d93fc6c710fde401906  
1230 Thread by @InfraHaz - core ML.pdf 179k 95.2 days 7998c31a64f8708a8723fa3589957b4e511b1cd9  
1231 Three Ibero-American Presidents Offer Asylum to Edward Snowden.pdf 207k 3729.3 days e18e1985b07fcfa43b7ab9d09d5d2c8cb2fba3f8  
1232 Ties Fraying, Obama Drops Putin Meeting - 19k 3698.3 days 95712d4029a7b74f21af26a1e8aedaf6d54433bb  
1233 Tijuana Doctors ‘Dropping Like Flies’ and Free Trade Gets Blame - Bloomberg.html 1.5M 1251.5 days d7c585c110d58f03384c6497d532312f5ae85c0d  
1234 Tijuana coronavirus death rate soars after hospital outbreaks - Reuters.pdf 44k 1224.3 days 1f3a9acca0a597efe7a26d8068ecbfb8755fca0a  
1235 Tim Canova_ Supreme Court Considers Case Seeking to Overturn 2020 Presidential Election - Gateway Pundit.pdf 344k 269.1 days 346194fa90cbeb18cd075f93e24b4c3857c92bde  
1236 Time to Get Spies Out of Politics - Matt Taibbi.pdf 1.3M 144.5 days 460178ad251f2f878b76d75843405fd9c1e61232  
1237 Tin Foil Hats Actually Make it Easier for the Government to Track Your Thoughts - The Atlantic.pdf 172k 1221.7 days 8bea25fbb1c756c378db7bea2099688388f5ad95  
1238 To be _Borked__ My odd friendship with Robert Bork - Robert Reich.pdf 305k 235.1 days 9b93e628de502872e8c10b27348e53a52cdcb797  
1239 Tom Cruise to Film Aboard the International Space Station – Variety.pdf 437k 1233.2 days aa500ffbed2ac943fb9d8c4bc60810132ac1c059  
1240 Top Biden agencies hit with subpoenas over social media 'censorship' coordination - Washington Examiner.pdf 550k 144.5 days ffbdb6094bf840a8129ba5b7bc1cd305e3f95e4f  
1241 Top US Officials Have "First-Hand Knowledge" Of Secret UFO Program: Rubio - ZeroHedge.pdf 118k 80.3 days a248af05fb9ef5aeee6ab22a69a4591b8188f561  
1242 Tor stands strong against the NSA, but your browser can bring you down _ PCWorld.pdf 736k 3639.2 days b9af08b8a04e42a38ac673697e3f3e1906a1300e  
1243 Totalitarian Suppression of the Only Drug Effective Against COVID-19 - 175k 1059.7 days 914b7b75b06d17157850bffc30007ea65c5bc8a5  
1244 851k 4984.7 days 70c3279eed761d4faa1068bb3ebe743be912db89  
1245 Trans teen died from vaginoplasty complications during landmark Dutch study - The Post Millennial.pdf 2.1M 144.5 days 5afe1814f93472a1b074ceb70d9ce8ac4cf1be66  
1246 Treasury Curve Inverts at Long-End as 20-Year Yield Tops 30-Year - Bloomberg.pdf 116k 269.0 days c66ef0dbfe0e8f8de97579a874c58591b37cd547  
1247 Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients, Henry Ford Health System Study Shows _ Henry Ford Health System - Detroit, MI.pdf 78k 1169.7 days dced90271e87e49583e5c1affac872f94e1261a3  
1248 Treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and combination in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 - International Journal of Infectious Diseases.pdf 787k 1162.1 days 6d43eba03f35a07f33561b084299381d9885c7ab  
1249 True the Vote Requests Special Master in Konnech Case - UncoverDC.pdf 2.7M 185.2 days 9feca000e43c90661b733fcc45a7f05b25cc22c9  
1250 Trump Sanctions Top ICC Officials Probing US War Crimes in Afghanistan – Consortiumnews.pdf 214k 1109.2 days 88bfb5f64c29191f0261e17b4b3f0adc29cdc076  
1251 Trump Vindicated_ Media Elite Turn on “Russiagate” Coverage - Judicial Watch.pdf 136k 207.0 days cd75c6d3748cde8aaf1598a0d405a840bd6a5580  
1252 Trump administration seeks roughly $850 billion stimulus package for coronavirus economic fallout - The Washington Post.pdf 111k 1284.6 days d0d4fc39510621dbe0b9880db7141c5b57b08476  
1253 Trump again calls Tijuana 'heavily infected' with COVID-19. Here are the facts - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf 96k 1184.3 days a12e515f958035b4db040810f33bcee901d6711f  
1254 Trump expected to sign executive order expanding immigration restrictions _ Fox News.pdf 2.1M 1189.4 days 5481e20f079148392c1622443cf7380535da21a2  
1255 Trump hands anti-vaxxers invite to smear coronavirus vaccine - Los Angeles Times.pdf 358k 1225.7 days 936f84108ca71e80ecc69497e0aad252887c163e  
1256 Trump is a Buzzkill - Amy Loftus Projects.pdf 1.1M 123.2 days 639c79036dbfe44498d0d21a7917cb49142e1592  
1257 Trump says he's been taking hydroxychloroquine despite safety concerns _ TheHill.pdf 38k 1222.6 days fab5c601f299fc5547314802bfd065b81f0191d6  
1258 Trump shock victory_ New Cold War no more_ — RT Op-Edge.pdf 336k 2508.6 days 813ce146151128a3d8ebf61c4bd51a49b73db7a1  
1259 Trump team canned election fraud study – WaPo - RT.pdf 105k 221.2 days bcfc81fcf5a6a1d8eed174095c5097e776fc26fa  
1260 Trump's response to Jan. 6 committee's subpoena vote -Washington Examiner.pdf 2.2M 269.1 days f46b5031529acc97b2c17efcfc847d607685eb35  
1261 Trump's taxes_ Takeaways from release of long-sought returns _ AP News.pdf 705k 252.4 days 82490d2b82d79bdf4e4e88a50d788994d798f9d6  
1262 Trump’s Fake Anti-War Posturing Works for Him - The Nation.pdf 689k 1097.2 days f43bffe0cab095f0113d32252fda5a070fbd97ab  
1263 Truth Is Washington’s Enemy -- Paul Craig Roberts.pdf 124k 3076.5 days 4b7a05b742a88ec9c121d05c8a13f3c0d169b86d  
1264 Truthdig - NSA Surveillance Critic Glenn Greenwald to Testify Before Congress.pdf 234k 3707.1 days b6370522b1cbf84b3b83252a615db602339ab1f4  
1265 Tucker Carlson Announces George Floyd Fatally Overdosed with Fentanyl and A Lawsuit Is Brought to Force Release of HCQ to the Public - 63k 1141.7 days 2a1f6d05ef8bf8cdea7980f5cb29eb2acd387a33  
1266 Tucker Carlson Claims Source Says CIA Involved In JFK Death - 286k 269.1 days f4a74417b38b3c7ad05fed747083436c6c33478c  
1267 Tucker Carlson SHOCKED When High-Level CIA Source Confirms CIA Killed JFK – VT .pdf 30k 269.1 days fbdeb5dbf3646834afd689eb76eb2754502e4d41  
1268 Tucker Carlson said he hates Trump 'passionately', lawsuit reveals - BBC News.pdf 666k 193.1 days bddc6b1aef45e46e7fe15a22b063c023b223f7ae  
1269 Tucker Carlson's lawyers accuse Fox News of fraud - Axios.pdf 995k 130.2 days 4395b8653f76e95025d5c846bfc25eb84a31c872  
1270 Turkey claims success treating COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine, the drug touted by Trump - CBS News.pdf 101k 1180.6 days 3294a89b334df41ee1c5cc1373c1bd77b78c2094  
1271 Twitter Aided Pentagon in Covert Propaganda Campaign.pdf 4.9M 269.1 days 64e077e20fd97694ffd3c0c947c3b39e5203aa10  
1272 Twitter Files revealed growing government control – Matt Taibbi - RT.pdf 84k 242.1 days 51ee51f2c6ded5ad1431b0550cea096629319921  
1273 Twitter Files_ Platform Suppressed Valid Information from Medical Experts about Covid-19 - Yahoo.pdf 711k 269.1 days 60b8f5d149bd73406987058c26089c839f4770ce  
1274 Twitter Makes Move That Could Take Out 'Woke' PayPal - Trending Political News.pdf 92k 235.1 days 6fd972f483b6fd36b279bb11ada15b6a93c77964  
1275 Twitter penalizes Donald Trump Jr. for posting misleading Stella Immanuel coronavirus video - The Washington Post.pdf 94k 1151.6 days 6bb4dcc059a78a4701d07cbaeacc60e68d4c6a82  
1276 Twitter to crack down on accounts espousing far-right conspiracy theory 'QAnon' - ABC News.pdf 71k 1158.2 days bdecca5aca3c1e3422b814dbeed51978d8d12519  
1277 Twitter_Files_Mate_Ukraine02.pdf 1.5M 102.2 days 22356da8fb64ff58a0c44a40b50a2bfe04d6de3a  
1278 Two Election Workers Targeted by Pro-Trump Media Sue for Defamation - The New York Times.pdf 106k 269.1 days 8da2d80250889a37dcb3c2616d4ff19d28f52fa6  
1279 Two Police Officers Shot by Sword-Wielding Man at Scientology Church _ Hollywood Reporter.pdf 109k 1640.1 days 2a1c9836a85f9440b25a5298f4d9baf6c9b3652e  
1280 Two years later, Jan. 6 video footage raises new questions about police and prosecutors - Just The News.pdf 271k 172.3 days 9afe727b61208ec02fb4d291b426130f594bc105  
1281 U.K. Government Raid of Guardian 'Symbolic"_larouchepac.pdf 689k 3683.2 days b8884521d988fd147035b898bdca56a912276032  
1282 U.S. Congress Threatens Ibero-American Governments That Offer Asylum to Snowden_larouchepac.pdf 210k 3727.3 days 8656247bd53805a7e14ade10c8f49b64f6e28d5b  
1283 U.S. Envoy Is Summoned by Germany Over Spying Report - 20k 3620.1 days fd9f9c73b209c367884b4981dac98fe4b0d859c4  
1284 U.S. Government Leniency Urged for Snowden_larouchepac.pdf 236k 3548.9 days 14d85a54cde6c1485060b48a9533e5358ebfaf3f  
1285 U.S. Is Pressing Latin Americans to Reject Snowden - NYTimes.pdf 145k 3724.8 days 6fc0cbf848dc0c103e4f13102f42da0dc516fc86  
1286 U.S. Officials Declare Chinese Weather Balloon a Threat to U.S. Sovereignty - Harley Schlanger.pdf 64k 221.2 days f7e9660b2a0ce16cb284d6f397573b0ff699c3e2  
1287 U.S. Shouldn't Boycot Sochi Olympics Because of Edward Snowden_forbes.pdf 534k 3715.3 days 2ba6e6701a174a0802ecd1b771dd44a349c53a5c  
1288 U.S. Targets Iran’s Oil, Central Bank in Effort to Thwart Nukes.pdf 121k 4322.8 days cc8cca486854da7faed1be72c8dcd20a70b2522d  
1289 U.S. Virus Plan Anticipates 18-Month Pandemic and Widespread Shortages - The New York Times.pdf 134k 1283.7 days 0e2dbe5185fe676b9a3492668935a4c9efa18eea  
1290 U.S. and Russian Envoys Discuss Snowden, Among Other Topics - NYTimes.pdf 139k 3703.7 days 24041ccc48381301ca4a7fa5d0249cf4b00c82dd  
1291 U.S. arms showing up in hands of pro-Assad militias-usatoday.pdf 530k 3726.3 days 7d7debbf12686cd2c062a201bd95f09bd50558ef  
1292 U.S. has filed charges in Benghazi attack - 15k 3699.3 days 2c827510f3588233b7090cb5cb683699b0364f97  
1293 U.S. officials scrambled to nab Snowden, hoping he would take a wrong step. He didn’t_washington_post.pdf 124k 3385.1 days 28dac5a60a933970dfa851df38ce90202e02d585  
1294 U.S. stocks up on body bags in preparation for possible second wave of COVID-19 deaths – 216k 1235.4 days 6428d07cd258d67bee3605aa8657deb886e18ce8  
1295 U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army study - Washington Times.pdf 40k 834.2 days 80e944b6a1b9fcee64de9601e3cbdb635e031f59  
1296 U.S._ Wanted ex-CIA officer headed for U.S_usatoday.pdf 512k 3717.3 days e3568cc48fb5d202d22c630f2bd0cebcb79b874f  
1297 277k 4639.5 days 79411ff828df4c0411ccd0cc463a2d36cafb5320  
1298 U.S.­Australia­Indonesia Espionage Triangle Destroys NSA Deniability_larouchepac.pdf 190k 3504.4 days 14008199950d0f36830d9273cd3c0c31f834b0b0  
1299 UAF-WTC7-Draft-Report-Release-09-04-2019.pdf 510k 1432.3 days c0e26c4a5f036bb7a8aa515da33f0b1af9f6536f  
1300 UFO-believing Pentagon bosses missed spy craft for years - NY Post.pdf 12.7M 46.4 days 11d3c4d6d1ad05a1b9716f00341165b18c6bf440  
1301 UK NHS Director of "End-of-Life Care” Confirms Doctors Lied About COVID Being Cause of Death to Create Illusion of a Pandemic - Global Research.pdf 254k 74.4 days 9df95b27019bed3f300e283b75a07ccf923bd9f8  
1302 UK detention of Reprieve activist consistent with NSA's view of drone opponents as 'threats' and 'adversaries' _ Glenn Greenwald _ Comment is free _ theguardian.pdf 356k 3647.6 days 35de809d8afa9fac5131388d086f7f6a7f4c5702  
1303 UK government given Tuesday deadline over David Miranda data _ World news _ The Guardian.pdf 708k 3680.2 days c1bd56d19482d13da3045c80b101098be0fe983b  
1304 UK intelligence leaders to testify for the first time since Snowden leaks — RT News.pdf 1.4M 3607.1 days 34bb1f703ebddba6c56cfa62550c00f177fd52b4  
1305 UK is weaponizing banking now - Robert Malone.pdf 2.5M 80.3 days 1daf203b00902d3c145c37fbf39df664c30d71e3  
1306 UN "Pact For The Future" Seeks Permanent Emergency Powers For "Complex Global Shocks" - ZeroHedge.pdf 83k 74.4 days fa194567bd9ba22c88621f6f38ab1b461023a63d  
1307 UN Declares War on 'Dangerous' Conspiracy Theories_ 'The World Is NOT Secretly Manipulated By Global Elite' - News Punch.pdf 4.5M 269.1 days 4b7cd7483af377df29294f182047875997adcefa  
1308 UN condemns executions of Russian POWs by Ukrainians — RT.pdf 380k 221.2 days 3bfe8f210b553e5e9b27d9206a71e43577464bb2  
1309 UN probing alleged killings by CAR forces, Russia mercenaries _ United Nations News - Al Jazeera.pdf 70k 144.5 days 73ae782829a70967b05cef15d1319ad5d66170eb  
1310 US 'intentionally released Covid virus in Wuhan' EU summit told - The Standard.pdf 1.5M 116.2 days 24b8daed1dc725b6cbad01cb1fef52aa242883a5  
1311 US Failure to Recognize Natural Immunity Negatively Affected Pandemic Response - Epoch Times.pdf 1.0M 130.2 days 89f87318daef1c2d755d6f258bd00aa1bff7971e  
1312 US Has Almost 30 Times More COVID-19 Deaths per Population than Third-World Countries that Promoted Early HCQ Use - 97k 1135.3 days 8309609a2faf6cc7da1d712a5331191a94ac976c  
1313 US House has no members, no rules as speaker race drags on _ AP News.pdf 1.4M 252.4 days 690c8a1afebf0c88b6bad3ae393f91881b03c682  
1314 US Military Fuel Vaccine Propaganda - The Daily Beagle.pdf 5.2M 172.3 days 291e6a6f8102af71ba20ececf84564132d774187  
1315 US Mint Runs Out Of Silver On Same Day Price Of Silver Plunges To 2015 Lows _ Zero Hedge.pdf 476k 2997.7 days 9083b803d9d5194a4473e6a4ced606f547ce406e  
1316 US Was Behind Both Crimean Bridge Attacks - Seymour Hersh.pdf 125k 46.4 days d79050d5383eedd976185422606ba4ae3babcb14  
1317 US billionaire wealth skyrockets to over $3 TRILLION during pandemic — RT Business News.pdf 166k 1217.3 days 114944fddea58fb00045e36b58288c2e86b5b7cd  
1318 US fury over Edward Snowden's asylum in Russia _ The Australian.pdf 121k 3703.9 days 67636009754161729ec7374e9479637dbc81bcd2  
1319 US is pushing to reject all asylum seekers, citing coronavirus worries - CNNPolitics.html 1.3M 1284.1 days 8855c855cfefe9f70b4ceca4743e04fd746ee715  
1320 US lies and deception spelled out in Afghanistan papers' shocking detail _ World news _ The Guardian.pdf 433k 1138.8 days 9e0080f7cf43c86a81775c160ca4c8bfeb80a337  
1321 US to send Ukraine longer-range bombs in latest turnaround - AP News.pdf 918k 221.2 days ad8657b378d21a16530a8e92fc80984f3395e217  
1322 US wants $10,000 from Lavabit owner for dodging order for Snowden's email _ The Verge.pdf 335k 3598.3 days 1d76ad3a61d62e1a5b3eecf28850fa045f707702  
1323 US ‘Disinformation Industry’ Lands in Court - Patrick Lawrence.pdf 2.7M 46.4 days 6976fee60a54c3c09c35919b57a1e71fc0ba41da  
1324 US, Israel Waging Biological Warfare on Massive Scale – Veterans Today.pdf 137k 1160.6 days 1192d49ac924ef2bef65dfbaf04ad36ece3ae001  
1325 USA.gov_shutdown.pdf 149k 3643.5 days bf8a96a11154923be7f84de11321f403e1286b76  
1326 USPS Contract Truck Driver Who Transferred 288,000 FRAUDULENT BALLOTS from NY to PA Speaks at Presser - The Gateway Pundit.pdf 541k 109.2 days 4ec292e837a5eaec84ddd1c0ebf7ac13f08be57f  
1327 Ukraine Is Neocons' Last Gasp - The Federalist.pdf 239k 17.2 days 83de645700f30bde3d09d40e7e88c12bddfd5ca3  
1328 Ukraine Rocked By Corruption Scandal, Wave Of Top Officials Resign - ZeroHedge.pdf 1.8M 235.1 days d21aef16431043dbeaf734355053ba0ef5150812  
1329 Ukraine War Leaks & NS Parallels - Ignasz Semmelweisz.pdf 2.0M 165.2 days 2ff3e517336e4c3319b41fc4f5a0c349af27e950  
1330 Ukraine finds stepping up mobilisation is not so easy - The Economist.pdf 965k 207.0 days 4ac56236743daab9c0124753230a638661d19926  
1331 Ukraine issues demands to Israel - RT.pdf 112k 221.2 days 138f61fefa6eb1a48155a3248acef768a372acf5  
1332 Ukraine war moves 'Doomsday Clock' to 90 seconds to midnight - AP News.pdf 425k 235.1 days 666b246eb11904f84058cbe50388d6387cad5796  
1333 Ukraine's year of pain, death —and also nation-building - AP News.pdf 828k 207.0 days b9dfcbe798896006a8107250d0bdc5935978cbf0  
1334 Ukraine, a Ponzi Scheme, and a Top Democrat Donor Raise Serious Questions – RedState.pdf 159k 269.1 days 92278ddfc3e90a8d2e233bff3b9176e5234a9a61  
1335 Ukraine_ The War That Went Wrong - The Chris Hedges Report.pdf 2.1M 235.1 days 18d2f045a39d83056363f5567c243f2f17240f15  
1336 Unbowed, foes of spying program vow to fight on _ Politics _ The Seattle Times.pdf 120k 3712.1 days c23359fdc8f66e2938e9f1ba65d64de37ac1f3c7  
1337 Unchastened by Russiagate, the NY Times Doubles Down in Its Special Counsel Coverage - Aaron Maté.pdf 8.3M 207.0 days cec60bf16fffe33054e9789efa909dd9deab2867  
1338 Under Elon Musk, Twitter has approved 83% of censorship requests by authoritarian governments - EL PAÍS English.pdf 3.7M 116.2 days 5de8a1bdb1f9243ff4f80d2486a36f865d7d4e60  
1339 Unexplained explosion and fire destroy world's second largest pharmaceutical factory producing precursors for hydroxychloroquine - American Thinker.pdf 542k 1000.7 days 1012caee21779ead26a6fd561e02234564669eb7  
1340 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research_ Notes on a 2002 meeting between Dr Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Wilson_ the source of the Grant Cameron document speaks out.pdf 278k 1561.2 days a9040421e37f141f5421cac4b292a7f032a4f3f5  
1341 United Nations, Harvard, And Facebook-Google Launch Push For Censorship Worldwide - Michael Shellenberger.pdf 4.8M 144.5 days 41a5bc98164744396820556f07e9c8bc987e18d0  
1342 Unusual Undervote Rate Raises Questions About Arizona’s 2022 Election Results - Arizona Daily Independent.pdf 86k 221.2 days 1b6806c6a94986eded216ad74762a7ceadada612  
1343 Updated_ Lancet Published a Fraudulent Study_ Editor Calls it “Department of Error” - Alliance for Human Research Protection.pdf 272k 1203.8 days b9a6ec9ea22dab8ae3d193f76a67c6a665717480  
1344 Upstate New York County Elections Commissioner Pleads Guilty To Ballot Fraud - 1.4M 242.1 days df3b230eb5d7933ea3f18c7f62ce2847ee9fd75a  
1345 Utah Man's 2020 Election Case Quietly Makes It to the Supreme Court - Biden, Harris and 385 Lawmakers Named - Western Journal.pdf 86k 269.1 days 71b942d88f6d81fbfe6f360d102c02c5d004abc6  
1346 Vatican offers 'time off purgatory' to followers of Pope Francis tweets _ World news _ The Guardian.pdf 339k 3719.7 days 3cee0f1e47a3793592cabcba7c9e79daebf34068  
1347 Venezuela Offers Asylum to Snowden - NYTimes.pdf 120k 3731.3 days e25f560e9a921f07ebebbe171efe8b09013b5d63  
1348 Victim’s father_ make example of ‘regrettable assault’ - The DM _ The Daily Mississippian.pdf 211k 2891.6 days eda260d8f1c8fd89b45886f82e102bfab6c83656  
1349 Viral ShadowGate video makes sweeping, unfounded claims - PolitiFact.pdf 101k 1131.3 days 6333525e2d7c1f897bc762f0f865315e654d39bc  
1350 Virologists are LYING about the origins of coronavirus_ Yes, the coronavirus contains gain-of-function gene sequences that were INSERTED into the virus – 205k 1230.3 days 5df4c49a7fd898ac0fc36b00291f741ae1fcc4f9  
1351 Virus Consipracy-Theory Video Shows Challenges for Big Tech _ Business News _ US News.pdf 649k 1228.5 days 9520bdd38677aa4f43fddc833777843856935e8e  
1352 Vitamins are a waste of money, say scientists - Telegraph.pdf 443k 3567.1 days 71aa07f081c1213941eb7c14cee74dc4aedb1fe0  
1353 Volatility_In_Entire_Middle_East_And_Maghreb_Is_On_The_Rise.war 49k 4582.7 days d10157fbe4b400e27c2565211c1115d5dd92f258  
1354 WHO "Solidarity" and UK "Recovery" clinical trials of Hydroxychloroquine using potentially-fatal doses, according to WHO consultant.pdf 148k 1192.6 days 6515a06b641ed20c91c1f422055acf82f8da35e0  
1355 WHO _Solidarity_ and UK _Recovery_ Clinical Trials of Hydroxychloroquine using Potentially Fatal Doses - AGE OF AUTISM.pdf 127k 1191.7 days 85f462e671c204c98abf90647bf61e4a7e2d94ea  
1356 WTC Security Firm Held Its Meetings in Saudi Offices - Kevin Ryan.pdf 122k 80.3 days 98a89ab2f28bac202f426efecd4f544d572b17d0  
1357 Wall Street First - Michael Hudson.pdf 169k 2371.0 days 8bf65f8523f8f03792d1ef3bdefdee8083584252  
1358 Wall Street feasts on death - World Socialist Web Site.pdf 44k 1247.5 days cc25128b29de3c8b04ba2a11962ea4ba4a14107c  
1359 Wall Street, Obama Freak Over Building Glass-Steagall Momentum_larouchepac.pdf 410k 3722.1 days 68557808b0c7edb063e9e2e47d3a6958f5960b12  
1360 War is great for the portfolio, as defense stocks enjoy a banner year - Responsible Statecraft.pdf 82k 207.0 days 42e9af7011fffe09e9c6696994abd813bc032e9d  
1361 Was 911 The Beginning Of The End Of The American Empire? - The Federalist.pdf 383k 11.2 days e647538fcd4136f2c14f0e4e4b0a68d9fc49583c  
1362 Was Spengler Right After All - Brownstone Institute.pdf 123k 31.3 days b0007e1e46ee2caf5a33c1b1182b00fddea92492  
1363 Washington Is Banning Assault Rifles and Left-Wing Gun Owners Are Scared - Vice.pdf 165k 144.5 days 389000508fbe37bd7f502bd83e7b7e6f86495622  
1364 Washington in the Time of Domitian - Fred Reed.pdf 137k 144.5 days 959c6206c15863f8cf1455719f45e16db2974634  
1365 Washington’s Carthaginian Peace Collides With Reality - The American Conservative.pdf 2.1M 269.1 days ffce5172136e507873a42835074129997785c84b  
1366 Wayne Madsen: James Holmes Family Tied to DARPA and Mind Manipulation Work - 82k 2185.4 days 9e819e8720621c435a6bd1be13b040fc1b6465fb  
1367 We're Losing Our Anti-War Heroes Right When We Need Them Most - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 4.8M 193.1 days dff8aec1ca768e289ca39bb6c382565cbe75449e  
1368 We're Ruled By Assholes Because We Have Asshole Systems - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 473k 221.2 days b7037041ea47f4164f21160960ad16b24e99ec7d  
1369 Were Israeli Spies Detained on Sept. 11 - ABC News.pdf 47k 134.6 days 76e92a5c2ee37fb02b52495aa1e30a16998f88cd  
1370 Western News Media Exist To Administer Propaganda - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 1.4M 123.2 days 6fea2d9bb548d9d1b239aa5d5832b46219b4e263  
1371 What Edward Snowden Leaked Was Nothing Compared to What He Didn’t_thenation.html 44k 3501.5 days c575307f52c539ed3e7c82b01bbae4a9d9947208  
1372 What If Snowden's Laptops Hold No Secrets_ - By Noah Shachtman _ Foreign Policy.pdf 1.3M 3713.9 days 8ea15e52c0543e0ef40257cee76b5cf8e63c598c  
1373 What It Was Like to Work for Russian State Television - The New York Times.pdf 3.1M 269.1 days 09460a60496d2a646dc6af2e81d20c4dded92b76  
1374 What Raland J Brunson v. Alma S. Adams is Really About — Monomakhos.pdf 65k 252.4 days 2af76cdafd2ecfb0b51db41beab98d1b8930cbfa  
1375 What We Know About the Surge of South Bay Coronavirus Cases - 145k 1203.3 days 0c8de12e1ff139cdf3998d606bddab9e8788222f  
1376 What is MAGA Communism - Haz.pdf 755k 185.2 days 998fcffb1ef082077bd002394236f6b2841e709c  
1377 What is Section 230_ Legal Shield for Websites is the Targeted by Trump - The New York Times.pdf 158k 1212.7 days b647371085a3c694fd7853d2cf5147bc5ff0b389  
1378 What is XKeyscore, and can it 'eavesdrop on everyone, everywhere' - CSMonitor.pdf 315k 3702.7 days 0148e0f8e5a3950bf0065411161b3f970bff366a  
1379 What really happened in the Manson murders_ ‘Chaos’ casts doubt on Helter Skelter theory - Los Angeles Times.pdf 576k 1245.3 days 4a27dc7df9332cdba5fb58d54922eb845e79698f  
1380 What's Behind the Seth Rich Coverup - American Thinker.pdf 67k 269.1 days 275dd7179dbb918309596797839b233ae8261aeb  
1381 When the feds come knocking_ The tale of a Utah ISP, a secret court order, and a little black box _ ZDNet.pdf 998k 3697.1 days 0f4c8d53fa36b41438d5acb975ebe240a78d0298  
1382 Where Central Banks Have Issued Digital Currencies - ZeroHedge.pdf 713k 80.3 days 06acc82cfa816a03eacbd39db3b6572e7b9773dc  
1383 Where Do You Get Your Ukraine News? - Consortium News.pdf 880k 102.2 days 27f4d858ec7d0f08dfcd416ebb86dad7adda049a  
1384 Where did my country go - Paul Craig Roberts.pdf 484k 242.1 days 9ac164a685d06551a8fe5ac8880228aa3b37fe64  
1385 While Canada Vilifies Him, Hungary Recognises Dr Jordan B. Peterson’s Work with High State Award - Hungarian Conservative.pdf 361k 221.2 days 6dd299d502c20d9858a1b134725bbe870e328df8  
1386 While Everyone Was Distracted By Covid-19, Final Report By UAF Concluded WTC 7 'NOT Destroyed by Fires' - News Punch.pdf 472k 1104.6 days 8048c594d9e66cc7d523162dc92ece6ac6eb0ae1  
1387 Whistle-blower Edward Snowden wins Sam Adams Integrity in Intelligence award_allvoices.pdf 102k 3726.5 days ffb446202b2f60ecc3115b3c8c2ce8d06d7d7755  
1388 Whistleblower: NHS ordered EUTHANASIA to Inflate COVID-19 Deaths in Hospitals - The Leading Report.pdf 1.2M 80.3 days 1ea2883953575b02f2e37effc2da8d932bf3d1d9  
1389 White House Denies that Clapper Is Overseeing NSA Review; He's Just in Charge of It_larouchepac.pdf 2.0M 3690.7 days 2e783436a7c91a6cdefb4629daf515137c43a6fc  
1390 White House Memo Confirms Suppressed True Story Behind Oklahoma City Bombing - LewRockwell.pdf 163k 1238.0 days 0b369f9ec2a23b8af2d69a9478e39b5c82fd7177  
1391 White House distances itself from destruction of Guardian servers - FT.pdf 105k 3685.1 days f8f27389ebced79691fd0babe44c34c1b4830cd3  
1392 White House orders review of 5 million security clearances — RT USA.pdf 1.3M 3589.0 days 9ad09c45cbd4aa3ea698df76566b8342090bc579  
1393 White House portraits of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush moved from prominent space to rarely used room - CNNPolitics.pdf 63k 1162.0 days 6b402dc24b21cb41be5552ffc0293a2a56e863c1  
1394 White House stays silent on renewal of NSA data collection order _ World news _ 461k 3718.3 days 4721317314c7b2bba8f5a95d32e2feb5a9e30e51  
1395 White House ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by Navalny Verdict _ Russia _ RIA Novosti.pdf 137k 3718.3 days 6040171cd233632c5394ff5f780db72ac59a10f4  
1396 White House_ Improved surveillance caught Chinese balloon - AP News.pdf 375k 221.2 days 7fcd84617880e61cf7d71cb7b0f493aea3c83957  
1397 Who Benefitted From This Chaos - Epoch Times.pdf 407k 207.0 days d75e19b00450d40324dd446d63a1ab297698eb50  
1398 Who Killed George Floyd - Power Line.pdf 67k 1118.3 days 4357b58d74644d466b4db5d948dd1ce8fc215560  
1399 Who's Dr Li-Meng Yan, why was her Twitter account suspended_ All about virologist who says Covid-19 is man-made _ MEAWW.pdf 124k 1102.3 days e880de5877fddc7587228b5b79f4e1dc58be61ba  
1400 Who's in Charge_ Supreme Court Petitioned To Rule on FISA Court Authorization-larouchepac.pdf 212k 3727.3 days 65ab9fdac92fca01088fd97917b8a76d7f8ce45b  
1401 Whole issue21-26.pdf 5.6M 2570.0 days b55b0f970d1dce32aaffc61b691046f77a423f8d  
1402 Whoopi Goldberg Asks If White People Need to Get Beaten to Death by Police - Trending Politics.pdf 101k 235.1 days 495d5024d167d300b23c27bc97a75ecf082f99da  
1403 Why Are Medical Authorities Playing Games With COVID Treatments - The Federalist.pdf 77k 1120.6 days 6c6dfa12107a7d22b4b649d0f2127e7f4ca21483  
1404 Why Are Mobbed-Up 9_11 Suspects Rudy Giuliani & Bernie Kerik (Both Work for Trump) Pushing Epstein “Conspiracy Theories”_ – Veterans Today _ Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services.pdf 189k 1124.6 days 1405ad6239ce4f256def5184de8cf47807478d93  
1405 Why Are We All Talking About U.F.O.s Right Now_ - The New York Times.pdf 2.7M 269.0 days 0a2cdb05ffb166139607c909c7f54c381169f03e  
1406 Why Senator Warren's '21st Century Glass-Steagall Act' Is Never Going to Happen Casey Bond.html 117k 3685.1 days 68b4ea12d792b4b8039501d28c5800f0bfa27d4d  
1407 Why That Observational Study of Hydroxychloroquine in The Lancet Seems Fishy - The Wire Science.pdf 418k 1205.5 days b5a84cf9a0ae2430eadc4213e66ce460bfd06629  
1408 Why The Winklevoss Twins' New Bitcoin ETF Matters (FB).pdf 117k 3451.4 days 24740d52ade65830fdca2c1e9cb8234079a2b9f2  
1409 Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement_ _ RedefiningGod.pdf 524k 2079.1 days aa20d9a9eddf140a9e236aa08413c65a01fea1c0  
1410 Why did Obama speak out on Trayvon Martin now_ - CSMonitor.pdf 260k 3717.5 days 6f24ca5c07c23d84975bfdbeeb8f9779cf68edf6  
1411 Why doctors and researchers need access to hydroxychloroquine   _ TheHill.pdf 64k 1141.7 days e9af7f5f326728a4e2b21918ac6070934772586a  
1412 Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex_ _ World news _ The Observer.pdf 1.9M 3620.6 days 14a84852d97d9207d9de77c19d93f779330b086a  
1413 Why the US, France and Britain are destroying Syria - RT 383k 2848.7 days d60067eb0891e500205081ab6fad84a8a590e7e8  
1414 WikiLeaks - Spy Files Russia - 1.3M 158.0 days 812c7ebeb2514b738ac4f1277e39c722effe1feb  
1415 Will Donald Trump Bring On the End of History? - Boyd Cathey.pdf 884k 269.1 days 8a7a0c899a1ec623b39a04efc9da20661a328f92  
1416 Wind Turbine Failures Becoming More Frequent, Wind Power Costs Rise as Wildlife Affected Negatively - Epoch Times.pdf 92k 235.1 days 1df38cffc4896f1a56938975090820fe3c3e6c35  
1417 With election rigging via mail-in ballots, the real purpose of the COVID bioweapon now becomes clear – 583k 1048.6 days 5ffb40073a018bd1af2ab5ac4b23739daeb95633  
1418 Woke Imperialism - The Chris Hedges Report.pdf 2.4M 221.2 days 5f35e3478ec0121c5291bafd393bfc73494bae1d  
1419 Workers bury coronavirus victims in crowded Tijuana public cemetery - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf 2.6M 1239.4 days 5301bb6638ad718a9768ebe1d3189e78456f6dd4  
1420 World Trade Center 7 building did not collapse due to fire_ Report - 119k 1220.1 days b36ea784f7dfee4ee8f896c8efcd40ae65683c51  
1421 World faces wave of epic debt defaults, fears central bank veteran - Telegraph.pdf 117k 2784.2 days 5f81f12f97e493845d73661580de51708a10b96a  
1422 World's Second Largest Hydroxychloroquine Plant in Taiwan Blows Up - 187k 1000.7 days 4f1d313faeb9baff663829e1ceee4e0488ff54d6  
1423 X is Hiring Staff To Combat Election "Disinformation" - Reclaim the Net.pdf 2.8M 31.3 days 4e6d2911913aaef1b5503aa8ec467e86b6e67706  
1424 XCurrency's _Web 3.pdf 363k 3297.5 days ab1aaf302e2bcd9cd2b087dc536616cb62e8c4fa  
1425 Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch defends hydroxychloroquine in Newsweek—badly - RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE.pdf 1.8M 1151.5 days 3dafcf6bce83e206a2b4fdd90883cde25b5a2a65  
1426 Yale professor says hydroxychloroquine could save 100,000 lives — but it's being stifled by a 'propaganda war' - TheBlaze.pdf 581k 1157.7 days acfa0b1c3f9ffac0bc612038a4041da4ac3f80bf  
1427 You Can’t Handle The Truth_FP.pdf 102k 3380.6 days cdeda6294a66d9f9472d9bcce2403758b44be0b8  
1428 You Have To Be Trusted By The People That You Lie To - Caitlin Johnstone.pdf 1.2M 207.0 days 192db81f8c1ecc981817ebfafab55ae25ca43343  
1429 You Should Know 'The Mystery of Who Killed JFK" Is No Mystery - 218k 269.1 days a26b00eea0fb53c69ed7521e8782d9208cbc3dc3  
1430 You are under contrôle_ French elites privately fear the US and new research explains why - 846k 269.1 days cd9abcec5b61286bf66f1b7584c3b00f2d8a41ae  
1431 YouBase, a Decentralized Bitcoin-like Answer to Databases, Social Networks, and More - CryptoCoinsNews.pdf 102k 3030.1 days aaa5def15673d7b3be5a2bcf8071a5b70d05924c  
1432 YouTube censors video in which medical doctors said hydroxychloroquine might help treat COVID-19 – 276k 1211.6 days 53b9ce1a75b389b55df7546923e61207f002f7c3  
1433 Youbase Decentralized Data Structure _ Digital Money Times.pdf 338k 3026.1 days b2b53e2385209d61e21c89e569ad53725c3f1a24  
1434 Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare - James Corbett.pdf 3.3M 221.2 days 417d333b59a546cc1adf326b16f1bbeb9a9d8a5d  
1435 Zizek and the Zionist-Nazi alliance - 66k 46.4 days 129971ea731ce7a067a5590d808e13f94737cdea  
1436 _His Kind_ Is YOU ! - The Last Refuge.pdf 2.0M 165.2 days 2c1b68a750a9f572cba067941a0e090550d2a7a8  
1437 _Put yo chain on, nigga_, by E. Michael Jones - The Unz Review.pdf 430k 269.1 days c43e0282e5c15960049d552c97a30893319ac192  
1438 _The No Asshole Rule_ - Robert Malone.pdf 2.7M 165.2 days ea8eab51d7b7dea70f47dd9c444f6036dc9a7707  
1439 _Thought Crime_ And The NSA_ British Detain Anti-Drone Activist_larouchepac.pdf 225k 3647.6 days 7c50ac12b8f68f69c2d449fbe7f8f9115c346747  
1440 _Unprecedented_ Locust Invasion Approaches Full-Blown Crisis - Scientific American.pdf 304k 1180.2 days 09c8c49b291f72e54d0fb25bc4664e8b6de414eb  
1441 battle-over-possible-united-nations-resolution-on-syria-intensifies.htm 21k 4252.4 days 834ab3f105ea557250dbcd53eb0b5fef841bb987  
1442 bin_laden_bookshelf_news.jpg 104k 3047.6 days 637269475750b47f23f46c996efda3f7ba02836f  
1443 bitcoin ransomware targets mongodb, impacts over 10,500 databases, IT News, ET CIO.pdf 106k 2446.2 days 72729d8c2775688dcc17c6963de5f05e0636400c  
1444 blaylock_srtroublevaccines_0.pdf 730k 1253.2 days 2248c7654e8c1233c92972853444357fc0acfc23  
1445 Valley Bank Ties to California First Partner Jennifer Newsom.pdf 273k 193.1 days b5a170a58a798be3b16696698346d5acc3abba03  
1446 clinical trials of HCQ using potentially-fatal doses.pdf 148k 1192.6 days ef9d1a33924b5f432ddf869134258c840b78bc64  
1447 craig wright bitcoin - Google Search.pdf 130k 2812.2 days 7718df6833b4250bae408b0feca56d3929b2071e  
1448 - Andrea Rossi : Sinner or Saint?.pdf 299k 4258.2 days e869b2c2c4a60eb8547952ef93b35e06815070ce  
1449 gates_foundation_darpa_IT_job_creepiness - 178k 1220.4 days c197da73efb9a4ca5fcce639756f3ea85f839fba  
1450 helga-eurozone_banking_crisis-20-28_3918.pdf 582k 4153.1 days d96a3e4ba9051f2969b9bea535c01b585d190f0f  
1451 hero_traitor_v8.jpg 106k 3725.5 days e6bc0a200d70ce3c015a0cacb11f5edc9b822808  
1452 hydrochloroquine_coronavirus_trial_nyc_wapo.txt 12k 1274.8 days 413d40cdfc4977525c128a2ec07dc21ba599b1fa  
1453 obama_to_private_sector-you_are_doing_fine.jpg 61k 3820.8 days 217facf78c63b241310514f88bfde097a356d1ae  
1454 (1).pdf 62k 3707.1 days 4b33ee9983cd900a7875fc2f00131e79689cf8d3  
1455 royal_baby_as_monkey.jpg 56k 1238.1 days a4b0cf13c5f46c1f71a5e2c7c317a1f3319e96b4  
1456 satoshi_search_wierd_turn-wapo.pdf 134k 2843.7 days a9396bd0ad7530b0c6412a0fd24c8f3776336377  
1457 thread_Gorky_fascism_disappears_gays_karim_ibn_hashim.pdf 1.1M 102.2 days 79a483f555bf84cb6883d31c96006f439fc44049  
1458 trump_pa.jpg 70k 1066.3 days fd306644c84dcec7cdd5f51f1816a1148aecdab6  
1459 tweet_Haz Al-Din_Bankers finance Hitler's military buildup.pdf 27k 11.2 days c5311e690cbd7409c4b71753a8b9bb925944d60d  
1460 why e-verify is a deeply dangerous idea - el gato malo.pdf 8.4M 130.2 days a67eaac50a8d2c547ea0853d85a841f29d2fb094  
1461 worried-about-depression-how-about_a_100-year_bear_market.html 51k 5414.6 days 82ad599d46fd3b82bc4610576b560629992c01d0  
1462 ‘A slow and botched response’_ My eight weeks on the Covid-19 frontline have taught me how the NHS made this crisis worse — RT Op-ed.pdf 191k 1231.2 days 39432d1096439b9b393e38328ad40866da6e27fe  
1463 ‘Absurd’ New Refusal to Release the Nashville Shooter ‘Manifesto' - NRA.pdf 63k 134.6 days 08b52792c14c6c7681925201f69e839798080a7e  
1464 ‘Aggressive and insidious’_ More details of Canada spying techniques to follow, Greenwald promises — RT News.pdf 2.2M 3629.1 days 264ba30aea1c0e121f4c16217a20a2bd04b6bdf0  
1465 ‘Black budget’ summary details U.S. spy network’s successes, failures and objectives - The Washington Post.html 39k 3676.2 days 77d760113e438be881429b036a92ce1a61b23d42  
1466 ‘Blackface Trudeau’ arrested for trying to provoke George Floyd protesters in Toronto (VIDEO) — RT World News.pdf 906k 1196.8 days b675f85522875a1e706810d2a3eb07bee0fd8427  
1467 ‘It’s time to act’_ Right-wing paramilitaries are surging in America — and threatening democracy – Raw Story.pdf 259k 1130.7 days 98647141f4ce85214447965bf0e54f5a98647106  
1468 ‘Nothing nefarious at all’_ Backlash as ex-NSA chief, involved in mass surveillance revealed by Snowden, joins Amazon board — RT USA News.pdf 226k 1106.3 days 9889c573b6613d0bf200cc461a613a638ebc8ba6  
1469 ‘Russiagate’ is dead, but the control of social media that the US government gained from it is here to stay - RT.pdf 878k 242.1 days de83b49b195686494a4a241734a1bddcefba07b5  
1470 ‘Russia’s last great writer’_ The scandalous story of Eduard Limonov – exiled by the KGB, before he shocked post-Soviet Moscow — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union.pdf 2.7M 207.0 days 8ffcb9bbb316bfbe515b41c46384cc0be961f758  
1471 ‘Russia’s only choice is to permit Snowden to live here’ - Putin — RT News.pdf 1.5M 3639.2 days 5c3ec0fcbe29a801178c5a476799b6fc57e41bf8  
1472 ‘The CIA Was Involved in the Assassination of President Kennedy,’ Top Source Tells Tucker Carlson - Sputnik.pdf 644k 269.1 days 67fb862cd9a76af451c60a6eab03673c4ebb9a8d  
1473 “Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election - 1.1M 1110.4 days b1d53c0464ed5e21f39c1491b8948265de5a6957  
1474 “Immune to Evidence”_ How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread — ProPublica.pdf 212k 1221.7 days 68937893884065c89a30988ed68ca318af3cd879  
1475 “Independent” Ukrainian “Kill List” Actually Run By Kiev, Backed by Washington - Mint Press.pdf 3.3M 130.2 days 76b0291ed33e145eea0e26b524e94285cb6a57ac  
1476 “We are up to something big”_ Silk Road discovers Bitcoin - Salon.pdf 823k 3042.5 days 9f71611397c5fb993861d75972d2fa7ee1a4bb13  
1477 ”Those Who Resist the New World Order Will Have the Help and Protection of God” - Italian Archbishop Vigano.pdf 98k 269.1 days 0f3f796190cb1531d84542a09d303efcb778ff95